Women’s Heels Vocabulary | List of Women’s Heels Vocabulary With Description

Women’s Heels Vocabulary: Don’t you love wearing different types of heels? We all do! Heels have long captured the fashion industry for ages, and you can see why. While some heels have gone out of style, but there are also a few heel types that have captivated the fashion industry.

If you are someone who has freshly come into the fashion world, you must know the various categories of heels. We have made a compact list of women’s heels vocabulary words for you.

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List of Women’s Heels Vocabulary Words in English

Name of Women’s Heels Vocabulary words

While talking about heels, it is crucial that you can tell apart from one from the other. The fashion industry has different high and low heels with numerous lingos. In this piece, you will come across the various heel types you are looking for.

You can give a boost to your English vocabulary by learning the various types of women’s heels. Jump into this piece that we have put together and be head over heels in love with your shoe closet!

List of Women’s Heels

Description of the Women’s Heels Vocabulary words.

Ankle booties

Ankle booties, also called ankle boots, are a unique type of boots with heels that are designed to reach your ankles. This heeled boot covers your entire foot and can come in many styles. Some of the more common types include open-toed heeled boots, closed-toed heeled boots.

Some ankle booties come even in flat soles, but the heeled booties are more common. Ankle booties are quite fashionable to wear, and till today it remains a trendy choice among ladies.

Ballet flats

Ballet flats are another classic shoe for women, which may come with heels or at times without heels. These shoes are for everyday wear. In terms of looks, they are much similar to the ballet shoes of women.

They are designed keeping in mind women’s ballet shoes. Most ballet heels come with a skinny heel, and some heels which have comfort in mind have no heel at all. Ballet shoes also have the advantage that they can be adjusted with the help of a string tie. They can be tightened to your foot with these string ties.

Block heels

Block heels are unique shoes for women and a trendy choice. These are fashionable and can complement your look perfectly. Block heels are those shoes that have broad bases and are made to support your feet.

These shoes are made keeping in mind stability and will give your feet the much-required support. The width of these heels can be slender and even a full wedge. So there are quite some options for you to choose from among block heels.

Comma heels

You will get the idea of this heel shape if you think of the shape of the punctuation mark comma. These heels look just like that. You can find a comma heel in numerous shops in different shapes. Some comma heels can flare inward, and some extend outward as well. No matter the flare, this heel greatly resembles the appearance of a comma and hence the name.

Cone heels

Cone heels resemble the shape of an ice cream cone. Resembling the shape of ice cream, the cone of these heeled shoes scoops you up just till your toes. These heels are triangular in shape, and it starts with a broad base at the sole.

This wide base tapers narrower and gentler as it moves downwards and sometimes resembles a point at the bottom. These are wider, and many women consider a cone heel more manageable than any other stiletto heels.

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Cork high heels

These heels are made with a cork material, and the name refers to this same material that is used to design and structure these heels. These heels have a variety of heights and styles. But since these heels are designed with a cork material, these heeled shoes are softer and offer a more cushioned area for your feet.

Corset heels

Corset heels are beautiful high-heeled shoes for women, which derive their name from a regular corset. They often resemble a boot or a mule shoe but differs from them in terms of looks. In a corset heel, your feet will have a better grip because the two sides of the shoe are tied together in front with the help of strings.

Cuban heels

Cuban heels are another fantastic choice of broad-heeled shoes for women. These heels are usually of moderate height and gently taper back from your foot. These heels are straight at the front. Cuban heels are primarily used in various types of shoes and also in some boots.

Decorative heels

Decorative heels are those dreamy and gorgeously decorated heels that shoe designers most often design. These heeled shoes come with high heels and are decorated with ribbons or flowers and many times with laces.

Flare heels

Just like the famous flared jeans, these heels have gained much popularity during the 1970s. Flared heels are built with a slimmer base. This base gently widens as you go more to the bottom. These heels come with a thick and curved design.

These heels are designed in a way that adds more support to your feet and gives stability. The flare boots are usually worn by dancers, as it has a greater surface area, and can support the dancers’ feet irrespective of the complexity of the dance movements.

French heels

French heels, which also go by the name of Louis Heels (also, Pompador Heels), are short-heeled shoes that go well with pump shoes. These heeled shoes are pretty similar in look to spool heels. But they are somewhat different as they are relatively short in height and have an added curve to the base of the heel. These heels are not very high and pitch well forward.

High-heeled boots

Just like the name indicates, high-heeled boots are those boots that come with long heels and come up just till your knees. These boots are pretty comfortable in nature and come in various different materials. Most commonly, they are built of leather, and sometimes they are made of regular fabric as well.

Kitten heels

A kitten heel is simply a shorter version of stiletto heels. These heels come with a slight curve near the base of the heel, which starts from the back edge. Shoes which have kitten heels are very stylish and worn mainly by women at work. They give a professional look in your office setting.

These heels are pretty practical in their design. Kitten heels are an excellent alternative for women who find it difficult to wear the high stiletto heels and find them uncomfortable.

Peep-toe heels

A peep-toe heel is a shoe that is nothing but a hybrid or mix between your regular closed-toe shoe with the open shoes. These shoes come with a tiny opening near your toes. It is a heeled shoe for women which comes in a unique design. These shoes are usually combined with your pumps or slingback shoes. Many a time, they are combined with boots as well and go perfectly well with your dresses.

Platform heels

Platform shoes are a fantastic choice among classic heeled shoes. These heels come with different shoes or boots and even sandals. These shoes have a thick sole from which it derives its name. In these shoes, the heels usually range between 3 to 10 cm. Platform shoes can also be higher in size. They are designed in a way that keeps your comfort the first preference.


Pumps shoes are another popular option of shoes, which are also known by the name of court shoes. They are actually one of the most stylish shoes in a woman’s closet and can come in a variety of styles. These shoes are styled with a closed contour that keeps the foot till the toe is exposed. The most classic form of pump shoe is the one that comes without any laces or buckles.

Spool heels

Spool heels are those heels where you will find a wider top, narrow middle, and a broad base. This shoe actually resembles an hourglass and is considered to be by far one of the most comfortable shoes. These shoes are designed with practicality in mind and are perfect for you in any kind of professional setting.

Square heels

Much like block heels to look at, square heels come in a rectangular shape with thicker sides. They add a chic element to a regular heeled shoe and mostly come with pumps. There are numerous boots or other shoe models which also sport a square heel, and they are very cushion-like in their feel.


A stiletto heel which can be simply called a stiletto, is a very fashionable shoe. These heels come with a long and narrow high heel. These heels draw their name from the stiletto dagger, which is quite similar to these shoes in appearance.

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Wedge boots are stylish footwear that also goes by the name of wedgies or lefties. These heels are often sported in various boots and shoes where the heels run all along the sole. The design of wedges dates back to Greece. These heels are very comfortable to wear on a regular basis and are designed in a way that never hurts your feet.

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