The Light on the Hills Summary

“The Light on the Hills” is a poignant short story penned by Howard Fast. Set against the backdrop of a small rural community, this narrative unfolds as a moving exploration of human resilience and the bonds of friendship. The Light On The Hills Class 8 Fast’s storytelling transports readers to a world where the luminance of hope shines even in the darkest of times. Read More Summaries Class 8 English Summaries.

The Light on the Hills Summary

The Light on the Hills Summary in English

‘Light on the Hills’ is a short story which shows how the words of a person can influence another person. A boy was painting scenes from nature. His little sister stood watching him. She pointed out some of the defects of his painting. She remarked that people who saw that painting would be glad and they would feel that it was real. Then the boy asked her if he painted it badly would the people be unhappy. To this the girl answered that if he was doing his work with dedication and honesty, they would understand how much effort he took to paint it, and would certainly like his picture. The girl pointed out to the boy the light from the hills. Both of them enjoyed watching it.

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He tried to paint trees, field and the dark shades and the faraway hills with light on them. As the sunlight began to dim, he stopped his painting. The girl said that the world was very beautiful. The boy repeated these words with a pinch of sorrow. The boy asked her when she wanted to do something great, what would she do. The girl answered that she would think that she was doing it for the person whom she loved best. This would make her strong and she could forget all her sorrow. Thus she would be able to go forward and would never get bored. The boy thought for a moment and said that in that case, he would paint his picture for her. Then they both returned home.

A tragedy happened in the family that night. The girl died in her sleep. The sorrowful mother told the boy that his little sister would never come back for this world again. The sorrow of the boy was beyond words. He thought about the words she had spoken before she had got an extraordinary strength. He completed the picture. Everyone appreciated the picture. It was whispering in his ears that it was love, true love, from which all virtues came. If it gave happiness, it could be called heaven.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, Howard Fast’s “The Light on the Hills” is a touching tale that underscores the enduring strength of human connection and the power of hope in the face of adversity. Through the characters’ unwavering support for one another, The Light on The Hills Story Summary reminds us that even in the bleakest moments, the light of friendship can illuminate our path. This narrative serves as a testament to the indomitable spirit of the human heart.

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