Simple Subject and Predicate

What is Subject and a Predicate

Every sentence consists of two parts:

  1. The person or thing we speak about.
  2. What we speak about that person or thing.

Consider the following sentence :

Peter is an intelligent boy.

In this sentence, (1) we speak about Peter, and (2) what we say about him is that he is an intelligent boy.

The name of the person or thing we speak about is called the Subject. What we say about the subject is called the Predicate.

Subject Predicate
Aeroplanes Zoom
That Black Dog Bit The Poor Beggar
The Poor Little Girl Sat in a Corner
The Boys of Our School Made Raman Captain
Mountains and the Beauty of a Country

Sometimes in sentences expressing orders or requests the subject is left out; as,

  • “Sit down” means “You sit down.”
  • “Thank you” means “I thank you.”

In the following sentences the subject and also part of the predicate are unexpressed; as,

  • What a beautiful night! = What a beautiful night it is!
  • Shocking! = It is shocking.

Exercise 1 – Divide the following sentences into Subject and Predicate:

  1. The girl wearing a red frock is my sister.
  2. Barking dogs seldom bite.
  3. Some mischievous boys were throwing stones at birds.
  4. A barking sound the shepherd hears.
  5. Sweet are the uses of adversity.
  6. The Himalayas are the highest mountains in the world.
  7. The boy standing in the corner is my cousin.
  8. All the boys and teachers of our school take part in games.

Exercise 2 – Choose from B the Predicate Which Goes With The Subject A

A (Subject) B (Predicate)
1. An Aeroplane (a) Were not easy
2. A Fireman (b) Was Appointed
3. A Bad Workman (C) Flies in the air
4. An Empty Vessel (d) Wears a Helmet
5. The Beautiful Rainbow (e) blames his tools
6. A Nurse (f) Soon Faded away
7. A Committee of five (g) Works in a hospital
8. All the questions (h) makes much noise

Exercise 3 – Add Predicates to these Subjects

  • The Shortest Month of The year _________________
  • The Girl Standing in the Corner _________________
  • His Mother and Father _________________
  • The Most Intelligent boy in our Class _________________
  • The Richest Man in our Village _________________
  • All the Children of our Village _________________
  • The woman holding a baby in her arms _________________
  • The Ramayana _________________

Exercise 4 – Add Subjects to these Predicates

_________________was appointed monitor,

_________________is the highest mountain in the world.

_________________sells fruits and vegetables.

_________________was the greatest leader of our country.

_________________moves round the sun.

_________________made a great deal of noise.

_________________is celebrated by our school every year.

_________________can speak English very well.

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