Stammer Summary

Stammering, also known as stuttering, is a speech disorder that has fascinated researchers and professionals for centuries. It is characterized by disruptions in the normal flow of speech, often manifesting as repetitions of sounds or words, prolonged pauses, or involuntary interruptions. Read More Class 12 English Summaries.

Stammer (Poem) About The Author

Stammer Author K. Satchidanandan
– K. Satchidanandan

K. Satchidanandan was bom in 1946 in Pulloot, a village in Thrissur district. He writes in Malayalam and English. He is known as a pioneer of modern poetry in Malayalam. He is a critic, literary columnist and a translator. He was the Secretary of Sahitya Akademi. He is secularist. He supports causes like environment, human rights and free software. He was shortlisted for Nobel Prize for literature in 2011.

Stammer Summary

Lines 1-7: Stammer is not handicap. It is a mode of speech. Stammer is the silence that falls between the word and its meaning, just as lameness is the silence that falls between the word and the deed.

Stammer Summary 2

Lines 8-13: Did stammer come before language or after it? Is it only a dialect or a language itself? These questions make the linguists stammer.

Line 14-19: Each time we stammer we are offering a sacrifice to the God of meanings. When a whole people stammer, it becomes their mother tongue, just as it is with us now.

Lines 20-26: God too must have stammered when He created man. That is why all the words of man cany different meanings. That is wjjy everything he says, from his commands to his prayers, stammers, like poetry.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, stammering is a multifaceted speech sickness that influences thousands and thousands of people worldwide, transcending barriers of age, culture, and language. even as the exact causes of stammering stay elusive, studies has shed light on its neurological, psychological, and genetic underpinnings. The effect of stammer summary pdf at the lives of these affected can’t be overstated, frequently main to social tensionreduced and communication difficulties.

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