Proverbs that start with H | Famous Proverbs beginning with the letter ‘H’

Important Proverbs which start with the letter ‘H’

He that has lost his credit is dead to the world.
Like a dead person because nobody want to recognize him.

He that has two hoards will get a third.
Money begets money.

He that hath a good harvest may be content with some thistles.
(A kind of prickly plant = Thistle)
Excess of harvest excess of thistle too. All are not the corns, some are thistle too, when harvest season is a good one.

He that hath a head of wax must not walk in the sun.
One should not react in a manner which makes danger to more dangerous. If you are in a wood than you should not cry. Your cry can attract wild beasts and it will be more dangerous than to wood.

He that hath a fellow ruler, fath on over-ruler.
He sets rule’s and his fellow ruler sets too for his side and that’s why he named, ‘over-ruler.’

He that hath an ill name is half hanged.
Ill named person doubted a lot.

He that hath but one eye must be afraid to lose it.
Normally we see that everybody cares most to those things which are little in quantity because nobody wants to loose them too.

He that hath done ill once will do it again.
Said for those ill doings which need corrections. So that’s why he will do again which was ill done.

He that hath horns in his bosom, let him not put them on his head.
Angerness is not a thing which needs exhibition.

He that hath knowledge sprareth his words.
Knowledge increases expression skills. Expression skills increased by knowledge.

He that hath plenty of goods, shall have more.
Plentiness is a situation which may flourish its quantity.

He that measureth oil shall anoint his fingers.
Reaction of the action. Where result prove the action.

He that hath lost his credit is dead to the world. He that hath no head needs no hat.
He that hath no brain needs no intelligence. No need to prove which you have not.

He that hath no ill fortune is troubled with good.
Even good can be troublesome when the bad could not.

He that hath no money needeth no purse.
Desireless do nothing. Nothingness never requires any pot.

He that hath nothing is not contented.
You may keep only that which you have.

He that hath one hog makes him fat; and he that hath one son makes him a fool.
Only son makes you fool easily because you love him a lot and only swine makes you fat because of consume a lot.

He that hath right, fears; he that hath wrong, hopes.
Right person fears because he thinks that decision may be wrong and wrong person hopes because he thinks that decision will be extra fain for him wrong.

He that hath shipped the devil must make the best of him.
Devil must make the best if he mastered by other.

He that hath some land must have some labour.
Land needs labour to begets gains.

He that hath time, and looks for time, loseth time.
Sign of lazy person and he loses the time.

He that hears much and speaks not at all, shall be welcome both in bower and hall.
Such kind of persons who keeps secret get welcome in (dressing room, bedroom) private place and public (important meetings) place too.

He that hurts another, hurts himself.
He hurts himself not times, physically and orally.

He that hides can find.
Because hider knows the place better than to anyone.

Proverbs that start with H 1

He that hopes not for good fears not evil.
Fears follow the hopes. If hopes are not there fears cannot be there.

He that is a master must serve.
This proverb tells two things. The first is, master must be served by his servants and second is, master will serve (provide) his servants their salary and other facilities.

He that is angry without a cause, must be pleased without amends.
Such kind of person’s behaviour is always unpredictable so you never know when he will pleased and when he will angered and such person’s changed behaviour is always unreasonable too.

He that is afraid of wounds, must not come nigh a battle.
Who that is afraid of something must not come to nearer them.

He that is born to be hanged shall never be drowned.
It is said for a person’s ability that every person does only that work which he can does so no one can does that work which is not for him.

He that is busy is tempted by but one devil; he that is idle; by a legion.
Busy person is rarely mischievous but lazy is always.

He that is carried down the stream, need not row.
Where efforts are not require. As under the sunlight, there is no requirement of lamp.

He that is down, down with him.
Where the reason is prominent.

He that is fallen cannot help him that is down.
A weak person never be helpful to another of his kind.

He that is fed at another’s hand may stay long were he be full.
May be compare to old age efforts and young age efforts.

He that is foolish in the fault, let him be wise in the punishment.
When someone is treated wisely for his foolish fault.

He that is hated by his subjects cannot be counted a king.
He that is hated by his subordinates never be treated as a good master.

He that is his own counsel has a fool for a client.
It is said to a advocate who gives counsel against his own client.

He that hath done ill once will do it again.
When ill done requires rectification.

