Spring Words | List of Spring Words With Meaning, Examples and Images

Spring Words: Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons around the year. People start to step out after the cold, freezing winters, and everything is luscious and peaceful. There are a lot of things related to spring.

These terms can be called spring words or words associated with spring. We generally relate to these words whenever we are talking about this time around the year.

In this article, you’ll find a list of spring words that we have made to describe your spring delights better. Make sure to add them into your vocabulary, and we are sure they will be helpful.

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List of Spring Words

Name of the Spring Words

Description of the Spring Words on the list


Meaning: With a lot of natural light and space

Example: The rooms in the top floor are very airy if you ask me.


Meaning: A yellow and black flying bug that produces honey and can sting you

Example: It’s springtime, and you can see bees around the place.


Meaning: Exceedingly or utterly satisfied

Example: We had a blissful year together before we left for our jobs.


Meaning: A flower blooms when it opens or is open, while a plant or tree blooms when it produces blossoms.

Example: It’s nice to see all the bloomed flowers in the garden.


Meaning: A gentle and pleasant breeze

Example: I love the morning breeze in the woods.


Meaning: An insect with large, frequently brilliantly coloured wings

Example: There are so many butterflies on the lawn outside.


Meaning: Something which is filled with colours

Example: Make sure you wear something colourful to the date.


Meaning: A golden, bell-shaped flower on a tall stem that blooms in the spring

Example: You’ll see daffodils all across these roads.

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Meaning: A tiny flower with white petals and a yellow centre that frequently grows in grass

Example: He gifted her a bouquet filled with daisies.


Meaning: Rain in the form of very small, light drops:

Example: It is weird to find drizzling around this time of the year.


Meaning: A plot of land usually surrounded by a fence and used for growing crops or maintaining animals.

Example: The children would run across the fields and play.


Meaning: Made with flowers or embellished with floral images

Example: I love the floral designs on your t-shirt.


Meaning: A sweet and pleasant smell.

Example: Always make sure you use a light fragrant when going on a date.


Meaning: Someone or something kind, calm or soft.

Example: I love how gentle he is with all the dogs.


Meaning: Having a pleasing melody or harmony

Example: I am always amazed by her harmonious voice.

Hay Fever

Meaning: A pollen-related sickness similar to a cold

Example: I hate to say it, but I guess I’m down with hay fever.


Meaning: Someone or something that inspires you to do something

Example: It always feels good to meet your inspiration.


Meaning: A fabric or plastic-covered frame connected to a long string that you fly in the air when the weather is windy

Example: All the kids were flying kites in the ground.

List of spring words 2


Meaning: A little spherical insect with black markings that is usually red.

Example: This sanctuary is one of the best place in town and you can also see a lot of ladybugs around here.


Meaning: humorous and amusing.

Example: The film is a lighthearted look at the world of filmmaking.


Meaning: A lush environment is full of green, healthy plants, grass, and trees.

Example: Make sure to check out the lush green tea gardens down the valley.


Meaning: A flowering plant that is brilliant yellow or orange

Example: His garden is filled with marigolds in his house.


Meaning: A grassy area with wildflowers growing on it

Example: It feels too good to walk in the meadows in the evening.


Meaning: The attribute of being newly produced or having only recently begun to exist

Example: When the newness of something wears off, children lose interest in it.


Meaning: Outside

Example: Let us go outside to play something.


Meaning: A faint and delicate colour

Example: I love how she dresses in pastels these days.


Meaning: A gathering outside for a casual meal and time.

Example: Every year, we would go to a family picnic with our grandparents.


Meaning: A colourful arch seen in the sky when rain falls and the sun shines.

Example: Rainbows and meadows are probably the best things you can wish for in the springs.


Meaning: Wonderfully unique and intriguing

Example: It is refreshing to watch their take on Indie Cinema.


Meaning: The act or practise of making someone look or feel more youthful and vibrant

Example: Facial rejuvenation treatments can benefit anyone.


Meaning: To scatter a few particles or drips of material on a surface

Example: She sprinkled some cheese over the pasta.


Meaning: A flowering plant with a huge, vividly coloured bell-shaped flower on a stem that develops from a bulb or the blossom itself.

Example: The tulips in the sanctuary look so beautiful during sunsets.


Meaning: Covered in lush green flora or grass

Example: You would love to see the verdant countryside.


Meaning: Something that makes you feel warm.

Example: I love these warming sunsets around this side of the city.


Meaning: A horizontally moving movement of air, especially one strong enough to be perceived

Example: The morning was windy, so I didn’t step out.


Meaning: Something which is not old.

Example: I always feel young when I come here to visit by the waterfall.

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