Proverbs that start with T | Famous Proverbs beginning with the letter ‘T’

Important Proverbs which start with the letter ‘T’

Tailors and writers must mind the fashion.
It is good for both the profession because fashion changes often and they must change according to the fashion.

Take a farthing from a thousand pounds, it will be a thousand pounds no longer.
A Thousand pounds bill’s value is more than (fathing) small value coins of thousand pounds.

Take all and play all.
Good to examine and experience.

Take a lass with the tear in her eye.
Young lady always be with tears means take a quality which hath defect too.

Take a vine of good soil, and the daughter of a good mother.
Grapes should be of good soil and daughter should be of good mother.

Take away fuel, take away flame.
If you do not want to wicked person, give up wicked person’s company

Take away my good name and take away my life.
Better to die than live with ill (bad) name.

Take away the cause and the effect must cease.
No fuel, no flame.

Take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of themselves.
Take care of the wealth and poverty will take care of itself.

Take heed of a person marked, and a widow thrice married. (Marked=with some natural defect.)
One should take care of handicapped (by birth) and three times widow. Handicapped is tricky and widow is unfortunate.

Take heed of a stepmother: the very name of her sufficeth.
When the name (stepmother) is quite enough, then one should take care of.

Take heed of an ox before, and ass behind, and a monk on all sides.
Because ox attacks from front, ass attacks by back legs but devil attacks from all sides.

Take heed of enemies reconciled and of meat twice boiled.
Reconciled enemy may be harmful and twice boiled meat may upset your stomach.

Take heed of the vinegar of sweet wine.
Be careful of the sour of sweet wine.

Take heed of the wrath of a mighty man, and tumult of the people.
Be careful of public agitation and fury of strong person.

Take heed you find not that you do not seek.
Do not think that you are out of every danger.

Take not a musket to kill a butterfly.
Take not a lawyer for every disputes.

Take time when time cometh, lest time steal away.
Strike while the iron is hot otherwise you lost the opportunity.

Take the bit and the buffet with it.
Put up with some ill usage where you get advantage.

Take the rough with the smooth.
Thinking should be both ways.

Take things as they come.
Do not make them difficult or easy one, face them on their own merits.

Take time by the forelock.
Do not abandon an opportunity.

Take time while time is, for the time will away.
Be reasonable with time.

Take to the middle road, not the extremes.
Problems should be solved through reasonable and appropriate solutions.

Take your thanks to feed your cat.
He complains for your cat.

Take your wife’s first advice and not her second.
Normally women’s first advice hath some natural speciality. So you must not overlooked her sixth sense but never believe on her second advice because her second advice is entirely based on her stupid calculations.

Take your will of it, as the cat did of the haggis.
Ill wills should be hide from view as the cat did of the dirt (haggis).

Talk less, work more.
Less of talks improve the work.

Talk of an angel and you’ll hear his wings.
You’ll feel his goodness very sooner.

Talking pays no toll.
Talking hath no tax.

Proverbs that start with T 2


Tastes differ.
Different the persons different the manners.

Teach your grandmother to suck eggs.
Do not teach a teacher.

Teaching others teacheth yourself.
While teaching others you learn yourself too.

Tear nothing but sin.
Bear all but tear sin.

Tell a lie and find the truth.
It is so because you will be opposed by truth’s side.

Tell me with whom thou goest and I’ll tell thee what thou doest.
Friendship tells your own nature.

Tell (count) money after your own father.
Normally we do often mistake while counting.

Tell not all you know, nor do all you can.
Reserve your master blow or an ace.

Tell the truth and shame the devil.
Devil can be ashamed by truth.

Temperance is the best physic.
Self-restraint is the best art of healing.

Tickle my throat with a feather, and make a fool my stomach.
You can’t feed belly of tickling of throat.

Times change and we change with them.
Times change and our manners change with them.

Time devours all things.
Time is a great destroyer.

Time flies.
Time never stays.

That city is in a bad case whose physician hath the gout.
If a doctor suffered of inflammation of the smaller joints in that case he cannot visit his patients.

That cock wont fight.
That is different from others.

Timely bloom, timely rip.
Time ills and time cures.

Time is money.
Time is money because time gives.

Time lost cannot be recalled.
Time never turns backward.

Time tries all.
Time examines all, friends and relatives too.

Time undermines us.
Time sends us in grave.

That fish will soon be caught that nibbles at every bait.
That person enters in problem who gives his willingness to all offers.

Time trieth truth.
When the time comes, truth comes out.

That is a game that two can play at.
Gossip is a game which requires atleast two.

That is a lie with a witness.
It is forced lie.

That is but an empty purse that is full of other men’s money.
Others money under your security never belongs to you.

That is well spoken that is well taken.
Which can be easily understand that is well spoken.

The master’s eye maketh the horse fat.
Normally master knows more exactly than any other.

That never ends ill which begins in God’s name.
Which hath God’s name never be wrong.

That penny is well spent that saves a groat.
Where lesser value money saves bigger value money. Groat = Silver coin worth four pence.

That suit is best that best suits me.
The best wearings are that which suits you.

That which cometh from above, let no man refuse.
Which comes from God, man should respect.

That which is easily done is soon believed.
People do believe which is easily done.

Proverbs that start with T 1

That which is evil is soon learned.
Normally evil acts are easy to learn.

That which is morally wrong can never be politically right.
Morally wrong never be correct by calculative talking.

That which proves too much proves nothing.
That which argues more always a wrong person.

That which two will takes effect.
That is effective which hath two options.

That which was bitter to endure may be sweet to remember.
Which remains to the bitter end never be forget.

Thank you for nothing.
Somewhere nothing doing favours you more.

The absent are always in the wrong.
Absence proves the guilty.

The ass of many owners is eaten by wolves.
Who hath many masters always uncared.

The axe goes to the wood where it borrowed its helve.
Axe that cuts wood hath wooden handle.

The bait hides the hook.
Traps of temptation always be in hidden manner.

The battle is lost, yet the war is to be won.
The battle is lost but will is not.

The beggar may sing before the thief.
The beggar many sing before the thief for his good reason’s.

The belly carries the leg.
Want of food (Belly) makes effort.

The belly hates a long sermon.
Where provisions of food just after moral reflection then long sermon hated by belly.

The belly is not filled with fair words.
It is so because belly fills by food.

The belly teaches all arts.
Belly is the mother of all arts.

The best bred have the best portion.
Best deserves the best.

The best fish swim near the bottom.
Hardest efforts are the best efforts.

The best horse needs breaking, and the aptest child needs teaching.
The best horse known by power and child by his learning skills.

The best is behind.
The best is past.

The best is the cheapest.
Where selection based on rates.

The best is often the enemy of the good.
Because everybody likes the best and good is ignored. That’s why the best is known as the enemy of good.

The best mirror is an old friend.
Because he shows your faults and demerits too.

The best of friends must part.
Parted friends understand more the importance of friendship.

The best of the sport is to do the deed and say nothing.
Performance tells all the story itself.

To maintain is also to advance.
If your position is not backward then you are advancing all the time.

The best physicians are Dr. Diet, Dr. Quiet, and Dr. Merryman.
Good balanced food, peace of mind and happiness are the best physicians.

The best remedy against an ill man is much ground between.
Reasonable distance between the both is the best remedy. He should not be involve in ill man’s company.

The best smell is bread, the best savour salt, the best love that of children.
The best smell is food, the best taste is salt and the best love (selfless) of children.

The best prophet of the future is the past.
The best fortune teller is a who, that can tell your past.

The best thing for the inside of a man is the outside of a horse.
Riding exercise internal and external when you ride on your wishes

The best things are worst to come by.
Best things which you achieved become worst because you achieved them.

The best throw of the dice is to throw them away.
Who leaves dice for ever.

The best wine is that a body drinketh at another man’s cost.
When you not bear the expenses.

The better the day the better the deed.
That is a better day which improve your performance.