He that is angry at a feast in rude.
He does not want to show his anger that’s why he prevents himself to speak. His this act named as rudeness, but this is a compulsive action of an angry person.

He that is ill to himself will be good to nobody.
Against the nature will neither be good for others nor himself too.

He that is in a town in May loseth his spring.
One should be in his field in May (for ploughing and .
seeding) than to be in a town because spring is the time when you get the result of May’s hard work in a harvest. Well timed hard work pays when the time comes for.

He that is master of himself will soon be master of others.
This is a secret of a successful master.

He that is needy when he is married, shall be rich when he is buried.
Never be rich that person who was lazy in his young age and get married too. (Marriage extends needs.)

He that is not handsome at twenty, nor strong at thirty, nor rich at forty, nor wise at fifty, will never be handsome, strong, rich, or wise.
Well timed achievements of life are real achievements.

He that is once born, once must die.
Death is a surety of birth.

He that is silent, gathers stones.
Waiting for his turn to attack.

Proverbs that start with H 2

He that is too secure (over-confident) is not safe.
Overconfident never be safe because he miscalculate other’s strength.

He that is thrown would never wrestle.
The person who got the most adverse experience will never attempt for the same.

He that killeth a man when he is drunk, shall be hanged when he is sober.
It is that he can understand that why he is going to be hanged. (Sober = Undrunk condition).

He that surprised with the foist frost, feels it all the winter after.
It is said for a person who feared in normal conditions, feels the fear in every trouble and he never be good for troubles.

He that kisseth his wife in the market place shall have many teachers.
Fool hath many teachers.

He that knows little soon repeats it.
Littlesome is caresome too.

He that knows nothing doubts nothing.
Doubts are always knowledge worthy.

He that labours and thrives spins gold.
Hard work is a key of prosperity and flourishment.

He that lacks my mare would buy my mare.
Needy will buy.

He that learns a trade, hath a purchase made.
Purchasing also is a subject of trade.

He that lends gives.
He gives his name as a credit.

He that lies on the ground can fall no lower.
Even the falling hath limitations.

He that lives ill, fear follows him.
Fear is a character of foul life.

He that lives in hope danceth without music.
One who lives zestless life.

He that lives long suffers much.
Life is like a travelling, as you travel long, you bear more inconvenience.

He that lives most dies most.
At many occasions such kind of person feels unpleasant dieing moments.

He that is warm thinks all so.
Who feels delightness thinks all are delighted.

He that lives well sees a far off.
His previous experiences give him a power of farsightedness so that’s why he sees a far off.

He that lives well is learned enough.
The person who learned enough lives well because of learning otherwise he never be live will.

He that lives under the sign of the cat’s foot.
He lives with fear.

He that liveth in court dieth upon straw.
He spent his all money court purpose’s which he earned.

He that liveth wickedly can hardly die honestly.
It is said for a person who is wreaked till his old age then , he never be amend himself as a honest person because habits dies so that’s such kind of person can hardly die honestly.

He that loseth his due gets not thanks.
Thanks is always downward to dues.

He loseth indeed that loseth at last.
When a person who is very near to winning and then lose is final moments, such kind of person feels most for the lose so that’s why he loses indeed who lose cut last.

He that loses his wife and a farthing, hath a great loss of his farthing.
Real loss is a money loss because that’s why you lose your wife too, so you lost both. But when you lose only wife then you lose only one thing.

He that loves glass without G, Take away L and that is he.
He is like an ass.

He that loves the tree loves the branch.
Who love you that loves your dog too.
Love me and my child too.

He that makes a good war makes a good peace.
Normally a good warfarer is a good peace maker too, because people do afraid him and be live with peace.

He that makes a thing too fine breaks it.
It is used for your high expectations which breaks while ‘high’ so the things which are expected to make more finer, normally breaks.

He that makes himself a sheep shall be eaten by the wolf.
Don’t react like a sheep (More than noble) to those, who exploit such reaction.

He that marries a widow and three children marries four thieves.
Although he fulfils their each and every requirement even then wife remembers his departed husband and child.

He that marries a widow will often have a dead man’s head thrown in his dish.
Widow prepares each dish as which liked by her departed husband.

He that marries for wealth sells his liberty.
Such kind of person is like a slave and slave has no liberty.

