Topic Sentence | Purpose, Types, Do’s and Don’ts

Topic Sentence: Normally the main sentence after which the paragraph writings start is known as the topic sentence. A topic sentence usually helps to jot down the whole summarization of the topic and make it easier to grip. From a sentence, it is easier to connect paragraphs to paragraphs about a specific theme.

Topic sentence starters are essentially important to understand if a writer is a good writer or not. For example, corrections of grammar, writing skills, and acknowledging the mistakes are a form of the lesson which makes a writer better. Topic sentence examples paragraph are “birds make a wonderful companion because they help us to be happy” here, the main theme is “bird makes a wonderful companion.” The topic sentence starter is “because they help us to be happy.”

So we can see the purpose is being clear about what’s being said. Another topic sentence example is “study helps us to focus more on our goals” by we can see how we can elaborate the sentence and make it into a paragraph where we can share our ideas in a compact form.

Topic Sentence Examples

What is the purpose of writing a topic sentence?

The main purpose behind writings a topic sentence is to connect the dot between two paragraphs, which will make them much organized. It is like dotting the anecdotes because if we don’t do this, it might sound abrupt to the readers when they read certain paragraphs and cannot relate to them.

Moreover, the trailer previews like what we are expecting from the start. It judges the whole outcome out of it. As a reader, I would expect more statistical theories on the thesis with chronological, organized, and anecdotal evidence exactly happening then and there. This happens when I have a good grip of research on the first paragraph of the topic sentence.

A good paragraph should have persuasive writings and narratives to make it a much more lucid form of writing. We will see there is no one type of essay but many. Essays that stand more argument and persuasive are called argumentative and persuasive essays; these essays generally have more ideas, viewpoints than others. They are more opinionated and not just limited to facts. Not only about essays but different paragraphs to have a layout of different genres; some are informative, others are narrative.

What are the type of topic sentence and their examples?


A good paragraph should also have a different opinion of people to catch the attention of the readers. Which afterwards can be supported by one or two different arguments, which is known as the fulcrum. A fulcrum is nothing but a hinge that applies after writing the first few points to oppose the contradiction presented earlier.

It is also known as the pivot. Which presents freedom of thought from every side of the house and not just claims everyone is going to one standing side?

It can be called one of the purposes of writing topic sentences to have a thesis full of questions. Different questions can be asked to the readers so that it helps to organize ideas never asked before. A question is asked at the beginning of the paragraph to see if this links with the previous paragraph itself.

After the question is asked, whether our writing is up to the mark or not, if it is interesting, is important for the topic sentence. Is my question just focused on an isolated issue, or is it additional important too. Well, asking questions is a good thing in paragraph writing for the reader’s curiosity.

Complex sentence

A sentence that has more than one or more dependent clauses is known as a complex sentence. It is also called a subordinate clause; as we have seen, a complex sentence needs more than one dependent or subordinate clause to stand properly, so it also should have one independent clause.

So it is a very good way to write the sentence together, having both dependent and independent clauses, making it more rational.

Simple statement

It refers to a narrative where an author posts simple dialects, and later on, the paragraph gets elaborated according to the simple topic it has been derived on. For example, a dog has its features, so the skin color, texture, facial structure, etc., everything gets elaborated after writing a basic structure of a dog.

It has no codependent, independent or dependent factors like complex sentences have. It’s a single subject to be described.


It is the authority over writing rather than just using the same phrases again and again. For example, data is presented over a chart, and now the reader has to look into it and think of a solution to what’s being said. A writer can give a comprehensive question like

“Looking upon this data, we can see the birth rate of India is this and that,” so it revolves around the situation like that where data is available.


It’s best to write transitions at the beginning of the verdict or paragraph. It usually starts with words like “however, moreover, furthermore,” etc., to give a clear network between paragraphs. There are many transitional phases present in the paragraph.

Like, Add-on transitions or additive transitions give extra information about the topic.