The better workman, the worse husband.
It is said so because better workman cares more his work than to wife. He hath a very little time for his wife.

The black ox has trod on his foot.
Care has come on him.

The blind eat many a fly.
He deceived more than any other.

The body is sooner dressed than the soul.
Moral refinement is the dress of soul, which takes long time to dressed.

The boot is on the other leg.
Things are the other way about.

The borrower is servant of the lender.
He cannot deny for lender’s work.

The brother had rather see the sister rich than make her so.
It is because he does not want to give and that’s why he wishes sister’s richness.

The burnt child dreads the fire.
Who is experienced of any kind of danger them he feel that for ever.

The busiest men have the most leisure.
They are well planned persons so that’s why they hath more free time.

The buyer needs a hundred eyes, the seller not one.
Purchasing needs more watchfulness than to selling.

The calmest husbands make the stormiest wives.
Wives are stormiest just because of calmest husbands. Calmest husbands make them so.

The camel going to seek horns lost his ears.
Bigger lose in bargain.

The cat and dog may kiss.
It is said for that act which is next to impossible.

The cat is hungry when a crust contents her.
Hungry cat eats dry bread.

The cat knows whose lips she licks.
Cat knows them, those harms not.

The cat shuts its eyes while it steals cream.
Cat thinks then nobody will see her.

The cat would eat fish but would not wet her feet.
Cat dislikes wetness.

The chain is no stronger than its weakest link.
Joint always be unsound (weak).

The chamber of sickness is the chapel of devotion.
Normally sick minded person’s need the chapel most. So the sickness is a cause of their devotion.

The charitable gives out at the door and God puts in at the window.
Charity of God keeps silence but man’s not.

The chief-box of health is time.
Healing depends on time so that’s why time is a chief box of health.

The chief disease that reigns this year is folly.
When the main illness rule as a king that year everybody must be cautious more.

The child says nothing but what it heard by the fire.
His experiences tell all about fire.

The children in Holland take pleasure in making.
The children in England take pleasure in breaking.
Different the culture, different the behaviour.

The clartie, the cosier.
Cobbler know the forthcoming repair too so he is a clairvoyant person.

The choleric drink, the melancholic eat, the phlegmatic sleep.
Anger must be drink, depression must be eat and sleeping must be silent.

The church will lose nothing, and defend nothing.
Losings and defendings first need is having. If you have not, you can’t lose and can’t defend.

The clock goes as it pleases the clerk.
Clerk pleased by diminishing working hours.

The coaches won’t run over him.
He is in jail.

The comforter’s head never aches.
Satisfied person always be free from headache.

The command of custom is great.
Order of established uses is always weighty.

The common horse is worst shod.
Common horses never be in great shod. (Shod = The metal plate nailed to the boot of a horse).
Ordinary the person ordinary the footwear.

The company makes the feast.
Companionship makes meaningful feast.

The course of true love never did run smooth.
The path of love always be difficult.

The covetous spends more than the liberal.
He pays more for his very desires than to a generous person.

The cow knows not what her tail is worth till she hath log it.
Absence shows the importance.

The cow that’s first up, get the first of the dew.
Much important.

The cross on the breast, and the devil in he heart.
Lookings and likings are altogether different.

The crow thinks her own bird fairest.
Everybody loves more his belongings than to others.

The crutch of time does more than the club of Hercules.
Time in stronger than the club of power.

The cunning wife makes her husband her apron.
Cunning wife makes her husband her servant.

The cuckoo singeth at the year.
Things which rarely happened.

The danger past and God forgotten.
Past the danger, past the precautions (Prayer’s of God).

The darkest hour is before the dawn.
The hardest time show that time of good beginning is not far behind.

The dawn of life.
The golden period of life.

The day has eyes and the night has ears.
Things are analysed by watchfulness in the day time and by hearingness in the night.

The day is short and the work is long.
Life is shorter than life’s desires.

The dainties of the great are the tears of the poor.
Delights of rich, sorrows of poor.

The dead have few friends.
Very few are the companions of a person who is a very common person.

The death of wolves is the safety of the sheep.
The death of tricky person’s is the safety of the common person.

The dead alone are happy.
All alive are among the sorrows. Every alive person hath his own sorrow that’s why the dead alone are happy.

The deeper the sweeter.
The moral values.

The defects of a clergyman are soon spied.
They are just like a white sheet, and spots upon white sheets are easily marked.

The devil always leave a stink behind him.
The devil always leaves his impacts when he left.

The devil can cite scriptures for his purpose.
Devil is so tricky that he quotes from religious books too for his very reasons.

The devil dances in an empty pocket.
Such person thinks for easy money through foul methods.

The devil divides the world between atheism and superstition.
Between one who has no faith in God’s existence and other is who that faiths in charms and omens.

The devil is always at one door.
Devil is present every where for his opportunity.

The devil is the busy bishop in his own diocese.
Devil hath his own jurisdiction.

The devil is kind to his own.
Devil is devilsome you cannot expect anything different.

The devil is good when he is pleased.
Delighted devil never harms.

The devil is in the dice.
Devil is in all that things which are related to greed.

The devil is never far off.
Devil is nearer you and just waiting for your bad intention.

The devil is never nearer than when we are talking of him.
Think of devil and devil is there.

The devil never sent a wind out of hell, but he would sail with it.
God send his help and himself not comes but devil comes himself for every evil.

The devil is not so black as he is painted,
Devil looks are not so fierce but his acts are.

The devil knows many things because he is old.
Devil knows many things by his long experience.

The devil lies brooding in the miser’s chest.
Devil breeds in greedy’s chest.

The devil lurks behind the cross.
Devil hides before the cross means he hides himself where nobody can thinks of his presence.

The devil sometimes speaks the truth.
When truth does devilish acts then he speaks truth.

The devil take every opportunity.
Devil never looses any opportunity.

The devil take the hindmost,
Devil chooses the weakest.

The devil tempts all, but the idle man tempts the devil,
Because idle does not act that work which devil expects from him.

The devil wipes his tail with the poor man’s pride.
Because poor man’s pride is a practical crime and devil flourishes by every crime so he makes good use of poors pride in his own manner.

The devil’s children have the devil’s luck.
Devil’s children become devil.

The diligent spinner has a large shift.
Who changes his profession from one position to another in frequent manner.

The eagle does not catch flies.
Great persons do not run after worthless things.

The early bird catches the worm.
Who rises early gets the first.

The effect speaks, the tongue needs not.
Where impact of body language is better than speech.

The end justifies the means.
Result decides the method.

The end makes all equal.
Death makes all equal.

The end of fishing is not angling but catching.
End of fishing is a postponed act.

The English never know when they are beaten.
Because they need analyse after beating.

The envious man shall never want woe.
The person who looks with grudge to hate never be easy with sorrows.

The escaped mouse ever feels the taste of the bait.
Who saved himself from troubles ever be cautious of the troubles.

The evening crowns the day.
Day’s head (Evening) looks like top of head which covered by regal power.

The experienced are afraid where ignorants are bold.
Practiced of danger are fear but who is unknown of danger is courageous.

The eye is the pearl of the face.
The eye is the most important part of face so that’s why called a pearl of face.

The eye of the master will do more work than both his hands.
He watches more and his watchness flourishes the quantity of work.

The eye that sees all things else sees not itself.
Good for others but not for himself.

The eyes have one language everywhere.
Language of seeing.

The eye sees only what it has the power of seeing.
Normally eyes sees that which eyes can analyse. Eyes sees but cannot thinks.

The face is the index of the heart.
Face expressions reflects those which you feels.

The fairer the paper the fouler the blot.
Faults are worst when the person is fairer.

The fairest rose at last is withered.
Old age is a future of young person.

The fairest silk is soonest stained.
Stains are easily detect on silk.

The fat is in the fire.
The fat is as in the fire as the then.

The father to the bough, the son to the plough.
If the father is hanged, the son inherits the_land.

