Proverbs that start with U, V | Famous Proverbs beginning with the letter ‘U and V’

Important Proverbs which start with the letter ‘U and V’

Up the hill favour me, down the hill beware thee.
One should be watchful in prosperity more than to adversity.

Use makes perfectness.
Practice makes perfect.

Use the means and God will give the blessing.
If you make bad into good, God will bless you.

Under the blanket the black one is as good as the white.
Nothing is different, all alike.

Under want, famine : under snow, bread.
Want show the scarcity of food, before snowfall everybody stores food and that’s why we say, : under snow, bread.

Ungirt, unblessed.
Who is tied and freed not, deserves not for blessings.

Union is strength.
Unitedness is a sign of power.

Unkissed, unkind.
Harsh and cruel person deserves not love.

Unknown (or uncouth), unkissed.
You cannot love a person who is unknown to you.

Unlucky in love, lucky at play.
Over all unlucky fellow.

Unminded, unmoaned.
Said to a careless person who lamented most.

Unto you is paradise opened.
Paradise is opened till your entrance.

Use legs and have legs.
Does the fight and have the fight.

Proverbs that start with V

Vainglory blossoms but never bears.
Nobody suffers the flowers of false and empty pride.

Valour can do little without discretion.
Courage needs watchful prudence.

Valour that parleys is near yielding.
Discussions are always favourable to bravery and courage.

Valour would fight, but discretion would run away.
Bravery would fight but ‘bravery with watchful’ prudence make you victor.

Vanity is the sixth sense.
Vanity (Empty pride) is the sixth sense (Pre-estimation) of destruction.

Variety is charming.
Variation attracts more.

Variety is pleasing.
Variations gratify makes gratify.

Variety is the spice of life.
Variations are the flavour of life.

Variety turns existence into living.
Variation makes changes in life.

Varnishing hides a crack.
When a person hides his faults by pomp and show.

Venture a small fish to catch a great one.
Venture a small capital to flourish a great one.

Venture not all in one bottom.
It is dangerous thing to do because you will loss all when danger strike.

Vice is often clothed in virtue’s habit.
Wickedness is often under the chastity behaviour.

Vice ruleth where gold reignth.
Sovereignty of gold always be ruled by wickedness.

Vice makes virtue shine.
Moral goodness shines due to existence of wickedness.

Virtue and a trade are the best portion for children.
Children are normally known by moral goodness and their work.

Virtue and happiness are mother and daughter.
Happiness is a daughter of moral goodness or Moral goodness breeds happiness.

Virtue has all things in itself.
Moral goodness is a perfect thing.

Virtue is its own reward.
Moral goodness hath its own fruit.

Virtue never grows old.
Moral goodness is a long lasting thing.

Virtue which parleys is near a surrender.
Moral goodness which makes discussions, are near to hand over himself to another person.

Virtues all agree, but vices fight one another.
Satisfaction rules virtue as a united and vices fight one another because of unsatisfaction.

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