Sport and Exercise Actions Vocabulary | List of Sport and Exercise Actions Vocabulary With Description

Sport and Exercise Actions Vocabulary: It is a good habit people develop that involves exercising daily for fitness. We need to exercise on a daily basis to keep our health stable from the early years of our lives to build a strong body. Due to this reason, everyone needs the basic knowledge about exercise vocabulary words that will teach us about various types of exercises existing in the world.

A list of exercise vocabulary words has been listed in this article to provide in-depth knowledge and outstanding, commonly used fitness and exercise vocabulary words.

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List of Exercise Vocabulary Words in English

Name of Exercise Vocabulary Words

The subject of exercising and sports fall under the discipline of physical education. It is taught as a subject in all schools for students to exercise their bodies and stay fit. The physical education vocabulary words in this article will help students and anyone looking to learn more about these various movements and drills to get better at sports.

The listed fitness vocabulary words as exclusively compiled for the purpose of educating anyone who wants to learn about exercise and sports-related words.

List of Types of the Exercise

Description of the Exercises Vocabulary words.


Bending is a widespread exercise that people practice to be fit. It involves bending from the waist down till your forehead touches your legs. This exercise is good for abdominal muscles.


Bouncing is the exercise or sport of continuously dribbling a ball of a specific sports discipline. It is a part of various sport types existing worldwide.


Boxing is a popular exercise that people practice worldwide. It is an area of specialization in the field of sports, and famous boxing tournaments are held each year to reward talented players. It involves throwing fists towards your opponent in quick motions according to the rules and claim victory.


This is another exercise, which is a part of multiple sports. It involves successfully trapping a sports item thrown towards the specified individual. Catching balls, frisbees, etc., are all vital parts of sports.

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Cycling is a popular and desirable exercise. It works the pelvic and abdominal muscles. Cycling involves riding a sports cycle while paddling in fast circular motions. This is an excellent sport for people of all age groups.


Dribbling is the act of bouncing a ball continuously. The ball is hit with force onto the ground and comes up, hitting back on the palm. This is seen in most sports games, especially in basketball.


Hitting the mark in any sports game is the action of aiming at a target and throwing an arrow or sharp object towards it. The one who hits the mark with the best precision wins the match or tournament.


Hopping is the name given to the repeated action of throwing your body up into the air while playing with a jump rope. It is used as a unique warm-up exercise before starting a specific exercise or game.


Jogging is one of the most commonly practiced exercises that involves the muscles of the whole body. It is pretty standard among people of all ages and referred to as an action of fast-paced walking.


Jumping is another exercise that is the name given to the action of throwing oneself up by engaging in an anti-gravity movement against the floor. It is a popular move in various sports across the world.


Kicking is the name given to the exercise or the action of throwing one’s foot in a forward thrusting motion. This is used in kickboxing and various other exercises and sports such as the traditional Kung fu. It works the pelvic and thigh muscles.


Kneeling is a part of multiple exercises worldwide. It works the lower body to a great extent, strengthening the muscles. Kneeling involves folding one’s knees and resting themselves on it, with the support of the ground, while the backrests on their heels, with their toes facing down.


Passing is the act of receiving a sports item from a person and handing it over to another. It is used as a popular move in sports, exercises, and games.


Riding refers to the action of sitting on an animal or sports machine, or item. Riding a cycle means settling or perching people onto the seat of the cycle while cycling forward. It is ubiquitous and seen in various sports and exercises.


Running is an activity where people take speedy steps to close off the distance between themselves and their desired goal. It is among the most common exercise types that work the muscles of the whole body.


Serving refers to the action of throwing a sports item (specifically a ball) into the air and hitting it with the palm of one’s hand to make a starting move for sport types such as volleyball. It is the first move or opening move for the volleyball sport.


Shooting refers to hitting the aimed goal with a bullet or arrow. It can be accomplished with the aid of a gun or throwing an arrow. Shooting is a typical move used in various sports or exercises worldwide.


Sitting is a form of exercise that does not involve rigorous movements of the body. It is an exercise where individuals are seated on a yoga mat or the floor with their backbone straight.


It is the action of throwing oneself into the air against the direction of gravity, which is upwards in repeated motions, by contacting the foot with the ground or the surface. It is a desirable warm-up exercise that primarily involves jumping or skipping rope which is swayed in a specific motion.


Squatting is an emerging, fundamental to advanced and beginner exercise or sports. It involves bending your knees to a position above the ground and holding your upper leg and backbone at a 90° angle with your hands stretched forward and palms facing down.


It is an essential exercise practiced as a warm-up exercise to relax body muscles and joints before training or sporty activities. It is a combination of various exercises that relaxes your body before moving to more challenging exercises.


Swimming is an exercise involving floating in the water and moving forward by rotating your arms in forwarding strokes to proceed. It is a great exercise that works a person’s whole body and strengthens your core.


Throwing is the action of propelling an object forward with the help of displacement of air. It is mainly done with a ball in sports. The more the force behind the throw, the farthest the item reaches.


It is the most common type of exercise that everyone does daily in their lives. It is a forward movement of the body by successive frontward movements of the legs to help a person proceed in front. It works all the body muscles.


Weight-lifting is a popular exercise that involves strengthening and definition muscles of the arms and abdomen. It involves lifting heavy sports items to work these muscles.

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