The fewer his years, the fewer his tears.
Lesser the life lesser are the sorrows.

The feet of the deities are shod with wool.
Feet are covered in woolen clothing as a mark of penance.

The fire which lights us at a distance will burn us when near.
It is good when you are far from danger.

The first breath is the beginning of death.
Because you have limited breaths, each breath diminishes your life.

The first blow is half the battle.
Just like, well beginning is half done.

The first blow makes the wrong, but the second makes the fray.
The first mistake is bad but the second is crime.

The first dish pleaseth all.
First dish is the best of all dishes that’s why serves first and pleaseth all.

The first faults are theirs that commit them, the second theirs that permit them.
Faults should not be allowed second time.

The first glass for thirst, the second for nourishment, the third for pleasure, and the fourth for madness.
Wine pegs (glass) quality.

The first wealth is health.
Health is above all wealths.

The first wife is matrimony, the second company, the third heresy.
Third one is doctrine of a marriage.

The first year let your house to your enemy; the second to your friend; the third, live in it yourself.
Enemy will feel envy, friend will appreciate and lastly live long in the house.

The filth under the white snow the sun discover.
Dirt under white snow expose the sun. Ill thoughts of man show the reality of man.

The folly of one man is the fortune of another.
Error of one man is the advantage of other.

The fool asks much, but he is more fool that grants it.
More foolish is a person who listens foolish talks.

The fool is busy in everyone’s business but his own.
That’s why he is foolish because he thinks not his own work.

The fool saith, who would have thought it?
Fool’s sayings are beyond imaginations.

The fool wanders, the wise man travels.
Aimless travelling is a sign of fool and aimful travelling belongs to clever person.

The foot on the cradle and hand on the distaff is the sign of a good housewife.
Good housewife cares her both families, husband’s family and mother’s family.

The fox changes his skin but not his habit.
Says when the changes are very normal.

The fox is known by his brush.
He is known by his tricks because he hides in the thicket before hunting.

The fox fares best when he is cursed.
The fox takes the best food when detestable more.

The fox knows much, but more he that catcheth him.
More clever is who, that rules clever.

The fox may grow grey, but never good.
Old fox is also dangerous.

The fox preys farthest from his hole.
Fox is better hunter when far away from his place.

The fox’s wiles will never enter the lion’s head.
Lion cannot apply the tricks of fox.

The frog cannot out of her bog.
Normally frog wants not to come out of mud.

The full moon brings fair weather.
The full flourishment bring fair life. Full moon is a sign of calm weather.

The further you go, the further behind.
When you are more further then your starting point.

The game is not worth the candle.
The pleasure of game is more worthful than candle’s cost.

The German’s wit is in his fingers.
Germans have artistic fingers.

The glorious uncertainty of the law.
Uncertainty of the law is its glory.

The goat must browse where she is tied.
Goat eats must where she is tied.

The golden age never was the present age.
No one satisfies with present.

The good mother says not, will you? But gives.
Good mother asks not when serving.

The goodness of a horse goes in at his mouth.
Goodness of a horse is his food.

The grace of God is gear (goods) enough.
Divine influence of God gives more goods.

The grapes are sour.
Failure’s blame others rather than himself.

The great and the little have need of one another.
Rich and poor have need of one another.

The great fish eat up the small fry.
The great persons exploited poors.

The great hope of society is individual character.
Because society made by individuals. If every individual is morally wise and correct then whole society is correct.

The greatest burdens are not the gainfullest.
More the responsibility, lesser the advantages.

The greatest hate springs from the greatest love.
The greatest hate also is a cause of greatest love.

The greatest man in history was the poorest.
History indicates that all greats were poor.

The greatest scholars are not the wisest men.
Most learned persons are not always be clever persons.

The greatest step is that out of doors.
When you left your house to make yourself.

The greatest respect is due to children.
More respectful you are when your child does well.

The greatest talkers are always the least doers.
Talkative persons are not great workers because they waste their time in talks.

The greatest vessel hath but its measure.
Limited respectful is who that is political slave.

The greatest wealth is contentment with a little.
Gratification is also a great wealth.

The greatly have many bones of contention.
One should be thankful when he hath various kind of satisfactions.

The grief of the head is the grief of griefs.
Deep sorrowed person hath a greatest unfortune.

The groat is ill saved that shames the master.
Ill coin saves the master’s shame.

The half is more than the whole.
That half which you have is better than that whole which you desire for.

The hand that gives gathers.
Giver always be included.

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.
The person who shake the rocking bed keeps things under control.

The handsomest flower is not the sweetest.
Beauty with the brain is a rare thing.

The hare always returns to her ourselves.
Because hare does live in a folk.

The hare starts when a man least expects it.
Active person starts his work very late and unexpectedly.

The hasty man never wants woe.
Hasty person never wants sorrow.

The head and feet keep warm, the rest will take no harm.
Active head and active feet the rest will take no harm.

The gull comes against the rain.
At the time of flourishment person makes fool.

The healthful man can give counsel to the sick.
Successful person can give advice to the failure.

The hearts knoweth its own bitterness.
Everybody knows the demerits of themselves.

The heart’s letter is read in the eyes.
You can understand the hate and love in others eyes.

The heart is never neutral.
Because heart takes side and never be impartial and this is heart’s nature.

The higher the ape goes, the more he shows his tail.
Wicked is more wicked when he get progressed.

The help a lame dog over a stile.
Lame dog looks for extra provisions.

The higher the fool, the greater the fall.
Bigger fools loses are always bigger.

The highest branch is not the safest roost.
Highest branches never be sound and safe for night stay.

The highest flood has the lowest ebb.
Highest flood declined all the things.

The highest tree hath greatest fall.
All the highest thinks have greatest fall.

The hindmost dog may catch the hare.
The last dog may catch the rabbit.

The hog is never good but when he is in the dish.
The person who is ugly looks beautiful when you need him.

The hole calls the thief.
Opportunity attracts the thief.

The horse-shoe that clatters wants a nail.
Confused ratting sound shows that horse shoe wants a nail.

The horse that draws his halter is not quite escaped.
Rope or strap which is used for tying horses, is not good when it is short.

The horse thinks one thing, and he that saddles him another.
Horse and horse rider thinks differently. Horse thinks not for travel and rider thinks for travel.

The house goes mad when women gad.
Wandering woman ruins the house.

The house is a fine house when good folks are within.
Good folks make fine house.

The house shows the owner.
You know the quality of owner by his house.

The ignorant hath an eagle’s wings and an owl’s eyes.
The person who is unskilled, needs cautious eyes and hard working manners.

The Italians are wise before the deed, the Germans in the deed, the French after the deed.
Different the country persons and different their deed manner.

The kick of the dame hurts not the colt.
The (kick) angemess of a house lady hurts not the young horse.

The king and the pope, the lion and the wolf.
King is like a lion and pope is like a wolf.

The king can do no wrong.
One have to belief.

The king can make a knight, but not a gentleman.
King can give the power but cannot make the merits.

The king’s cheese goes half away in parings.
Among his attendants.

The king’s word is more than another man’s oath.
Kings word is more powerful than ordinary person’s oath or Be aware of kings word than your oath.

The labourer is worthy of his reward.
One who labours, is more valuable than to his recompense.

The lame goes as far as the staggerer.
Lame and hesitated person take the same time while going to their same destination.

The lame post brings the truest news.
That news is true, which comes at last.

The lame tongue gets nothing.
Because no one can understand his words that’s why he gets nothing.

The lapwing cries farthest from her nest.
The plover bird makes noise when far away from his nest.

The last drop make the cup run over.
Beyond capacity everything is great.

The last straw breaks the camel’s back.
Last and little but not the least.

The last suitor wins the maid.
Last wooer gets the success.

The law is not the same at morning and at night.
The law is not impartial to rich and poor.

The least foolish is wise.
The least foolish among the fools is wise. One eyed person is a king of blinds. .

