Proverbs that Start with M | Famous Proverbs beginning with the letter ‘M’

Important Proverbs which start with the letter ‘M’

Mad to the world same to oneself.
Mad is mad, for himself and others too.

Magistracy makes not the man, but discovers what mettle is in him.
Dignity of magistrate nothing improves in the man but reflects his natural ardour.

Maidens must be mild and meek, swift to hear and slow to speak.
Merits of maidens.

Maidens should be meek while they be married.
Submissive nature is a good sign of a married maiden.

Maids say nay and take.
Speaking and willing are not the same.

Maids want nothing but husbands, and when they have them they want everything.
Before marriage every young girl hath only one desire, and that is marriage. But after marriage there all desires are on and they want to fulfil them through their husbands.

Make a fire well, and have a quarrel.
Set the hate between and quarrel will be due.

Make ado and have ado.
Who creates trouble, indulge himself too.

Make a page of your own age.
Make a servant of your own age because he can better understand your requirement.

Make a virtue of necessity.
Make sure that you have the quality of moral goodness.

Make hay while the sun shines.
One must accomplish a work till sun shine.

Make no fire, raise no smoke.
Smoke is a cause of fire. So if you do not want the smoke (Bad things) make no fire (encouragement to bad things).

Make no haste.
Rapidity is a ill sign of making.

Proverbs that Start with M 1

Make not a fool of thyself to make others merry.
If you did that, people think you mad too.

Make not balks of good ground.
Do not waste opportunities.

Make not the door under than the house.
Wish and desire should be higher than personality.

Make not thy tail broader than thy wings.
Do not have too many attendants.

Makes haste slowly.
Rapidity makes the work at slow pace.

Makes haste to an ill way, that you may get out of it.
Quick making to wrong method, that will make you out of making.

Make not two sorrows of one.
Don’t increase your sorrow by other sorrow. It will be better if you divide your sorrows.

Make or mar.
Run or ruin, there are only two possibilities.

Make the best of a bad bargain.
You can select one among the bads too, so the bargain.

Malice hurts itself more.
Who keeps wrong intention he hurts himself more than anybody.

Malice is mindful.
Every intention needs mind and nobody can think bad intention without too mind.

Man doth what he can, and God what he will.
Man does according to his efficiency but God does all that which he wish.

Proverbs that Start with M 2

Man is a bubble.
Man is a perishable.

Man is a tool using animal.
Man is also a animal but he uses tool (brain).

Man is the head, woman turns it.
She turns in two ways. First way, when the man is mindful and she changed him as mindless. Second way, when the man chief but she become as a chief by the head and ears.

Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity.
Man’s utmost limit is that when he gets good chance to become himself, next to the God.

Man is the measure of all things.
Estimator of all things.

Man proposes, God disposes.
What the man thinks, but God thinks (otherwise) better.

Man, woman, and devil, are the three degrees of comparison.
‘Man is little devil, woman is half devil and devil is a complete devil.’ These are the three degrees of devil.

Manners make the man.
Man knows by his manners.

Manners know distance.
Manners know the limits.

Manners maketh.
Behaviour make the man.

Manners make often fortune.
Manners make good fortune.

Man punishes the action, but God the intention.
God punishes well because he prevents the foul action.

Many a good cow hath a bad calf.
Many a good maker does the bad work or it can be possible that good parents hath a bad child.

Many a man speirs the gate (asks the way) he knows full well.
They want assurance.

Many a man serves a thinkless master.
While serving, money matters more than to master.

Many a one eyes well that thinks ill.
Well sighted is that who thinks well.

Many a sight and many a sound nature bringeth.
Gifts of nature.

Many a small makes a great.
Excess of outer limits may soon worry a person who hath restless nature.

Many a true word is spoken in jest.
Many expenditures little savings.

Many blame the wife for their own thriftless life.
Extravagant persons blame the wife for their own mistake.

Many bounds may soon worry one hare.
Excess of outer limits may soon worry a person who hath restless nature.