He that marries late marries ill.
Because there are so many disadvantages of late marriage.

He that may not do as he would must do as he may.
One should do which he can does easily and commendably.

He that smacks a cripple ought to be whole.
He deserves as a double cripple (Both legs broken).

He that never climbed never fell.
He that never does never fails.

He that hath nothing is not contented.
First have and then content.

He that once deceives is ever suspected.
He that acts once unworthy then he always trustless.

He that’s once hit, is ever bending.
He that once defeated is ever leaning.

He that once hits will ever be shooting.
He that once strikes successfully will ever be firing.

He that passeth a winter’s day escapes an enemy.
Winters cold is dangerous. We caught the diseases most in this season. So every day of winter said as a sign of enemy.

He that pays last never pays twice.
Easy to remember.

He that pities another remembers himself.
Pitiful person is rememberful too.

He that praiseth himself spattereth himself.
Act of praising himself is a act splashing himself too.

He that promises too much means nothing.
This is a sign of truthlessness.

He that plays his money ought not value it.
He that plays his money never be respectful towards money.

He that puts on a public gown must put off a private person.
A person who takes responsibility as a public servant must vanish his individuality.

He that reckons without his host must reckon again.
At that time, when host will introduce.

He that respects not is not respected.
Pay respect, have respect. So who doesn’t pays, doesn’t gets too.

He that rides ere he be ready, wants some of his gear.
One who is under preparation.

He that rises early would please everybody.
Said to a person who succeed in his early age.

He that riseth first is first dressed.
Who rises first, gets first opportunity.

He that runs fast will not run long.
Things which are not good in long run which were good in the beginning.
Slow and steady wins race.

He that runs in the dark may well stumble.
He that works unskillfully may makes huge mistake.

He that saveth his dinner will have the more for his supper.
The man who saves when young will have more to spend when he is old.

He that seeks favour shall pay.
He will responsible who asked for favour.

He that seeks trouble never misses.
Just like a person who gives surety and after that he bears all the troubles.

He that sends a fool means to follow him.
He should follow him for rectification, because it is sure that fool will make a mistake.

He that serves God, serves a good master.
God is the best master.

He that serves everybody is paid by nobody.
Such kind of person who serves for all, hath no master so nobody pay him. Normally payments are made by specific master.

He that speaks me fair and loves me not,
I’ll speak him fair and trust him not.
First requirement of trust is love, not the fair words.

He that stays in the valley shall never get over the hill.
Half hearted persons approach never be full.

He that strikes with his tongue must ward with his head.
One must defend his head after ill sayings.
Head pays for ill tongue language.

He that studies his content wants it.
A person who meditates satisfaction, requires more.

He that stumbles and falls not mends his pace.
The person who makes a mistake and that harms not, correct his work procedure.

He that takes not up a pin slights his wife.
The lazy person who is good for nothing (Who does nothing) weaks his wife.

He that talks much of his happiness summons grief.
He called by an authoritative court because of his big talks.

He that talks to himself speaks to a fool.
The person who converse himself delivers speech to a fool.

He that teaches himself has a fool for his master.
It is said for a person who hath master but even then he teach himself so he is a fool for his master.

He that will swear, will lie.
Swear is a sign of ill sayings.

He that will be served, must be patient.
Be patient while serving surely.

He that will eat the kernel, must crack the nut.
If you want sweet results you must work hard.

He that will enter into paradise must have a good key.
A kindful life is a key of paradise.

He that has a great nose, thinks everybody is speaking of it.
Foul person thinks the same.

He that will have his farm full, must keep at old cock and a young bull.
Old cock for early rise and young bull for hard work.

He that will never sail the sea, forecasts all perils.
There is no surety for a person who never did a work.

He that will not be counselled, cannot be helped.
If a person will not follow the advice than he can’t be helped.

He that will not be ruled by his own dame shall be ruled by his stepdame.
Those who cannot be prevailed upon by gentle means must have harsher treatment.

He that will not be saved needs no preacher.
Act of preaching is not required, when result will be unchanged.

He that will not endure labour in the world, let him not be born.
Life’s substance, to do something. Moral of the life is endure labour.

He that will not have peace. God gives him war.
God gives, what the person requires. If you do not need good, God will provide you bad.

He that will thrive must ask leave of his wife.
Wife’s presence is a ill sign for prosperity because a huge part of prosperity is consumed by wife.