The less wit a man has, the less he knows that he wants it.
Witless man cannot understand the demand of wit.

The life of man is a winter’s day and a winter’s way.
The life of man is a cold’s day and a cold’s a way. (Body of man become cold after death.)

The lion is known by his claws.
Everybody is known by his strong points.

The little cannot be great unless he devour many.
Little can be great if he hath so many workings hands.

The sign invites you in, but your money must redeem you out.
When your pocket allows not, you ignore the sign of invitation.

The lone sheep is in danger of the wolf.
Wolf will attack only on him which is alone.

The longer east, the shortest west.
While sun set.

The longer you look at it, the less you will like it.
Longer look satisfies you, very shortly.

The longest day must have an end.
The longest adversity must have an end.

The love of money and the love of learning rarely meet.
Do not love money while learning. If you love money then you cannot learn and if you love learning then you cannot earn.

The love of the wicked is more dangerous than their hatred.
Wicked’s love is more dangerous than his hate or disliking.

The lower millstone grinds as well as the upper.
Both grind together.

The mad dog bites his master.
Mad dog’s behaviour is always abnormal.

The maiden speech.
The first speech of an orator.

The march sun raises but dissolves not.
March sun increases the crops but decompose not.

The market is the best garden.
You see different items at market which delight you as the garden’s flower.

The master absent and the house dead.
Absence of master makes house dead because nobody rules the house.

The master’s footsteps fatten the soil.
Makes useful.

The men willingly believe what they wish.
You believe cheerfully, which you wish.

The mill cannot grind with the water that is past.
You cannot make the use of that time which is past.

The mind is the man.
Thoughtful and watchful.

The mob has many heads, but no brains.
Because mob has many advices but not the proper solution.

The money you refuse will never do you good.
Refused money will not come to you.

The moon does not heed the barking of dogs.
Great persons do not take notice of common person’s useless talks or actions.

The moon is a moon still, whether it shine or not.
Great is great and he needs not to prove himself.

The more cost the more honour.
When price decides the honour. More the price, more the respect.

The more danger, the more honour.
Says to those things which are respectable because of fear and danger.

The more knave, the better luck.
Says to efficient knave’s good chances.

The more laws, the more offenders.
Excess of law increases the numbers of annoyers.

The more light a torch gives, the shorter it lasts.
Who spends more, he spends for a short time.

The more the merrier, the fewer the better cheer.
Various kind of happiness declines the real happiness.

The more mischief the better sport.
Because more tricks are betterment of sports.

The more noble the more humble.
Nobleness shows the gentleness.

The more thy years, the nearer thy grave.
Older age is a sign of coming death.

The more wit the less courage.
When better knowledge increases your fears.

The more women look in their glass, the less they look to their house.
Says to those women, which care their own than the house.

The more you heap, the worse you cheap.
You can’t make best selection among huge collection.

The more you stir, the worse it will stink.
When excess efforts ruin the work.

The morning hour has gold in its mouth.
Good hours for effective working as well as good for your health too.

The mother of mischief is no bigger than a midge’s wing.
The mother’s trick is always very small, like a midge’s wing. Midge’s wing : of a very small insect.

The mother-in-law remembers not that she was a daughter-in-law.
Nobody remembers his old day’s position.

The mountains have brought forth a mouse.
Because rats make a way through mountains.

The mouse that has but one hole is quickly taken.
Coward hath no so many options, he hath only one option, run away and hide somewhere.

The nearer the bone, the sweeter the flesh.
The nearer the success, the sweeter the happiness.

The nearer the church, the farther from God.
At that time you think more of church rather than God.

The nearer the dawn, the darker the night.
The nearer the delight, the harder the sorrow.

The nearest way is commonly the foulest.
Because that hath dangers.

The net of the sleeper catches fish.
Man sleeps but his destiny works.

The night is no man’s friend.
Misfortune or adversity are no man’s friend.

The nightingale and cuckoo sing both in one month.
Both birds sings melodiously but nightingale sing in night and cuckoo sings in day.

The noble plant suits not with a stubborn ground.
Stubborn nature never suits to a noble person.

The noblest vengeance is to forgive.
Forgiveness makes respectful revenge.

The noise is greater than the nuts.
When the efforts are harder and gains are lower.

The nurse is valued till the child has done sucking.
Need is over so the requirement is over.

The nurse’s tongue is privileged to talk.
You enjoyed with peculiar rights while talking to nurse.

The offender never pardons.
He does not want to accept his fault.

The offspring of those that are very young or very old lasts not.
Normally the descendent of those that are very young or very old live not for very long. Working results of those that are very young or very old never be long lasting.

The old blood is bold blood.
Normally old persons are experienced enough and they know almost every thing so that’s why there are enough capable and bold for any problem.

The only cure for grief is action.
If you do not want to be regret, do the work in correct manner.

The owl thinks her own young fairest.
Everybody thinks so.

The ox when weariest treads surest.
The manner of walking is surest when the ox is tired most.

The paleness of the pilot is a sign of a storm.
Appearances of pilot are whitish, when he seems sign of storm.

The peacock hath fair feathers but foul feet.
No one is perfect so the peacock.

The people are the city.
City made by people. So people are more important.

The philosophy of life is generally different from the philosophy of living.
Generally people do not live that life which they wish to live, because all that cannot be possible which you think for.

The pine wishes herself a shrub when the axe is at her root.
Huge tree wishes himself little thorny plant, when the axe is at her root.

The pitcher goes so often to the well that it is broken at last.
Earthen ware vessel’s last destiny is to broken out so the all human being.

The plain fashion is best.
The common fashion is best. Which stays for a long.

The plough goes not well if the ploughman hold it not.
Work requires control.

The poor man pays for all.
Nobody wants to oblige the poor. That’s why he pays for all.

The poor man’s shilling is but a penny.
Because be buys at the dearest rate.

The postern door makes thief and whore.
The postern door (Suitable opportunity) makes thief and whore.

The post of honour is the post of danger.
You have to be more honourable for your work, and this is the danger, if you unable to do so.

The pride of the rich makes the labours of the poor.
Arrogant conduct of the rich makes the mental or bodily exertion on poor.

The priest forgets that he was clerk.
Clergyman ignores his past so the every successful person.

The prodigal robs his heir, the miser himself.
The extravagant plunders to his successor the greedy himself.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.
Taste is a proof of the pudding. Gains show the quality of work.

The proper man, the worse luck.
Said to destiny which normally selects improper man.

The race is got by running.
The work is done by doing.

The reasons of the poor weigh not.
The objections of the poor mean not.

The remedy for injuries is not to remember them.
If you wish to cure which is wrong done, you should not remember that.

The remedy is worse than the disease.
Said when the remedy is more painful than the illness.

The remembrance of past sorrow, is joyful.
You feel delightness when you remember the past sorrows because only the present sorrows are the painful.

The resolved mind hath no cares.
The determined person cares not. Normally a careful person thinks a lot.

The rich knows not who is his friend.
Adversity and poverty prove the friendship rather more than richness.

The river past and God forgotten.
The danger past and God forgotten.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
The road of hell prepares for good purposes.

The rotten apple injures its neighbours.
A rotten apple ruins all, those are nearby.

The rough net is not the best catcher of birds.
Trap always be the handsome and attractful for bird.

The sack is known by the sample.
Sample shows the overall quality.

The same heat that melts the wax will harden the clay.
Said to a person who behaves differently when the persons are different.

The same knife cuts bread and fingers.
Said to a person who makes as well as breaks too.

The sandal tree perfumes the axe that fells it.
The great person impresses opponent who oppose him.

The scholar may worst the master.
Poor scholar blames to his master.

The sea and the gallows refuse none.
Sea and the gallows (A structure on which criminals are hanged) accept (good as well as bad) all.

The sea complains it wants water.
Said to foolish desire.

The sea hath fish for every man.
The world hath opportunity for every person.

The sea refuses no river.
Sea accepts all kind of rivers and selects none.

