Proverbs that start with Y, Z | Famous Proverbs beginning with the letter ‘Y and Z’

Important Proverbs which start with the letter ‘Y and Z’

Years know more than books.
Books maintain not all that which is experienced by years, so years know more than books.

Yelping curse will raise mastiffs.
The painful cry of a dog becomes him even greater dog.
As a curse, the painful crying of dog makes him a kind of bigger dog.

Yesterday will not be called again.
Past time never be called back so the yesterday.

You are a fool to steal if you can’t conceal.
If you are not good the keep secret, then you should not steal anything. You may tell of your stealing act then you will be behind the bars.

You are a man among the geese when the gander is away.
If Geese or Goose called to a person than gender matters not because fool (Geese or Goose) is a masculine gender.

You are good to fetch the devil a priest.
Said to those who loiter.

You are of so many minds, you’ll never be married.
At this very moment you are giving your willingness for a marriage but you have so many minds so you can deny while marriaging, so that’s you will never be married.

You can call a man no worse than unthankful.
Unthankful is the worst speech.

You can have no more of a cat than the skin.
If you try to catch a cat then you catches only scrath on your own skin.

You cannot catch old birds with chaff.
Grain husk never be a good bird catcher, only corn deserve ^ for this purpose.

You cannot eat your cake and have it.
You cannot eat your cake if you give it to others.

You cannot get water out of a stone.
It is said for a work which cannot be possible.

You cannot get leave to thrive for throng.
You should not waste your wealth to become popular in public.

Proverbs that start with Y

You cannot know wine by the barrel.
You can know wine by the drinking than to its barrel.

You cannot lose what you never had.
You can lose what you had.

You cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs.
You cannot swim in water without entering in.

You cannot make people honest by Act of Parliament.
You cannot make people honest or sober by act of argumentation.

You cannot see the city for the houses.
There are other reasons to see the city rather than houses.

You cannot see the wood for the trees.
If you want to see the beauty of wood than tree is not the right place.

You cannot sill the cow and sup the milk.
If you sill the cow than you should not sip the milk but gulped or If you keep servants than you should not act as a servant.

You cannot teach an old dog new tricks.
He is not capable of to learn new tricks, because he is too old for new tricks.

You have a head and so has a pain.
So you have to be careful for painful situations.

You had better be drunk than drowned.
Little evil is better than big.

You halt before you are lame.
It is better not to walking than to be crippled in a leg.

You should be a king of your word.
One should keep his own words. It is better if you stand on your words.

You know good manners, but you use but few.
There are so many kindful things to do but we do not.

You may be a wise man though you can’t make a watch.
There is no such a wise person who does all kinds of work.

You may go and shake your ears.
Expressing contempt.

You may know by a handful the whole sack.
Little quantity is sufficient to know the whole sack or If you want to know a person completely then his few specialities are sufficient enough.

You may know by a penny how a shilling spends.
Little waste show the method of wasting so no need to waste bigger things.

You may know the horse by his harness.
The equipments show the quality who wears that or You know the person by his wearings.

You may poke a man’s fire after you have known him seven years, but not before.
You have not to be interfered in personal matters of other person unless you know him for seven years or You can interfere in personal matters of familiar person but your familiarity must be seven years old.

You may take a horse to the water, but you can’t make him drink.
You may take a person to swimming pool but can not make him swim unless he wishes not.

You may trust him with untold gold.
You may trust him if you do not disclose your valuable belongings because greed is a main cause of mistrust.

You might have knocked me down with a feather.
I was greatly surprised.

You must look where it is not, as well as where it is.
When our important things have misplaced then we doth such act.

You must lose a fly to catch a trout.
If you want trout (A kind of fish) then you have to be lose | a fly or If you want high gains then you have to be make some investments.

You must not let your mouse-trap smell of blood.
You have to be careful with your efforts and must not let your intentions disclose while tricky or Tricky must not be disclose his intentions.

You must not pledge your own health.
Health above all wealths so one should not put his health in danger.

You must take the fat with the lean.
Try your all efforts and tricks.

You never know what you can do till you try.
At the time of doing before, normally we are not sure that what would be the outcome or result.

You never speak but your mouth opens.
Your body language speaks or when you are under rest, take ‘yawn’.

You never open your mouth but you put your foot in it.
Speechless involvement is also a involvement or interference.

You often cackle but never lay an egg.
You often boost but do nothing.

You pay more for your schooling than your learning is worth.
Normally the learning worth is always be lower than schooling fees.

You pays your money and you take a your choice.
You reserve your right of selection.

You seek hot water under cold ice.
Said to a person who is kind more than to his looks.

You see what we must all come to, if we live.
We all must see that which are in our destiny, but if we live.

You should never rub your eyes but with your elbow.
You can not rub at all because you cannot rub your eyes with elbow and other methods are already under prohibitory.

You stretch without a halter.
Normally the continual working effort declines quality.

You think all is lost that goes beside your own mouth.
Said to a selfish person’s thinking.

Your thoughts loose and your countenance loose.
Your face expressions are a mirror of your thoughts whatever they may be.

You were bom when wit was scant.
Said to a less knowledgable person.

You will never be mad, you are of so many minds.
People do not understand that you are mad or not just because of your different mode of mind.

You will scratch a beggar one day before you die.
You will be a begger.

You would do little for God if the devil were dead.
Devil’s existence improves the greatness of God.

Young cocks love no coops.
Young children dislike restrictions.

Young men may die, old men must.
Normally you die not while young but must when old.

Young men’s knocks old men feel.
We pay in age for what happened in youth.

Young prodigal in a coach will he old beggar barefoot.
Extravagant person gives nothing than to teaching while someone begs him.

Young saint, old devil.
Young becomes as a saint because of his earlier sins, that’s why he is named ‘old devil’.

Your destiny is in your hands.
Your future depends on your work.

Your lips hang in your light.
You talk foolishly.

Youth and age will never agree.
Both want more and more.

Youth and white paper take any impression.
Youth learns well and white paper reflects well.

Youth will have its course.
Youth will have its taste of work.

Proverbs that start with Z

Zeal when it is virtue, is a dangerous one.
If passionate ardour is efficient too, then it is a dangerous situation.

Zeal without knowledge is fire without light.
Enthusiasm without cognition, is like a body without soul.

Zeal without prudence is frenzy.
Enthusiasm without intelligence is nothing bigger than temporary insanity.

Proverbs that start with Z

proverbs starting with z

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