Speak English Faster | Ways, Tips and Examples to Speak English faster

Speak English Faster: As time passes, we slowly understand the importance of the English language for both personal and official purposes. For example, to mix with people and have conversations, it is crucial to know how to speak good English in public. Now there are various uses and tricks based on them to know more.

The key to a healthy and good conversation is to have a fluent and understandable conversation in the language which makes you know how to speak English fluently and confidently and how to speak English fast and understand natives.

If your goal is to obtain a good job and a good bond with people, then you should keep in mind that knowing English and having an accident conversation is very important. Therefore, to help you speak English faster and fluently, we have jotted down a few points mentioned in the blog below.

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Tips to speak English faster and fluently

Conversation skills do not improve over need; it requires practice and procession. there are a few ways and tricks by which you can improve your conversation skills and does your English speaking becomes faster in fluent., some of which are mentioned below

  • Set your goal- it is very important to set goals and memorize English as it is not easy to grasp the knowledge. The more you set goals to speak English faster, the more chances are that you will succeed.
  • Set up your learning technique- your learning goal is to speak English fast, but you can modify your techniques best based on your comfort and need. For example, you can learn from the internet, dictionary from movies and most important conversations that you can keep track of.
  • Listen to conversations and adapt- the part of learning is exploring within yourself, so being a part of the real-life conversation is a huge benefit. In addition, engaging in conversations will help your speech to improve, help you know about short words and techniques to make your English faster.
  • Read as much as possible- the more you read conversations or topics, the more you learn about waves to make a conversation fluent and fast. You can use words to make conversations first; there are ways that you can get hold of by reading them offline or even online.
  • Make use of the internet- there’s nothing the internet does not cover, so it is not absurd if you want to learn English fluently from the internet. You can enrol yourself in classes, take down points from the web, or subscribe to YouTube channels which will help to improve your English.
  • Ask questions and solve queries- a curiosity in a subject or general is important and necessary at the same time. The more literature questions you ask people, the more your queries get solved, so your language fluency improves as days pass. You can ask questions to teachers, friends, parents or even ask questions on the internet.
  • Speak often- It is necessary that after you learn from any means of communication, you have to keep that in practice. The more you carry on conversations in English, the more mistakes you make, and gradually that helps you improve your skills. So make sure you speak enough about the language with your close ones or even strangers.

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List of contraction words to be used in conversation

Some words are often shortened while having a conversation with the real person. We can have many types and are mostly used for informing purposes that you can also use informal conversation. There are many short and words used from which few common types are given below.

  • A’ight- this comes from the word ‘alright’ is an informal short form
  • Ain’t- is a combination of words I ‘am not/ are not/ is not’ also ‘have not/ has not
  • Aren’t- is a combination of words ‘are and not’
  • I’m- is a combination of two words ‘I am
  • I’ll- is a combination of a word or phrase ‘I shall’ or ‘I will.’
  • You’ve- this form is often used as a short form of a combination of words ‘you have.’
  • Couldn’t- is the result of the combination of words ‘could not.’
  • Didn’t- is derived from the combination of words ‘did not’
  • Should have/ should’ve- derived from the words ‘should have.’
  • Shouldna/ shouldn’t’ve- derived from the phrase ‘should not have.’
  • ’cause/ Cos- this is often used in formerly in place of ‘because.’
  • About- this is an informal replacement used in place of ‘about.’
  • Bet you- is a short word derived from ‘bet you’.
  • Y’all- is derived from the words ‘you all’ combined.
  • G’day- this is a short form of the popular phrase ‘good day.’
  • Dammit- informal word derived from ‘damn it.’
  • Gimme- a shortened phrase used in place of ‘give me
  • Gotcha- is derived from the words ‘got you’.
  • Wanna- is a faster word used in place of ‘want to.’
  • Imma- informal short form of ‘I am about to’ or ‘I am going tNeedn’tednt- is short abbreviation word of ‘need not.’
  • Mustn’t- is a short form of the words ‘must not.’
  • She’s- As a result of the phrase, a word combination ‘she is’ or ‘she has.’
  • She’ll- is the short version of the combination of words ‘she will’ or ‘she shall.’
  • Kinda- is aOut opinion of words ‘kind of.’
  • Outta- this short form is a combination of words ‘out of.’
  • Dunno- this is a combination of words ‘don’t know
  • Sorta- comes from the words combination ‘sort of’
  • Layer- this word is often used does the short form of ‘later.’
  • Let’s- is a combination of words ‘let us.’
  • Howdy- is the very short full movie in place of the phrase ‘how do you do’.
  • You- comes from the word ‘you’ or ‘you are.’

Examples based on the list of contraction words given above

As mentioned above, few words can be used in conversations not to become lengthy and rather becomes rather fast. As keeping in mind, here are a few examples based on the exact list provided above.

  • All right- A’ight don’t worry Jackson will provide you with all the class notes of last week
  • Ain’t- hey Lisa ain’t feeling well today your, please go to the mall and carry on with the plans.
  • Aren’t- Aren’t you the one who came first in the chess competition last year?
  • I’m- hi, I’m Jennifer; nice to meet you
  • I’ll- don’t worry about the work. I’ll let you know whenever you have time.

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  • You’ve- you’ve made me the happiest person on earth by giving me your pregnancy news.
  • Couldn’t- Lisa couldn’t control the excitement and fell from the stairs.
  • Didn’t- it’s so sad that the accident happened; he didn’t know about this earlier.
  • Shoulda/should’ve- we should’ve helped the person on the street
  • Shouldna/shouldn’t’ve- Harry shouldn’t have kicked his food, such a ruthless child.
  • ’cause/ Cos- I hope the accident did not happen ’cause of drunk driving.
  • ’bout- tell her that she has to do something about her career soon and settle down.
  • Betcha- he has been investing money throughout the years, and betcha won’t lose a single penny this time.
  • Y’all- y’all are very talented, so the recruiter had a tough time choosing the manager.
  • G’day- had a g’day tonight, will cherish this day always.
  • Dammit- Dammit, son, stop behaving in such a manner.
  • Gimme- gimme some money tonight, Mum; I need to go shopping.
  • Gotcha- Yaaay, gotcha! Here are your tickets for the event.
  • Wanna- I really wanna attend the birthday party tomorrow.
  • Imma- Imma go through the chapters real quick.
  • Needn’t- Jack realized the matter and understood he needn’t have worried.
  • Mustn’t- you mustn’t spend money like a brat.
  • She’s- she’s a very good and friendly person, no wonder you like her so much.
  • She’ll- she’ll visit the school soon for project submission; I will make sure that happens.
  • Kinda- don’t worry, it was kinda a good day at work.
  • Outta- oh God! I am outta money.
  • Dunno- hi, I dunno her address. Can you provide me with that?
  • Sorta- Thanks for asking; my health is sorta better now.
  • Layer- oh, never mind! I will take it from John layer.
  • Let’s- let’s catch up soon and spend some time.
  • Howdy- Hey! Gowda, long time no see.
  • Ya- I heard that ya a very talented and multitasker.

To conclude, we know how to improve our conversation skills and make our English fluency fast. Easy, quick words to use in techniques that can help your growth in the English language.

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