The second word makes the bargain.
The second word is a sign of haggle.

The shoe knows whether the stocking has holes.
Nearer person knows the fault.

The shoe will hold with the sole.
The shoe is body and the sole is soul.

The shortest answer is doing.
One should give the answer by his work and not by the words.

The sickness of the body may prove the health of the soul.
The reaction of soul shows its health while sickness. Someone suffers patiently and someone suffers impatiently.

The sight of you is good for sore eyes.
When you examines yourself.

The singing man keeps his shop in his throat.
Singers profession is singing so that’s why is throat named ‘shop’. (Singer sings with throat.)

The solthful man is the beggar’s brother.
Inactive person is next to begger.

The soul needs few things, the body many.
The requirements of soul are lesser than body. Soul known by its contentment nature and body known by its consumption nature.

The sluggard makes his night till noon.
A person who is habitually lazy and sluggish sleeps a lot because he does not want to work.

The sluggard must be clad in rags.
The lazy person wears torn clothes because he does not earn, so can’t purchase new clothes and nobody wishes to oblige him by giving new clothes.

The sluggard’s convenient season never comes.
His fabricate excuses hath no end.

The smiles of a pretty woman are the tears of the purse.
You pay for pretty woman’s purchase because of her attractive smile and your payments are the tears of purse.

The smith and his penny are both black.
His hands are always black so penney becomes black when he receives.

The smith hath always a spark in his throat.
He feels ever thirsty.

The smoke of a man’s own house in better than the fire of another.
Your satisfaction is more important to you than other’s extravagant or prodigal habit.

The soul is not where it lives, but where it loves.
Soul exists there where the love exists.

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.
Desire is not desire if you have not resources.

The stick is the surest peace maker.
The fear is the surest peace maker.

The still sow eats up all the draff.
The still hog eats up all the dirt.

The sting is in the tail.
Devil leaves sorrow behind, when he departs.

The sting of a reproach is the truth of it.
The painful blow of rebuke always be with the reaction of truth.

The stillest humours are always the worst.
The long lasting wit ( Recreation) always be the worst and nobody likes it.

The stream cannot rise above its source.
One should not be more courageous than his limits.

The style is the man.
Man hath his specific manners and that is his style.

The submitting to one wrong brings on another.
If you surrender yourself to a wrong person then you will surrender for another person too.

The sun is never the worse for shining on a dunghill.
The sunshine is always good for the heap of dung.

The sun shines upon all alike.
The God’s grace upon all alike.

The swan sings before death.
All flowers bloom before withering.

The table robs more than the thief.
The table talks robs more than the thief.

The tailor makes the man.
God makes man and tailor make him gentleman.

The tailor must cut three sleeves to every woman’s gown.
Third one for woman’s interference nature.

The tale runs as it pleases the teller.
Popularity of tale pleases the teller.

The taste of the kitchen is better than the smell.
When the lookings are better than someone’s behaviour.

The thief is sorry he is to be hanged, but not that he is a thief.
One should be sorry for his faulty act rather than the punishment.

The thin end of the wedge is to be feared.
One should be very watchful to the thin side of wooden or metal piece which called wedge (One end is slippy and other is thick).

The things in fire, always firesome.
A person having bad company is always badsome.

The things of friends are in common.
Said to friends common nature and behaviour.

The third time pays for all.
If you are not punished for last two mistakes, then third time you will punished for all.

The thorns make the greatest crackings.
When you experienced the thorn you make a sharp noise and that is cracking.

The thread breaks where it is weakest.
The man defeats where his will power is weakest.

Threat of war is a way of peace.
Because everybody fear of war, so they keep peace.

The thunderbolt hath but his clap.
Noise of thunder is more fearsome than its light.

The tide keeps its course.
Tide behaves accordingly.

The tide never goes out so far but it always comes in again.
The tide (rising water) goes out of the sea and falls back into the sea. (falling water)

The tongue breaks bone, though itself has none.
When tongue speaks ill, it breaks bone but itself has no bone.

The tongue is ever turning to the aching tooth.
Aching things often (sorrows) attract the attention.

The tongue is not steel yet it cuts.
Said to speech which harms other.

The tongue of idle persons is never idle.
Idle persons talks much.

The tongue talks at the head’s cost.
Ill speech becomes a cause of death.

The treason is loved but the traitor is hated.
The person who is a offender of violating allegiance to sovereign for good reason may be loved but who is ever disloyal always be hated.

The Trojans become wise too late.
Resident of Troy country become wise but too late and defeated by enemies or Said to a person who becomes wise after the wasted opportunity.

The tree falls not at the first stroke.
The great achievement needs continual hard efforts.

The truest jests sound worst in guilty ears.
True taunts are worst to the person who bears them.

The unexpected always happens.
Unexpected happens more because you are not prepared for.

The very hair of your head all numbered.
Hairs are never be long lasting.

The virtue of a coward is suspicion.
The moral goodness of coward is mistrust.

The voice is the best music.
You can understand better.

The voice of the people is the voice of democracy.
People select the government in democracy.

The vulgar will keep no account of your hints, but of your misses.
Common person will not remember your efforts, he remember your failures.

The war is not done so long as my enemy lives.
The war is not over till the enemy lives because living enemy will fight again.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.
Man likes delicious food so you can make him happy by providing delicious foods.

The way to be safe is never to feel secure.
The way of safety is your cautiousness.

They way to heaven is alike in every place.
The way to heaven is always the same in all over the world.

The weakest goes to the wall.
The weakest shows his feamess most.

To weep for joy is kind of manna.
A kind of spiritual food is a weep for joy.

The wholesomest meat is at another man’s cost.
The benefeciest meat is that which belongs to other man’s purse.

The wife is the key of the house.
The wife is the most important member of your house.

The will of the people is the best law.
Law should be based on people’s opinion or advice.

The wine in the bottle does not quench thirst.
Careless person’s work never be done.

The wine will taste of the cask.
The wine will taste of its container.

The wise hand doth not all that the foolish mouth speaks.
Careful wise person’s hand does not all that foolish master asks for.

The wish is father to the thought.
Wish is a foundation stone of thought.

The wolf eats oft of the sheep that have been warned.
Who that is warned often in danger.

To wolf must die in his own skin.
The wolf must die in his own manner.

The word impossible is in the dictionary of fools,
Wise makes possible which is impossible for fools.

The world is a ladder for some to go up and some down.
The world is a ladder for some to go up (by death) and some to come down (by birth).

The world is bound to no man.
The world is bound to God not to the man.

The world is his who enjoys it.
The world hath sorrows and delights too. But who lives in cheerful manner while the sorrows strike, that person enjoys the world.

The worse for the rider, the better for the bider.
Where roads are muddy the soil is good.

The worse the passages, the more welcome the port.
Over crowded passages of port welcome you more.

The worst of law is that one suit breeds twenty.
Worst law is that where one does the crime and twenty persons go under trial.

The worth of a thing is best known by the want of it.
Where want shows the importance.

The worth of a thing is what it will bring.
The outcome or gain is a worth of anything.

The wound that bleedeth inwardly is most dangerous.
The inward sorrows are most dangerous.

The young pig grunts like the old sow.
Old and young both are alike grunter.

There are as good fish in the sea as ever came out of it.
There are as good gain in the world as ever experienced.

There are black sheep in every flock.
There are blemish person in every society.

There are many ways to fame.
Defame is also one of them.

There are more men threatened than struck.
There are more men feared than experienced the real fear.

There are more ways to kill a dog than hanging.
Useless work can be done by many ways but useful by very few.

There are more ways to the wood than one.
You may experience of jungle (wood) without entering in or there are so many entry ways to the forest.

There are no birds in last year’s nest.
Eggs never be always egg.

There are no fans in hell.
Hell is a pleasureless place.

There are spots even on the sun.
No one is perfect in this world.

There are two sides to every question.
Either wrong or right.

