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Topic Sentence: Not everyone understands English perfectly, and those who say they understand English perfectly, well, they seem to be lying to you. English is a language that is less fun and more complicated because there are plenty of new answers in the world that are suitable for beginners, but an expert in English can get easily confused. One such topic in the English language that is confusing is the various aspects of writing a passage is “Topic Sentence”. In this particular article, we are going to discuss the topic sentence that is used in writing a paragraph for a passage.

The list of details that are covered in this article regarding Topic Sentence is as follows:

What Are the Topic Sentences?

A topic sentence is the first sentence in a paragraph that introduces the main idea around which the paragraph will center. In other words, topic sentences in a paragraph that means and summarise the body and crux of the paragraph ahead. Topic sentences are used for various processes, which we are going to mention in the subsequent sections of this article on the topic sentence.

Topic sentences and their length can vary depending on the type of passage and the length of the passage intended. However, the topic sentence should be as crisp as possible so that it only highlights the passage and not describe the passage in itself. The whole object of writing a topic sentence is for the reader to get an idea of what the passage is all about, and that is the reason why the topic sentence should not exceed 10 words on average.

What Is the Use of a Topic Sentence?

The following are the main usages of the topic sentence in writing a paragraph, passage, essay, or blog:

  • Topic sentences are used in areas where the paragraphs are long and the reader would expect the gist of the paragraph in the write-up.
  • Topic sentences will help a writer set the tone for the passage or a paragraph. This tone is the one that will remain in the rest of the entire passage or write-up.
  • Topic sentences will also help the writer himself or herself get the content for the passage. Once the topic sentence is written at the beginning of the paragraph, it becomes imperative for the writer to write the passage with the topic sentence kept in mind.
  • Topic sentences will help a writer keep track of his topic and not deviate from it. This is especially helpful for large write-ups, editorials, and novels.

There are plenty of usages of topic sentences, but one should get the gist of why topic sentences are used where they are used. It will help both the reader and the writer get the best out of the content that is being created and consumed.

How To Write Topic Sentences?

Topic sentences are used on various occasions across the spectrum of the writing arena, but the way they are used remains uniform. The following pointers will help a student or a writer understand, in brief, how to use and write topic sentences:

  • Topic sentences should be well framed and have a single controlling idea of clarity and straightforward thinking should be reflected in the sentence.
  • The sentence should be written such that it substantiates the thesis statement.
  • It should help in creating a sense of direction for the rest of the passage.
  • It should be crisp and short, with a word limit of 10 to 20.
  • The vocabulary used in topic sentences should be simple and easy to understand.
  • Since the readability of the entire paragraph depends on the topic sentence, it should be well formulated and reflective.
  • In a novel, a linking sentence should be added before the topic sentence to link two paragraphs with continuing content. These types of usages are more common in long editorials or novels (both fiction and nonfiction).

While there is no one proper way to write and frame topic sentences, the above pointers should be kept in mind while writing a topic sentence for a passage or a paragraph.

Examples of Topic Sentences

Below are some of the examples of topic sentences for a passage.

As a small activity, we suggest students and readers identify the topic sentence and the body in each of the small examples given below. One should justify his or her answer on why they thought the phrase was or wasn’t a topic sentence.

  • The children at the school looked annoyed at the sound from the tractor. The topic sentence here is children are annoyed.
  • He was looking suspicious and particularly sharp because he was wearing weird ethnic clothing. The topic sentence in this sentence is a person looking suspicious.
  • Dogs make great pets because of how cute they are. The topic sentence in this paragraph is dogs are cute.
  • There are plenty of reasons why our rivers are going dry.
  • The elections were rigged in many parts of the country due to a lack of strict vigil by the election commission of India.
  • India won the cricket world cup in 2011 as a result of a strong team effort led by Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
  • The crime in our area has increased ever since the Superintendent of Police was changed.
  • A Beagle makes a great lap dog because they are cute and non-ferocious.
  • The Tata Harrier is an Indian-made SUV, and one should be proud of and encourage Indian-manufactured automobiles.
  • Our dependence on China has reduced because of the supply chain disruptions caused by the lockdown induced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Topic sentences can also be given for large paragraphs, columns, and editorials.

How To Write a Paragraph Using a Topic Sentence?

Just so that students will be able to learn the proper usage of topic sentences, below we have given a paragraph as an example of how to use topic sentences.

“The king that ruled the mighty Deccan was a cruel person for various reasons, including but not limited to misogyny, mismanagement, increase in crime rates, nepotism, and his gambling addiction.” Besides being a field king, his ambition was to expand his rule into other villages through war, crimes, and destruction. One finds a villages Rebel against the king and throws him out of power they are introducing democracy in the country”

If one can observe, the topic of the sentences in the paragraph is the cruelty of the king. The topic sentence is short and clear and, more importantly, to the point that will help the leader understand the just of the passage at the beginning itself.

FAQs on Topic Sentence

The frequently asked questions on topic sentences are given below:

1. What are the topic sentences?
Answer. Topic sentences are the first sentences of a paragraph that summarise or provide the gist of the passage.

2. What is the use of a topic sentence?
Answer. Topic sentences are used to keep track of the passage and its content, along with providing an introduction of sorts to the reader about the passage.

3. How long should a topic sentence be?
Answer. The topic sentence should not be more than 10 to 14 words.

4. When should you write a topic sentence?
Answer. Topic sentences should be written only when the passage is lengthy and needs a first-person introduction.

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