Weapons Idioms | List of Weapons Idioms With Meaning and Examples

Weapons Idioms: When you hear the word weapon, what comes to your mind? War? Fights? Destruction? Well, weapons are related to those, but various weapon phrases have quite different meanings in the English language.

Sayings about guns and shooting do not mean shooting someone with a gun. Instead, it means something completely different. The quantity or number of idioms in the English language is huge. Among those, there are fighting idioms and bullet idioms, and knowing those can help an individual increase their general knowledge and use them in their daily conversations.

Since there are many weapon idioms, we have created this list of weapon idioms along with their meanings and examples that will help you easily know about them and remember them for future reference.

Enrich your Vocabulary by practicing the English Idioms that are commonly used in everyday conversations and understanding their actual meaning.

Name of Weapons Idioms

List of Weapons Idioms

Meaning and Examples of few commonly used Weapons Idioms

An arrow in the quiver

Meaning: When an individual has more than one alternative or resource.

Example: Jordan has a college interview later this week, but he still has not canceled his application from other colleges since he wants to have an arrow in the quiver.

At daggers drawn

Meaning: This idiom refers to two people who are mad and angry at each other for certain reasons.

Example: Juliet and her sister loved each other but still were frequently at daggers drawn.

Two strings to one’s bow

Meaning: When one has two ways or paths of succeeding or achieving a certain objective.

Example: William knew he would reach the venue on time because he had two strings to his bow.

Off like a shot

Meaning: This idiom is used when one moves or does some other thing very quickly, at a very fast pace.

Example: Molly went off like a shot during the marathon race as soon as the whistle was blown.

Off (your) guard

Meaning: When one is not paying too much attention to their surroundings, is not especially alert, and is not prepared for any surprise or danger.

Example: Joshua was caught off guard when his friends planned a surprise party for his birthday.

Quick on the trigger

Meaning: When one is very swift in firing with a gun or is very rapid while responding to any situation.

Example: The criminal tried his best to escape, but the officer was quick on the trigger and caught him swiftly.

Bite the bullet

Meaning: This idiom is utilized when one is determined to do something that is either difficult or unpleasant to do and previously kept avoiding doing it.

Example: Hudson finally decided to bite the bullet and go bungee jumping since all his friends insisted that he went with them.

Bringing a knife to a gunfight

Meaning: When someone enters into a fight or any challenging or confrontational situation without being properly prepared.

Example: Our team lost the inter-school debate competition since we were very poorly prepared; it was like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

Double-edged sword

Meaning: A certain statement or situation with both a positive and favorable side and a negative and unfavorable side.

Example: The deal with the organization was like a double-edged sword; we will get earn money, but our privacy will be at risk since they need excessive details about our life.

Smoking gun

Meaning: A type of information that acts as a piece of solid evidence to prove who the real criminal is.

Example: The lost murder weapon will be the smoking gun in that case.

Dodge a bullet

Meaning: This is used when someone has successfully avoided or steered clear of any threat or danger.

Example: Thank God that the marriage was stopped at the right moment since the guy Pam was marrying turned out to be a fraud. She dodged a bullet there.

Fall on one’s sword

Meaning: When someone voluntarily accepts the blame of a certain mistake or wrongdoing and resigns from their position.

Example: The management fell on their sword when dealing of black money was found in the company.

Fight fire with fire

Meaning: When one fights or attacks the other person using the same weapons or tactics the other person is using to fight.

Example: The moment Issac understood that Felix was cheating to beat him in the competition, he decided to fight fire with fire and cheat.

Go nuclear

Meaning: To get extremely angry or become wild.

Example: If mom finds out that you broke her favorite vase, she will go nuclear.

Go off half-cocked

Meaning: This idiom is used when one acts on impulse and says or does something without thinking.

Example: In the seminar, Andy drank too much and went off half-cocked and created chaos.

In the cross hairs

Meaning: When someone is seen in a situation where they are prone to get attacked or criticized by other people.

Example: Jenny was really in the crosshair due to public comment regarding the mayor of the town.

Jump the gun

Meaning: Do something before the right time, very fast and quickly, without giving much thought.

Example: During his marriage, he jumped the gun, and now he is regretting it.

Weapons Idioms 1

Keep your powder dry

Meaning: To stay alert, calm, and careful to deal with future problems easily.

Example: I have never seen Jim handling his problems in a rush. I guess he always keeps his powder dry.

Like shooting fish in a barrel

Meaning: A task or activity that is exceptionally easy to do.

Example: For Kelly, solving any arithmetical problems was like shooting fish in a barrel.

Long shot

Meaning: This idiom is utilized to refer to something quite hard to achieve or quite hard to succeed in.

Example: Coming first in the national oil painting competition seems like a long shot, but I’ll not give up so soon.

Weapons Idioms 2

Pack heat

Meaning: To possess or carry more than one firearms.

Example: The gang that the officer is trying to catch always packs heat. What a dangerous group.

Powder keg

Meaning: Refers to a situation or place that is extremely dangerous and threatening and can get violent at any moment.

Example: The political protests grew more and more every day. It was like living in a powder keg.

Shoot from the hip

Meaning: When someone says something or acts in a very harsh and reckless manner.

Example: Paul is usually a well-behaved person, but he shoots from the hip once he gets drunk.

Shoot off one’s mouth

Meaning: This idiom refers to someone who talks excessively, and usually, the talks are loud, stupid, and foolish.

Example: Gina needs to control herself and stop shooting off her mouth about other’s personal life.

Silver bullet

Meaning: A quite simple and magical solution to a complex and difficult issue.

Example: “It’s just so pathetic to see you guys suffer like this. The solution to this problem is like a silver bullet”.

Son of a gun

Meaning: A humorous way of referring or addressing an individual.

Example: After the great win, Richard wished the baseball team captain and referred to him as a son of a gun.

Straight arrow

Meaning: This idiom describes someone who is extremely well behaved, honest, and has high morals.

Example: Daniel was a straight arrow, the way he helps everyone and stays there for everyone is truly amazing.

Sword of Damocles

Meaning: When one has an impending danger or some upcoming threat.

Example: Lily had a bad feeling that a sword of Damocles was hanging over her head.

Twist the knife in the wound

Meaning: When one intentionally makes someone else go through more sufferings when they are already going through a tough situation.

Example: Gloria was always a bit insecure about her height, and Clara took advantage of that and never failed to twist the knife in the would by commenting on it whenever she got an opportunity.

At gunpoint

Meaning: When one threatens to shoot and wound or kill the other person if they do not act or work according to the speaker’s wishes or commands.

Example: Julia was kept at gunpoint and was asked to give away all her money if she wanted to live.

Axe to grind

Meaning: When one has a very strong opinion or a very selfish reason, they work accordingly to prove that or achieve that.

Example: Jacob had an axe to grind with Marshall and that’s why he tried to talk in his support during the debate.

Beat swords into ploughshares

Meaning: Live peaefully happily by devoting resources for peace and not for war or killing purposes.

Example: The new rule fabricated by the king ensured peace and its motto was to beat swords into ploughshares.

Pull the trigger

Meaning: This phrase is used when an individual makes a final decision or makes a commitment regarding a certain course of action.

Example: After giving much thought, the organization’s director decided to pull the trigger to the deal.

Loose cannon

Meaning: Refers to someone or something whose actions are dangerous and uncontrollable and can cause severe damage.

Example: The common public considered the politician a loose cannon and failed to show trust in him.

With all guns blazing

Meaning: When one does something or tries to achieve something with a lot of force and effort.

Example: Troy’s team did a terrible job during the first half of the game, but they in the second half they played with all guns blazing and won the match.

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