There are wheels within wheels.
Complex influences are at work.

There came nothing out of the sack but what was in it.
The behaviour of a person is never be different to his nature and merits.

There is a devil in every berry of the grape.
There is always be a danger (risk) which is useful or Utility never be without danger (risk).

There is a good time coming.
One should hope for the best.

There is a great deal of human nature in man.
Man should be considerable as human being.

There is a measure in all things.
There is a limit and degree in all things.

There is a remedy for everything but death.
There is no remedy against death and nobody can live for all the time.

There is a slave for every sore.
Sorrow is a slave of sore.

There is a time for all things.
Proper and suitable time (Mean of time).

There is always a something.
There is always a happenings.

There is but an hour in a day between a good housewife and a bad.
Said to an hour which decides whether house wife is good or bad.

There is but one good mother-in-law, and she is dead.
No mother-in-law can be good because good is departed.

There is but one good wife in the world, and every man thinks he has her.
Everybody believes that he is the most fortunate person in the world.

There is but one step from the sublime to the ridiculous.
There is a very little difference between eminent and funny.

There is a difference between staring and stark blind.
Fixed look and blind look are not the same.

There is a difference between will you buy and will you sell.
One is needy of money and other is needy of good.

There is falsehood in fellowship.
There is want of truth in companionship.

There is flattery in friendship.
False praising is a sign of ill friendship.

There is God when all is done.
When all is done, good persons please to God but bad persons remember not.

There is great force hidden in a sweet command.
People do more obey when the command is pleasant and gentle.

There is honour among thieves.
There are degrees among thieves too, bigger thief and lesser thief etc.

There is knavery in all trades but most in tailors.
Tailors save the cloth.

There is little for the rake after the broom.
Little skilful person cannot improve the work of skilled person so the rake can’t improve the broom’s work.

There is luck in odd numbers.
Normally even conditions are suit more than to odd one. So that’s why we say there is luck in old numbers. Who does the odd one, he known as a lucky person.

There is luck in leisure.
Free time is a extra time and if you earn in free time that is extra gain and extra gain may called by the name of luck.

There is many a fair thing found false.
All that glitter are not gold. Fair may be foul.

There is more talk the trouble.
Troubles are the more subject of talks than to normal.

There is never a foul face, but there’s a foul fancy.
Show off may be foul than to face.

There is nobody who will go to hell for company.
Nobody wants to die for the sake of company.

There is no companion like a penny.
Penny will help you in your hard time more, than to any other companion.

There is no difference of blood in basin.
Blood in body and blood in basin is the same but one is more useful (which is in your body) than to other (which is in the basin).

There’s many a slip between the cup and the lip.
Said to that person, who misses the opportunity in very last moments.

There is no fire without some smoke.
Nothing can be happen without reason.

There is no general rule without some exception.
Said to the specific condition on which general rule depends, and that is exception.

There is no ghost so difficult to law as the ghost of a injury.
Feelings of the injury is larger than feeling of law.

There is no going to heaven in a sedan.
There is no special conveying carriage is required for the journey of heaven but to die after good life.

There is no love lost between them.
They understand each other very well so that’s why love is intact between them.

There is no medicine against death.
There is no medicine which make you live for ever.

There is no medicine for fear.
Fear is a feeling which cannot be care by medicine, you have to face the fear and that’s the medicine.

There is no pack of cards without a knave.
Cards are a sign of knavery. One should be very clever while playing cards.

There is no redemption from hell.
Hell is freedomless.

There is no royal road to learning.
If you want to learn, you have to follow the general rules of learning.

There is no such conquering weapon as the necessity conquering.
When you are bound to conquer, then you may conquer because your boundness is the only weapon which helps you in conquering.

There is no such flatterer as a man’s self.
No one is bigger decieves than a man himself because he is the most flatterer to himself.

There is no tree but bears some fruit.
Everything hath some utility.

There is no quenching of fire with cow.
Cow is unable to suppress fire so there is no use of cow in quenching, of fire.

There is no virtue that poverty destroyeth not.
Poverty is a great destroyer, which destroys, your moral too.

There is no venom to that of the tongue.
Ill sayings of tongue is the most poisonous thing in the world.

There is no wool so white but a dyer can make it black.
Nothing is so good which cannot be turn down as a bad.

There is one basic causes of all effects.
Every effect hath his cause.

There is scorpion under every stone.
There is no place without danger.

There is a skeleton in every house.
There is a frame work (old age person) in every house.

There is a witness every where.
Your soul is always with you as a witness.

There is small choice in rotten apples.
One should be very careful when he chooses an apple among the rotten apples.

There is who despises pride with a greater pride.
More arrogant is a person, who scorns arrogantly.

There may be blue and better blue.
Comparison is always be there.

There’s method in his madness.
Said to a person who is reasonably mad.

There needs a long time to know the world’s pulse.
One should need a long time to understand the world completely so he needs a lot of experiences which are given by time.

There was never a saint with red hair.
No one is saint by birth.

There were no ill language if it were not ill taken.
There is no ill language if you understand not.

There will be sleeping enough in the grave.
Lastly you have to sleep in the grave so do the hard work till you alive.

There would be no great ones if there were no little ones.
We know the great ones because we can compare them to little ones.

There’s no mischief in the world done, but a woman is always one.
The woman itself is a biggest mischief that’s why we know what is it.

There is no place like home.
Home is the best of all places.

They agree like bells; they want nothing but hanging.
They wish for there presence only.

They are far behind that may not follow.
Said to encourage those who are outstripped.

They are pretty that have pretty conditions.
Pretty conditions make them pretty.

There are scarce of horse flesh, where two and two ride on a dog.
There nothing is better, where bad gets acceptance.

They buy good cheap (a bargain) that bring nothing home.
Things which are bargained never be good more.

They cleave (or hang or hold) together like burrs.
They hold together like whetstones.

They love dancing well that dance among thorns.
They love working well that work among adverse conditions.

They love me for little that hate me for naught.
The person who hates without reason never be a lover, because hate needs the reason but love not.

They love too much that die for love.
They are the real lover that give their life to love.

They must hunger in frost that will not work in heat.
They must hunger in chilling influence that will not work in good working conditions or They must hunger in old age that will not work in young age.

They need much a whom nothing will content.
The person who saves not, needs more when requirement comes.

They need not look in your mouth to know your age.
They look at your mouth rather than look in your mouth to know your age because they are well experienced.

They never fell who never climbed.
They never get success who never worked for.

They say so, is half a lie.
Half a lie but half a truth, one thing can be said in two ways.

They take a long day that never pay.
They worked hard for nothing.

They talk of Christmas so long that it comes.
It is better that you make preparation of Christmas rather than Christmas talks.

They that are bound must obey.
There is no other way so that’s why bound must obey.

They that have got good store of butter may lay it thick on their bread.
They that have saved enough in young age may consume it in old age.

They that have no other meat, Bread and butter are glad to eat.
They have no other option so let them enjoy what they have.

They that hold the greatest farms, pay the least rent.
In normal circumstances it has seen that greatest farms rent never be so high in the comparison of small ones.

They that live longest must die at last.
Who live long that will also die.

They that think none ill are soonest beguiled.
They that believes all and cautious not soonest deceived.

They that walk much in the sun will be tanned at last.
They that work hard more in the adverse condition will be tired at last and leave the work.

They think a calf a muckle (large) beast that never saw a cow.
They think a calf (young cow) a big animal that never saw a cow or They think a camel is all big that never saw a mountain.

They who live longest will see most.
They who live longest will see more pleasures and sorrows.

They who would be young when they are old must be old when they are young.
Everybody get experience of young and old age. If someone is not experienced the young age than he will experience that in old age.

Things are as they be taken.
Things are as they as understood by us.

Things at the worst will mend.
Improvement is the next stage of that which became worst.

Things attained with hardship are longer retained.
Wealth gained by hardwork stays for a long.

Things done cannot be undone.
You cannot change which is done.