He that will thrive must rise at five, he that hath thriven may lie till seven.
If you want get prosper then you should rise at five and if you are already prospered may sleep but till seven.

He that useth me better than he is wont, will betray me.
Disloyal persons quality.

He that winketh with the one eye and looketh with the other. I will not trust him though he were my brother.
Sign of a person who should not be trusted.

He that wipes the child’s nose kisseth the mother’s cheek.
If you help the child, delight his mother too.

He that would be well needs not go from his own house.
Own house is the best, if you earn well and feel satisfy be there.

He that would eat a good dinner, let him eat a good breakfast.
Better fortune’s first step is good fortune.

He that would hang his dog gives out first that he is mad.
If you would want to punish some one then you must give out first that he does a crime.

He that would have good luck in horses must kiss the person’s wife.
Both are not possible. Speculation have no good luck and rector never be married.

He that would have eggs, must endure the cackling of hens.
If you like some ones first nature then you should bear his second nature too.

He that would know what shall be must consider what hath been.
Nearness is a cause of fire burn. Nearness of a devil is a cause of evil.

He was a bold man that first ate an oyster.
Never easy to eat and digest.

He was hanged that left his drink behind him.
Only a man running for his life would do so. (Left his drink or gains.)

He was scant (short) of news that told his father was hanged.
Only the needy person does that which he should not be do.

He was slain that had warning, not he that took it.
He among the loss who overlooks the warning.

He who makes no mistakes, makes nothing.
Normally every person does mistakes while doing something so this law proves that if some one never did a mistake then it is sure he did nothing in his life that’s why he never did a mistake.

He who comes uncalled sits unserved.
Uncalled is unhonured too.

He whose belly is full believes not him who is fasting.
It is said for rich persons that they would not believe the person who is in want.

He who commences many things finishes but few.
A trader who operates many trades succeed in few.

He who depends another, dines ill and sups worse.
I will ignore the person who depends on me, because I know that he is not good for himself so he never be good for me.

He who despises himself will be despised by others.
Who is not good for himself will never be good for others.

He who oweth, is in all the wrong.
A person who is in debt or who is under obligation is in all kind of troubles.

He who pays the piper may call the tune.
He who holds the tool may know the work.

He who rides on a tiger can never dismount.
He who does hard work can never be starve.

He who says what he likes shall hear what he does not like.
He who says where he strong shall hear where he weaks.

He who swells in prosperity will shrink in adversity.
If a person praises you more while needy then he will never be thankful when he flourished.

He who travelleth not by sea, knows not what the fear of God is.
He who decieves by friends does not know the values of trust.

He who will stop every man’s mouth, must have a great deal of meal.
He who will expect from everybody must have a great need.

He will never send you away with a sore heart.
A person who loves you never did so.

He will not lose the droppings of his nose. High region are never without storms.
Even the nose requires more air pressure while dropping. (Nose is a high part of body.)

He will not sell his hen on a rainy day.
Wet hen seems thin so he will not get fair price.

He who would climb the ladder must begin at the bottom.
Beginning side is always a lower side.

He wrongs not an old man that steals his supper from him.
If some one does ill for basic need then he should not be blamed.

Heads I win, tails you lose.
I lose nothing, heads and tails both mines.

Health and money go far.
Both are good companion and long lasting too.

Health and wealth create beauty.
Healthy and wealthy looks beautiful.

Health and sickness surely are man’s double enemies.
Healthy cares not and his work suffers while sick person wants to do but he unable to do.

Health is better than wealth.
Wealthless may wealthful if he has sound health and he works hard and inspite of that if wealthful person is healthless then he spends his money rather than to earn so he become a poor very soon.

Health is not valued till sickness comes.
Normally a person who is healthy he cares not for his health but when he felt sick then he knows the advantages of sound health. You can better understand the worth of money whey you are in want.

Health is wealth.
It is very true because health earn’s wealth.

Hear much speak little.
Much hearing never harm you but speaking may.

Hear twice before you speak once.
It will you help in correct speaking.

Hearts may agree though heads differ.
It is said for a person who thinks wisely for his each desire.

Have an eye to the main chance.
Opportunity must be watched.

Heaven is above all.
Others things are immaterial to heaven’s belongings.

Heaven is high but here.
Heaven is a noble thing but it relates to this place or life.

