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Winter Words: The beginning of autumn marks the beginning of the golden season. Autumn is all about chilly breeze and golden skies. When we think about autumn, we have a variety of beautiful autumn words in our heads.

If we are asked to describe the fall season, we need to have knowledge about the words to tell autumn. Hence, today let us go through the list of autumn words, which will be necessary for an average English learner to know by heart.

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Harvesting means to gather up the crop after they are entirely ready to be stored and sold, which can be consumed.

During Autumn, the leafy green vegetables and the root vegetables are mostly harvested are, since they make up the perfect fall crop. Autumn is alternatively known as the season of harvest since it is the ideal time of the year to do so and get the crops prepared for the following summer and spring.

Falling leaves

We all are familiar with the trees shedding their leaves during Autumn. The leaves of the trees become rich brown or golden in colour, and fall of when completely dried. This happens when the leaves fail to get enough sunlight to complete the process of photosynthesis, and hence, the tree absorbs the nutrients from the leaves.

This makes the leaves change their colour and eventually fall off and are replaced but new leaves next spring.


Pumpkins are extremely popular when it comes to Autumn. Since the autumn weather is the perfect season for pumpkins, the farmers take advantage of this opportunity and mass-produce pumpkins. Pumpkins are also used widely during the winter for they being used for the festivals during autumn.


Halloween is amongst the most famous festivals of all time. Autumn is widely known for celebrating Halloween. During Halloween, we decorate our houses and backyards with Halloween gifts and spooky stuff.

The main ingredients are pumpkins and sweets. It is a grand celebration, where people celebrate the return of their souls to their homes.


Hibernation is the process by which animals are able to conserve energy to survive a shortage of food or adverse weather conditions. When animals go for hibernation, they undergo physiological changes and also slow metabolism. There also is a drop in body temperature.

A lot of animals undergo hibernation during autumn because they are not capable of moving to warmer climates.


Maple leaves are those leaves that have their ribs or veins which originate from a single stalk in a palmate pattern.

The maple leaf shaped a star-like silhouette. The maple leaf is the symbol of promise, generosity, balance, intelligence, and magic. Maple leaves also have medicinal values. It is capable of bruises, rheumatism, eye diseases, and some pain too.

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