Things past cannot be recalled.
Just like time which cannot be recalled.

Things present are judged by things past.
You can judge present things by your past experiences of them.

Things unreasonable are never durable.
Reasonless is always be undurable or unreasonable things never be durable.

Things well fitted abide.
Which is well filled, that will stay for a long time.

Think much, speak little, and write less.
Think much is a sign of wiseness, when you speak little you avoid the arguments, when you write little, you vanish the possibilities of error.

Think of ease, but work on.
It is good if you make your work easy but you should not stop the work because of ease.

Think today and speak tomorrow.
One should be speak after long thinking.

Think before doing.
One should think before doing.

Think and act.
Think first and then act.

Think well of all men.
All men will think alike if you think well of all men.

Think with the wise, but talk with the vulgar (ordinary people).
Serious talks should be shared with wise and normal talks with the ordinary person.

Thinking is very far from knowing.
You think to know thing but what you knew, that need not to think upon because that may be different.

This rule in gardening never forget, To sow dry and to set wet.
True rule of gardening.

This world is not good for every one.
Some are delighted in this world and some are felt sorrows and this world is not good for those who felt sorrows.

This world is nothing except it tend to another.
You guard this world till alive and another will follow this duty.

Those who live in the glass houses should not throw stones at others.
Those who live in the danger should not create danger to others.

Though a lie be well dressed it is ever overcome.
Though a lie be well witnessed it is ever overcome.

Though love is blind, yet it is not for want of eyes.
Though love is blind even then it wishes love.

Though old and wise, yet still advice (take counsel).
Counsel is a thing which is liked by young as well as old too.

Though the cat winks a while, yet sure she is not blind.
Sign of ill eyes is not the blindness.

Though the fox runs, the chicken hath wings.
Who runs for his life runs faster.

Though the sore be healed, yet a scar may remain.
Sore may be healed but mark of sore remain.

Though the sun shines, leave not your cloak at home.
Though the danger is over leave not your arms.

Thought is free.
Thought is free because nobody pays for.

Threatened men live long.
Threatened men live long because they are more cautious than other persons.

Throw no gift again at the giver’s head.
Do not kick back your honour.

Three are too many to keep a secret, and too few to be merry.
Three persons are not good for secret and merriment too.

Three great evils come out of the North, a cold wind, a cunning knave, and a shrinking cloth.
People do believe so.

Three helping one another bear the burden of six.
Three are never be helpful to each other.

Three may keep counsel if two be away.
Counsel is good for one only.

Three things drive a man out of his house-smoke, rain, and a scolding wife.
Smoke drives a man out of his house, because man feels breathing problem, he drives out to see the rain and he drives out to get ride of scolding wife.

Three women and a goose make a market.
Three women are good to cheat and fool is good to be cheated.

Three wonders of England, the churches, the women, the wool.
All three things are famous for England.

Thrift is good revenue.
Economical management’s other name is income from other sources.

Thrift is the philosopher’s stone.
Economical management does that which philosopher’s stone does.

Through obedience learn to command.
Dutifulness teaches you the exact way of command.

Thursday come and the week is gone.
Half past (Time) is well past.

Time and chance reveal’ all secrets.
All secrets are disclosed by time and opportunity.

Time and thinking tame the strongest grief.
Time and wise thinking are the best medicine, which subdue to deep sorrows and regrets.

Time and tide wait for no man.
If you wish to get over difficulties be wise with time and tide.

Time fleeth away without delay.
Time fleeth and you feel not.

Time is a file that wears and makes no noise.
Time is a file which wears your all work very silently.

Time is money.
Time is money when you use it properly.

Time is the rider that breaks youth.
Youth becomes old due to time so that’s why the time is the rider that breaks youth.

Time lost cannot be won again.
Time past cannot be recalled.

Time tries all things.
Time is a good examiner which examines all things.

Time trieth truth.
Truth is examined by time.

To a child all weather is cold.
All weathers are bitter to child’s tenderness.

To a crazy ship all winds are contrary.
Unsound person always in danger.

To add insult to injury.
Then injury become worst.

Toasted cheese hath no master.
Toasted cheese belongs to all.

To a grateful man, give money when he asks.
Thankful person never be denied for money otherwise he will not be thankful you to any longer.

To be a good spender God is the treasurer.
If God gives never shy to spend because he will give more and more.

To be beloved is above all bargains.
To be dearly is the best bargain.

To be born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth.
Said to a person who is rich by birth.

To be in bad books.
Said to a person who hath bad name.

To be in good books.
Said to a person who hath good name.

To be in the wrong box.
In an awkward position.

To be like Christ is to be a Christian.
One should be equally great.

To be on one’s last legs.
A person who is near to death.

To be too busy gets contempt.
If a person ignores his social duties due to business then he named scorned person.

To be under a cloud.
Who is in disgrace.

To be zealous in religion is to zealously irreligious. To bear away the bell.
To be first.

To beat about the bush.
To make a night attack.

To blow one’s own trumpet.
To praise oneself.

To break my head and then give me a plaster.
A wasteful act.

To bring haddock to paddock.
To lose everything.

To build castles in Spain.
Said to day dreams.

To bum one’s boats.
To commit oneself irrevocably.

To bum the candle at both ends.
To consume at quick pace.

To bury the hatchet.
To make peace.

To buy a pig in a poke.
Wastesome bargain.

To buy and sell and live by the loss.
An act full of foolishness.

To call a spade a spade.
To speak plainly.

To carry (or draw) water in a sieve.
A wastesome act.

To cast water into the sea.
A work which is useless.

To catch a Tartar.
To make a capture that is beyond control.

To comb one’s head with a stool.
To thrash him.

To come from little good to stark nought.
It is better than to nought.

To come up to scratch.
To come forward for an encounter.

To count one’s chickens before they are hatched.
An unwise act.

To cry out before one is hurt.
A person who is more cautious.

To cry with one eye and laugh with the other.
He feels delight as well as sorrow.

To cry wolves.
Wolves cry hath togetherness.

To cut the ice.
You can break than to cut.

To cut off one’s nose to spite one’s face.
More harmful act.

To cut one to shape.
To make suitable.

To cut the coat according to the cloth. (To keep within one’s means.)
To keep within one’s means.

To cut the grass from under a person’s feet.
To thwart him.

To deceive oneself is very easy.
You cannot deceive oneself twice.

To deceive a deceiver is no deceit.
Deceiving in self defence is no fraud.

To dig one’s grave with one’s teeth.
Which is by to over reacting.

To do is art, to know is science.
Knowledge always be systematic, that’s why know is science but when you do something that is art, because you can apply more methods which are not liable to be systematic.

To draw the long bow.
An indication of desire or want.

To fiddle while Rome is burning.
To trifle during a crisis.

To find a mare’s nest.
A discovery that amounts to nothing.

To fish for a herring and catch a sprat.
A losing bargain.

To flog a dead horse.
Too argue on an outworn theme.

To forgive is divine.
To forgive is a proceeding from God.

To fry in one’s own grease.
To reply in one’s own manner.

To gain teacheth how to spend.
Gains decide how to spend. It means one should not spent more than gains.

To give a thing and take a thing is to wear the devil’s gold ring.
An act which troubles you just like a devil.

To haul over the coals.
To call to account.

To a great light, great lanthom.
Great efforts are required for great result.

To have a bee in one’s bonnet.
To be crazy on some one point.

To have a crow to pluck with one.
Quite insufficient.

To have a finger in the pie.
To be concerned in the affair.

To have (or hold) a wolf by the ears.
So that you can neither hold or not let go.

To have one foot in the grave.
Said to a person who is near to death.

To have the wrong sow by the ear.
Said to a false talk.

To have two strings to one’s bow.
Said when a person does two works at the same time.

To hold a candle to the devil.
To assist in evil.

To hold a world by the ears.
Through listening you know the world.

To keep (or hold) one’s nose to the grindstone.
To work without stopping.

