Uses of Must

Must Use Exercises and Examples

Must is used to express :

  1. Compulsion or strong moral obligation; as,

We must keep our promises.

We must obey the laws of the country.

We must not tell a lies.

You must not make a noise in the class.

You must do as you are told.

Soldiers must obey orders without question.

Candidates must [= are required to] answer at least five out of the ten questions.

Cars must not be parked in front of the gate. [Here must not is used to express prohibition.]

  1. Fixed determination; as,

I must have my money back.

I must have my say in this matter.

I must surrender myself to her whims.

  1. Duty; as,

A judge must be upright.

A soldier must fight for his country.

Everyone must do his duty.

Uses of Must 1

  1. Certainty or strong likelihood; as,

He must be up by this time.

He must have reached home by this time.

Your father must be nearly eighty now.

They must have missed the train.

You must be hungry after your long walk.

They must have been enjoying themselves.

  1. Inevitability; as,

We must all die.

Uses of Must 2

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