Adversative transitions which are contrasting factors to the paragraphs

Casual transitions are used to describe the effects, causes, and factors of the situation.

And the sequential transition is used to describe what comes after which situation.

Attempt for writing a good sentence topic?

Reader’s attention to the hook

The genre that helps to reciprocate the mind of the reader in the paragraph. To entertain the reader in giving a subjective description of what catches the attention of reading more of it. A unique way different from others.

For example, adding shocking facts, evidence, or revelation or impressive data from the field works. Despite we can add mystery. Horrific and mysterious adventure is susceptible to the reader they want often wants to read more about that. Finally, emotions, playing with readers’ emotions by giving sentimental provocations, help write a good sentence paragraph.

The reader tends to adapt to the situation and rethink or relate with his own life.

The central point between generalization and specification

When we are writing about a given topic, we should restrict the difference between important and rest. Middle grounds of writing a topic and others being supporting ideas, for example, if we speak about disaster management as a general idea for the topic and earthquake in which being the specified problem to be dealt with.

Or if we talk about “divorce” in paragraph writing. The other element which is a supportive role is the problems related to divorce after separation. Yet, the main factor remains constant, which is divorce.

Classification of points

It should clarify us on the points given on common interest and not individual. It’s good to write a paragraph about how it affected the common mass and does not mention “I” as a subjective matter. For example, “the holocaust affected mass lives of Jews” it’s written as a consequence of common mass destruction and not like “a friend of mine is a victim to the holocaust.”

We often write this stuff in a narrative essay sense in a personal form.

Satisfactory points

To prove the points in the main body, we should give satisfactory statements. People should believe the statement which is concrete. Take facts as the mare example and the rest paragraph explaining experiences behind the facts. It is also important to not just state facts.

Facts may sound interesting to readers, but there will be no individual output to the paragraph. Instead, the writer can enlarge the topic like “plants need proper sunlight, water, and resources to grow more” instead of “plants need photosynthesis to obtain their food.”

Going slow with the content

A writer wants to amuse their audience with useful content but going slow helps reach the last segment with a good story. It will lack the writer’s content if they flush out all the secrets at the beginning. So to compensate for the whole dynamics, the writer needs to go by steps and not bang on at the beginning with everything.

Proper steps and drafting will help them to reach all stages in an organized way. To write with as much as the content he has.

Not starting with a quote

Quote indeed looks good before starting any sentence, but the problem is the quote is not yours, so even if you want to write the quote, eliminate that quote in such a sentence that it breaks on your way and then write it down as you want to through your own words.

And one important thing, if the topics writer is writing has no means to elaborate on further; it’s a waste to write about that specific topic. A writer should write what he wants to describe with useful facts to ensure the reader gets what they want.

Do’s and don’ts of a good topic sentence?


  • Stating the main reason behind the paragraph, we can take the help of the thesis too.
  • Using clear and lucid words and not making it difficult for readers to understand.
  • Including our opinion with presenting facts too, we can use counter opinions too.
  • Allot positive points instead of negative. It’s important to present a positive outcome in front of readers. Even if you want to include a negative point, you must use it as a weapon of constructive criticism and not go irrationally negative.
  • Making sure that my intention of writing is clear to the readers and not complicated.

Don’t (s)

  • Never start the writing with “I or he or she.” It should address the total mass and not the common interest of people who are there.
  • Understanding the difference between narrative essay writing and essay writing.
  • Not making a mistake and writing what facts I’m going to include in the paragraph. We can write it in a way how I can present my ideas with a just or summary of small collaboration of sentences in a much presentable way.
  • Making statements in my paragraph and not explaining it would be of no use. When I have written about a specific topic, I should be able to give a detailed description.

With all these points in mind, we can say that after achieving it we can write a good sentence writing which will attract the readers to read more with accurate information and gesture about the happening of the subjects which will present different sorts of ideas behind it.

However, a topic sentence is in conjunction with joining and linkage of the paragraphs; it helps to make it more organized and in a representative form.

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