Types of Fish | List of Different Varieties of Fish and Sharks In The World

Types of Fish: Fish is a type of marine animal that lives in the water in simple words. Fish have a vertebrate, have fins, and many have scales on their body. There are almost 34,000 animals with vertebrates; nearly half of them are fish. You will be surprised to know that fish have been there on the earth for more than five million years. Fishes are cold-blooded craniates and breathe through grills that are the same as our lungs. Fishes feed on small water plants and water animals; thus, they are omnivorous creatures. Did you know fishes excrete ammonia and nitrogen? They are also widely eaten as they are an excellent source of protein. China, Myanmar, Japan, and Vietnam are a few countries that consume the maximum amount of fish. Tuna is one variety of fish that is commonly eaten, according to the UN report.

Variety of Fish

There are a wide variety of fishes available around the world.

  • Goldfish: goldfish is also known as Carassius Auratus and is found in Utah Lake. This is an aquarium fish and is of small size, which is 19 inches. It was found in China but later bred in different countries. Goldfish have good learning skills and can stay alive till 30 years. It also reproduces, and its eggs hatch within 48 to 72 hours.
  • Common Carp: Cyprinus Carpio is the scientific name of Common carp that comes from the Cyprinus family. You can find it in the Aral Sea, Lake Mohave, Gorge reservoir, and Asia and Europe. It weighs up to 14 kilos. They can easily stay in the water with low oxygen levels. The fish has a lifespan of 47 years. It reproduces 300,000 eggs and is eaten widely across the globe.
  • Oscar: The other names of Oscar are Marble Cichlid, Tiger Oscar, and Velvet Cichlid. The scientific name of Oscar is Astronotus Ocellatus, and it comes from the Astronotus family. It has a lifespan of up to 13 years. You will find this fish in the aquarium as it looks beautiful. This fish is popular in places like China, America, Australia, and more. Oscar weighs around 1.4kg and has a length of 36 cm. They hunt animals in the water and are carnivores.
  • Blobfish: you will find blobfish almost 2000 feet under the water. You will be surprised to know that the pressure of the water makes them look ugly; when they are caught in the net, their shape becomes different. You will find it in the mainlands of Tasmania and Australia. Its scientific name is Psychrolutes marcidus. They are as short as 30 centimeters and are rare to be seen by people. It is one of the ugliest fishes in the world and is endangered as only 420 are left.
  • Siamese fish: Siamese fish is popular as fighting fish with the scientific name of Betta Splendens and is from the Gourami fish family. It is famous with two other names as Pla-Kad and the other being Trey-Krem. It has a small lifespan of 2 years and can live in water temperatures of 23 degrees. The fish looks very beautiful and is available in more than six different colors. The Siamese fighter has a length of 7 centimeters and is the perfect size for the aquarium.
  • Zander: This is commonly known as Sander lucioperca. It comes from the Persuade family. The other name of Zander is Pike-perch. You can find it in Western Eurasia and the Aral sea. Lake Constance is another place where you will commonly find Zander. It weighs around 20 kilos and has a small lifespan. People prefer eating this fish due to its high nutritional content.
  • Pike: these fishes feed on large animals and are carnivores. The scientific name of the Pike is Exos, and it is also known as Northern Pike. With a lifespan of 7 years, this fish is popularly in Lakes like George, Peck lake, and Lakes of wood. Northern Dakota is popularly known for keeping Pike as its symbol. In different places like Britain, Ireland, Canada, and the U.S.A, the fish is only popular as Pike.
  • Sheatfish/ Wells Catfish: it has the scientific name Silurus Glanis. With a lifespan of 60 years, this fish is eaten by humans due to its high protein and nutrient content. Well, Catfish weighs 400 kilograms and has a length of 4 meters. You can find it in the Caspian sea, the Black sea and in lake Constance. The fish feeds on water animals.
  • Red Salmon fish: It is known as Sockeye Salmon, and its scientific name is Oncorhynchus Nerka. Due to its bright red color, it is one of the most eaten fish. It is also known as Kokanee salmon. Smoked salmon is a famous dish and has high protein content. It helps to keep the heart healthy as it has omega-3. There are four different types of salmon fishes: Coho, Chum, Chinook, and pink salmon. The ones found in the pacific ocean are the healthiest as compared to Atlantic Salmon.