Heaven will make amends for all.
Heaven will correct everybody.

Hell and Chancery are always open.
Hell and the highest court of justice are always open. Hell is open to give punishment and court is open for justice. (One is required after justice and other is required for justice.)

Hell is full of good meanings and wishes.
Normally hell warns everybody by his existence.

Harken to reason, or she will be heard.
Satire on women’s hearing eagerness.

Hew not too high lest the chips fall in thine eye.
Don’t cut which is above your heads height, your eyes may be hurt by cutting chips.
If you are not capable enough, don’t do such act, for safety purpose.

Hide nothing from thy minister, physician, and lawyer.
It is so, because hidden facts may be dangerous in future.

High places have their precipices.
High speculation, high expectations, high ranks, high places and high risk all are the elements of danger.

High words break no bones.
High words make warn somebody but never harms.

His bark is worse than his bite.
Main act is worse than ordinary one.

His bread is buttered on both sides.
He is well to do.

His hair grows through his hood.
It is said for a person who looks like a old fellow due to poverty and not by the years.

His heart is in his boots.
It is said for a person who needs heart for essential reasons as you wear your stocking in your boots.

His heart is in his mouth.
When some one is anxious enough.

His tongue runs before his wit.
Tongue is quick rather than mental quickness.

Home sweet home.
Which we love, that is sweet home otherwise bitter home.

Home sometimes nods.
When you have good reasons to go out and even then you stay in, at that time home is a dangerous thing.

Honest men marry soon, wise men not at all.
Honest men are not calculative so they accept early marriage but wise men are calculative so they dislike early marriage just because of good selection.

Honesty is the best policy.
He that is honest requires not other policy. Honesty gives him all that, which other policies may not give.

Honesty keeps the crown of the cause away.
Honesty never be questionable.

Honesty may be dear bought, but can never be an ill pennyworth.
Results of honesty may be awful but (dear bought) never causes moral harm (I11 penny worth).

Honey in the mouth saves the purse.
Mannerly talking saves a little bit of money so there for saves purse.

Honey is dear bought if licked off thorns.
Gains may be dangerous when the earning methods are not proper.

Honey is sweet, but the bee stings.
Gains are fruitful but the methods of gains are not pleasant.

Hounds and horses devour their masters.
Hounds and horses eat a lot that’s why they eat their master.

House goes mad when woman gad.
That house goes mad when women stays out.

Honour take him that shame giveth.
The consequences of shame is paid by honour. Shame declines honour.

Honour and ease are seldom bedfellows.
Honour is not a thing which can be earned easily.

Honour and profit lie not in one sack.
Honourable and profitable too is a rare persons quality.

Honour will buy no beef.
Honour is good thing but it cannot earn money.

Honour without profit is a ring on the finger.
When honour is only fancy one.

Honours change manners.
Honours change methods, natures (persons).

Honour nourishes arts.
When artist gets honour then he creates better art, so honour encourages the art and artist too.

Honour shows the man.
Honour is a indication of personality.

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
One improves your work and another makes you courageous and cautious.

Hope of long life beguileth many a good wife.
lf some one hopes for long life then he decieves himself because you cannot trust on perishable life. Life is a bubble of water.

Hope is a good breakfast but a bad supper.
Hope is good at the beginning of work and bad while finishing.

Hope is a lover’s staff.
Hope is a good sign for lovers.

Hope is as cheap as despair.
Hope (in a despairing manner) without hope is a ill hope or a cheap hope.

Hope is the poor man’s bread.
Poor person relays on hope otherwise depressed a lot.

Hope springs eternal in human breast.
Hope creates zeal (enthusiasm) in human sole.

Hope well and have well.
That person gets well who desires well.

Hot love is soon cold.
Passionate love is soon spiritless.

Hot sup, hot swallow.
Hot matters gains are also hotsome (harmful).

Hot youth proceeds cold age.
Hot youth go before in rank than to old age.

Hungry dogs will eat dirty puddings.
Needy uses even that which is useless.

Hungry flies bite sore.
Needy reacts fast.

Husbands are in heaven whose wives scold not.
It is said for those husbands whose wives are calm and cool, such husbands live as who lives in heaven.

Hypocrisy is a homage that vice pays to virtue.
False pretension is a homage that defect pays to moral goodness.

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