Quadrilateral Shapes | List of Quadrilateral Shapes in English

Quadrilateral Shapes: A quadrilateral is a shape having exactly four sides and a quadrilateral is a parallelogram. The sides can be any length, but they must be straight and connect at four corners to be lawful. Several shapes are classed as quadrilaterals because they meet this requirement and there are many kinds of quadrilaterals.

You’ve come to the perfect spot to learn. Here are a list of quadrilateral shapes and quadrilateral examples. They’re simple to understand if you understand the principles, and we hope this helps.

List of Quadrilateral Shapes

Name of Quadrilateral Shapes

Description of Quadrilateral Shapes on the list:


The most fundamental quadrilateral form, with four equal-length sides. The angles on all sides meet to form precise 90-degree angles. It’s the most consistent of the shapes.


It’s essentially a long square. Two of its sides are shorter but equal in length, while the other two are longer but equal in length. It is a well-known form that, together with its shorter sibling, the square, produces a long straight. Like the square, all of its points come together to form 90-degree angles.


Things start to become a little more complicated at this point. The rhombus resembles a slanted square in that all of its sides have the same length, but none of them meet at 90 degrees. Instead, the form is slanted, resulting in various degrees of angles at the corners (which can vary based on the size of the slant).


A parallelogram is best described as a slanted rectangle, as is the case with the rhombus. The sides parallel to each other are the same length as the rectangle’s (but two of them will be much longer than the others). The opposing angles formed by the meeting of the sides are likewise identical, but the parallelogram is slanted, resulting in two distinct angles of various degrees.


This is when things start to get interesting. A trapezoid has two parallel sides, but the lengths and connecting angles of the sides can vary. A trapezium is a shape with no parallel sides that may provide a variety of lengths and angles. In the realm of quadrilaterals, they are thought to be completely random.

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