Variety of Fish 1

Five Deadliest Sharks In The World

You will be surprised to know that there are 400+ species of sharks in the world. They are fishes, and their body is made of cartilage and not bones. They are a type of Elasmobranch fish. They have a lifespan of 20 years and more. They can swim at a speed of 50 km per hour. The whale shark is one of the largest and the heaviest fishes alive. Their scientific name is Rhincodon typus. Read further to know about the five deadliest sharks available in the world.

  • Bull shark: bull shark has the scientific name Carcharhinus leucas. It is also called the Zambezi shark in Africa. You will find it in the Amazon sea, Mississippi river, and the Atlantic ocean. A female bull shark weighs around 130 kg, and a male weighs about 95 kg. This shark can move to freshwaters and swim too far off rivers and is found in coastal rivers. A bull shark can eat almost 3% of its body weight at a time. It is known to attack 100s of human beings to date. A baby bull shark is known as a pup.
  • Great white shark: it is also known as white pointers and is one of the deadliest predators. It is the fastest swimmer that can swim at 56 km per hour and is 5.9 meters long. It comes from a family of Mackerel sharks and weighs around 520 kgs. Its scientific name is Carcharodon carcharias. Great white sharks have till now killed 314 humans.
  • Tiger Sharks: it is the 2nd most giant predatory shark and the fourth largest and heaviest shark globally with a weight of 2000 pounds. It has a length of 18.8 feet. They can eat anything, starting from small prey to small sharks. The shark has a small snout and large eyes and looks dangerous. At its back, it has a triangle-shaped fin, which other sharks do not have. These sharks are afraid of killer whales as they have larger bodies than tiger sharks. Even humans kill them for their skin, liver, and cartilage.
  • Mako Shark: this shark has a scientific name as the Isurus oxyrinchus. It has a length of 12 feet and weighs around 1200 pounds. It is also famous as a Bonito shark and can swim at 74 km per hour. Thus, it is one of the fastest swimmer fish. The Shortfin Mako shark is very aggressive and can be very harmful to humans.
  • Great Hammerhead Shark: It is one of the aggressive sharks that have ahead in the shape of a hammer. They don’t bite but can be dangerous. The scientific name of Sphyrna Mokarran and comes from the family of Sphyrnidae. It is 20 feet long and can eat small animals and even small sharks. This apex predator can give birth to 55 pups every two years.

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Friendly Sharks

  • Whale shark: A whale shark is the longest and largest non-mammalian vertebrate to date, with 18.8 meters in length. Its scientific name is Rhincodon typus. Due to its large size, it is known as a whale. A whale shark can live in both warm and tropical seas. You can find whale sharks in Australia. This shark is a friendly fish and never attacks human beings. It is we humans that get scared seeing its size and attack them. These fishes have very tiny teeth. Thus, they can eat small marine creatures like shrimp and planktons.
  • Leopard shark: a leopard shark is considered to be the friendliest shark. Triakis semifasciata is their scientific name. They are suitable to be around as they don’t bite at all. They are fun to swim in within La Jolla Shores. We humans must not try to touch or catch them; otherwise, it can harm you. They grow up to 5 feet long and weigh 22 pounds. You can find them on the pacific coast of the United States.


Fishes are unique in their way. Some can be very friendly, and others can be the deadliest. You can keep some of the most beautiful fishes like Threadfin butterflyfish in your aquarium. They can be very delicate, like the Stout infant fish, and some can be giant, like the Whale shark weighing 21 tonnes. These creatures are cold-blooded with gills and fins. I hope the article above proves helpful for you as it tells a lot about different fishes, their types and scientific names.

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