Many can pack the cards, yet cannot play well.
Good packers cannot be good players too.

Many chimneys little smoke.
Many expenditures little savings.

Many drops make shower.
Many little things make a great thing.

Many sands will sink a ship.
Muchness may does harm.

Many estates are spent in the getting.
Specially when you fight in the court, to get the estate.

Many friends in general, one is special.
Normally everybody hath so many friends but one special friend too.

Many ‘Good nights’ is loth away.
Muchness makes unruling too.

Many go out for wool and come home shorn.
Many go out for gains and come home ruined.

Many hands make light work.
Many persons make easy work than to hard.

Many have been ruined by buying good pennyworths.
So many persons have been destructed by worthless purchasing.

Many kinsfolk and few friends.
Many relatives by blood causeth limited friends.

Many kiss the child for the nurse’s sake.
More than enough kisses are a sign of cherishing to child.

Many kiss the hand they wish cut off.
It is said for that person who seems to be a well wisher but not lesser than a enemy.

Many meet the Gods, but few salute them.
Many get the opportunity but few benefits them.

Many speaks much, who cannot speak well.
Much speaking is a sign of ill speech.

Many strokes fell great oaks.
Many efforts aimed hard target.

Many things grow in the garden that were never sown there.
Many things you get in the life that were never wished.

Many would be cowards if they had courage enough.
Many would be poors if they had efforts enough.

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.
When March (month) comes in, it comes with thunders but when goes out with the calm weather.

March in January, January in March I fear.
Unnatural behaviour causeth fear.

March many weathers.
Speciality of March month.

Marriage is a lottery.
You are not sure about wife’s nature which can be good or bad so the marriage is a lottery.

Marriage is honourable, but housekeeping is a shrewd.
After honourable marriage you may understand that housekeeping is a judicious thing.

Marriage makes or mars a man.
Marriage makes you if you get the good wife otherwise it ruins.

Marriages are made in heaven.
…thus you get your life partner on earth.

Marriage, with peace, is this world’s paradise; with strife this life’s purgatory.
If you get the peace after marriage, you may feel himself in heaven but if you get the continual struggle then you should feel that you are purifying yourself at the place which named marriage.

Marry first and love will follow.
You love a dog too if he lived with you as a pet. So the love follows too after marriage.

Marry your daughters be time, lest they marry themselves.
Timely marry prevents the delayed disasters.

Marry your son when you will, your daughter when you can.
First preference should be given to daughter marriage than to son’s.

Mastery mows the meadows down.
Pre-eminence prefers the better things than to useful.

May makes or mars the wheat.
Crop of wheat in the May month can be beyond target and under target too.

May never goes outs without a wheat ear.
May month is always be good for wheat crop.

Measure thrice before you cut once.
The act of cutting should be measured very well.

Meet and mars never hindered any man.
Meet and poverty show the reality of man.

Meet is much, but manners is more.
Meetings pay but manners pay more.

Meddle with your old shoes.
Someone’s old tricks to create troubles.

Medicines are not meant to live on.
Medicines can only cure your disease but cannot you live on.

Men are blind in their own cause.
The different causes : Blind in love, blind for wealth, blind because of hate, blind in selfishness and for many more reasons.

Men are not angels.
They may angelic but not angels because of their weaknesses.

Men are opt to be measured by inches.
Do not make haste to understand a man take your time.

Men fear death as children to go in the dark.
Men fear for big reasons but children fear for small reasons but both feel fearness.

Men have become the tools of their machines.
He behaves like a tool for his own machine.

Men have faults, women only two: There’s nothing good they say, and nothing good they do.
Women’s that two faults are greater than men’s all fault.

Men know how the market goeth by the market mess.
Men know the market’s behaviour as untidy state of things.

Men leap over where the hedge is lowest.
Where the risk is minimum, men select that option.

Men learn while they teach.
Teaching act is a learning act too. While teaching you refresh your skills.

Men may meet, but mountains never.
Mountains never meet because of vanity.