To keep one’s tongue between one’s teeth.
To keep someone in a very painful condition.

To kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.
Excess of greed.

To kill two birds with one stone.
Said to a person who is more clever, but get nothing.

To kiss the rod.
To submit meekly to correction.

To know how many beans make five.
To know the simple method.

To know on which side one’s bread is buttered.
To kriow other’s strong point.

To know where the shoe pinches.
To know the reason.

To know which way the wind blows.
To know that who will be the winner.

To lay it on with a trowel.
Said to flatter grossly.

To lay up for a rainy day.
To provide for a time of want.

To lead one by the nose.
To dominate him.

To leave no stone unturned.
To try all methods.

To let the cat out of the bag.
To disclose a secret.

To lick into shape.
To train or mould.

To live long it is necessary to live slowly.
Who that wish to live long, should live simple life.

To look as if butter would not melt in one’s mouth.
To look very innocent.

To look at both sides of a penny.
To be very saving.

To look for a needle in a haystack.
To work hard and watchful too.

To make a mountain out of a molehill.
When little issues make bigger.

To make a person turn in his grave.
Nothing will improve.

To make bricks without straw.
To work without resources.

To make fish of one and flesh of another.
To discriminate unfairly.

To make two bites of a cherry.
To do a small task in two stages.

To make money like hay.
Said to a person who gives not the importance to money.

To pay a person in his own coin.
To retaliate in the same way as he has injured you.

To play first fiddle.
To be very difficult.

To pour oil upon the waters.
To compose a quarrel.

To promise and give nothing is comfort to a fool.
He feels comfortable but feels not the value of words.

To put a spoke in one’s wheel.
To put an obstacle in the way. References is to the pin used to lock wheels.

To put one’s best foot foremost.
To make a strong effort.

To put one’s nose out of joint.
To supplant him.

To put salt on a bird’s tail.
Jokingly said to be a way of catching it.

To put the cart before the horse.
To go with wrong arrangement.

To knock at a deaf man’s door.
To tired himself.

To rob Peter to pay Paul.
To takes from one to pay another but debt is still there.

To run with the hare and hunt with the hounds.
Said to a person who is clever enough.

To scare a bird is not the way to catch it.
To drive away by fright is not the proper way of catching bird.

To see which way the cat jumps.
How events will turn out.

To set the Thames on fire.
To create a sensation.

To shut the stable door when the steed is stolen.
To do nothing.

To smell of the lamp.
To show studied effort.

To split hairs.
To make fine distinctions.

To stand in one’s own light.
To spoil one’s own chances.

To strew in one’s own juice.
To fry in one’s own grease.

To take a leaf out of one’s book.
To follow his example.

To take the bull by the horns.
To face a difficulty.

To take the gilt off the gingerbread.
To make a thing less attractive.

To take the law into one’s own hands.
To act without authority.

To take the wind out of one’s sails.
To put him at a disadvantage.

To throw a spart to catch a whale.
To do a small favour in the hope of a great return.

To throw dust in one’s eyes.
To mislead.

To throw good money after bad.
To ruin the good money.

To throw the helve after the hatchet.
To throw away what remains, because your losses have l been so great.

To turn an honest penny.
To make money.

To turn cat in pan.
To change sides.

To turn over a new leaf.
To amend one’s ways.

To wash a blackmoor white.
To waste effort.

To wash dirty linen in public.
To publish family scandals.

To wear one’s heart upon one’s sleeve.
To make one’s feelings apparent to every one.

To wear the breeches.
Of a wife who dominates her husband.

To wear the willow.
To mourn the loss of a sweetheart.

To wet one’s whistle.
To have a drink.

Today a man, tomorrow a mouse.
Today is a better giver than tomorrow.

Today me, tomorrow thee.
Today my rules, tomorrow thee’s.

Tomorrow come never.
Tomorrow always be a reserve day which comes not.

Tomorrow is a new day.
Things will change.

Too many cooks spoil the broth.
Extra efficiency never be good and wise.

Too much breaks the bag.
Beyond capacity makes worst.

Too much consulting confounds.
To put perplexity.

Too far east is west.
Geographical truth.

Too much of everything is bad.
More than enough ever be worst.

Too much of one thing is good for nothing.
Importance seizes by muchness.

Too much praise is a burden.
To much praise is a burden of expectations.

Too much taking heed is loss.
More careful attention causeth loss.

Too much water drowns the miller.
Excess water is not good for mill.

Too too will in two.
Friends that are too intimate will quarrel.

Touch pot, touch penny.
No credit given. .

Touch wood, it’s sure to come good.
Hope for the best to happen.

Translators, traitors.
Translators are treated as a disloyal person of original creators.

Trash and trumpery is the highway to beggary.
Worthless finery and rubbish things are the sign of beggary.

Travel makes a wise man better, but a fool worse.
Travelling is good for wise person but bad for a fool.

Tread on a worm and it will turn.
A mean person of loose character will attacks you, if tease him. Just like a snake who attacks when you set foot on it.

Travellers change climates, not conditions.
Different places may change the travellers climate rather than conditions.

Trees eat but once.
Trees eat fire but once.

True blue will never stain.
Stain does not seem on true blue colour or King is always blameless.

True lovers are shy when people are by.
Sign of true love is shyness.

Trust in God, but keep your powder dry.
Faith in God is good thing but it will be more better if you are get prepared.

Trust is the mother of deceit.
No one can deceive you, if you trust not. So the trust is the cause of deceit.

Trust me, but look to thyself.
Be cautious while trusting me.

Trust not a horse’s heel, nor a dog’s tooth.
Both are dangerous while trusting.

Trust not a new friend nor an old enemy.
New friend may deceive you and enemy may does harm.

Truth finds foes where it makes none.
Even though your friend becomes enemy if you tell a truth about him. So one should be very careful while speaking truth.

Truth fears no colours.
Truth always be a fearless thing. Whatever the authority is.

Truth hath a good face, but bad clothes.
Truth hath a good name but its effects are bad.

Truth is the daughter of time.
Time proves the truth.

Truth is stranger than fiction.
Truth may be unfamiliar but never bo imaginary.

Truth is stranger than false.
Truth never be false but may unfamiliar.

Truth is truth to the end of the reckoning.
Truth reckoned at the end.

Truth lies at the bottom of a well.
Everybody wants to hide the hard and bitter truths.

Truth may be blamed but cannot be shamed.
Truth never be a thing of shame but truth may be blameful.

Truth needs not many words.
Nothing additional is required by truth.

Truth never grows old.
Truth always be a truth and ageless too.

Truth and roses have thorns about them.
Truth and rose both hath prick.

Truth seeks no corners.
Truth never fears, always be fearless.

Try before you trust.
Never trust before try.

Try your friend before you have need of him.
Friend in need is friend indeed.

Try your skill in gilt first, and then in gold.
Barber tries his skill first on foolish then on wise.

Turn your money when you hear the cuckoo, and you’ll never be without it during the year.
People do believe so.

Two attorneys can live in a town when one cannot.
Both are opposite to each other.

Two blacks do not make a white.
Another’s fault does not excuse your own.

Two daughters and a back door are three arrant thieves.
The daughters spend and the servants filch.

Two dogs fight for a bone, and a third runs away with it.
Third takes the opportunity while two are fighting.

Two dry sticks will kindle a green one.
Two clever person make an ordinary person fool.

Two ears to one tongue, therefore hear twice as much as you speak.
Two always be better than one. Which is given by God accordingly to the use.

Two fools in one house are too many.
They destroy all and left nothing for third.

Two heads are better than one.
Two heads think better and differently.

Two in distress make trouble less.
The person who himself in trouble never creates trouble.

Two is company, three is none.
Two is company and three is crowd.

Two may keep counsel if one be away.
Only one person is fit for secret.

Two negatives make an affirmative.
While multiplying.

Two of a trade can never agree.
Both are opponent to each other.

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