Men muse as they use.
Men make deep thoughts which they like and use.

Mercy surpasses justice.
Mercy is better than justice.

Merry is the feast-making till we come to the reckoning.
After reckoning we come to this point that merry is not the feast making but merry makes the men responsible.

Messengers should neither be beheaded nor hanged.
Mediums should not deserve harsh treatment than to who that used the mediums.

Messmate before a shipmate, shipmate before a stranger, stranger before a dog.
Faces troubles.

Meetle is dangerous in a blind horse.
Face to face meeting (Meetle) is dangerous because blind horse may harm you.

Might is right.
Strong and powerful is right.

Milk says to wine, welcome friend.
Both cannot be friend because of unmixing nature.

Mills and wives are ever wanting.
Needs of mills and wives are always on.

Mind moves mountains.
Power of the brain moves mountains too.

Mind your own business.
Do your own work or leave other people alone.

Mischief comes by the pound and goes away by the ounce.
Easy to come and hard to go.

Mischief has swift wings.
Speciality of mischief, is its rapidity.

Misfortunes come on wings and depart on foot.
Easy coming, hard going.

Misfortunes never come singly.
Trouble never come alone.

Misreckoning is no payment.
Miscalculation gives no right to pay the incorrect sum.

Misunderstanding brings lies to town.
Misconception causeth lies.

Mob is a big babe.
Mob can be easily guided and misguided so mob follows the nature of child.

Mocking is catching.
If you imitate, you learn something.

Money begets money.
Money earns money.

Money is honey.
Money is a sweet feeling so that’s why it is honey.

Money is often lost for want of money.
Normally when we are facing poverty, we try our best to get rid of poverty and then we take bad decisions and that’s why we lose our little money too.

Money is round and rolls away.
Hard to sustain.

Money is welcome though it comes in a dirty clout.
Preference should be given to utility than to looks or ill looks does not matter, if utility is there.

Money makes marriage.
Money or wealth are the factor of marriage, if you have money, you easily be married than a poor person.

Money makes the man.
There are so many works, which you can do easily by the help of money and those work make you.

Money talks.
When a poor person become rich and after then he invest wisely. In such case we say money talks.

Money will do anything.
Money is next to God so no one can deny the power of money.

More belongs to marriage than four bare legs in a bed.
Importance of marriage is greater than body love.

More haste less speed.
Hasty manners slow down the work’s normal pace.

More have repented speech than silence.
More you seek, more you repent.

More sauce than pig.
More useless than utility.

More malice than matter.
When someone keeps ill will for the very simple cause.

More than enough is too much.
It is much of muchness.

Morning dreams are true.
People do believe so or morning hard work makes your dream’s true.

Morning dew freshness of a bride.
Both are equalsome.

Motions are not marriages.
Proposals proves not the marriage.

Much ado about nothing.
Useless botheration.

Much and truck.
Nonsense itself a worse thing but much nonsense is the worst thing.

Much bruit, little fruit.
Excess reports have no utility.

Much coin, much care.
Rich persons are well cared than poor.

Much cry and little wool.
Gains are little but efforts were huge.

Much law, but little justice.
Excess of law is a cause of little justice.

Much of muchness.
More excessive than excessiveness.

Much water goes by the mill the miller knows not of.
Miller knows not the whole expenditures of mill.

Muck and money go together.
Dirt in company with dirt while money in company with money. According to second thought, bad person likes the company of bad and good person likes the company of good.

Mud chokes no eels.
Snake like fish (Eel) lives in mud so Eel is always comfortable with soil. So the bad person with evil things.

Mum is counsel.
Quietness is a sign of willingness.

Murder will out.
Every sin will out.

Music helps not the toothache.
When you are in sorrow or in trouble, cannot enjoy.

Music is the eye to the ear.
Music is a hearing thing so ear is more important than eye.

My country right or wrong.
My country is my country whether right or wrong or which belong to me is always right or country never be wrong.

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