Proverbs that start with D | Famous Proverbs beginning with the letter ‘D’

Important Proverbs which start with the letter ‘D’

Dally not with money or women.
Amusement with money or women is bad thing.

Danger and delight grow on one stock.
Both are the feelings of heart.

Danger is next neighbour to security
Who that feels secure himself is always in danger because of over-confidence, that’s why the danger is next neighbour to security.

Dangers are overcome by dangers.
Taking risk is the key factor to fight with dangers. As one thrown driver other.

Daughters and dead fish are no keeping wares.
Daughter will must go after marriage and dead fish thrown out because of bad smell.

Dead men don’t bite.
Often used for a person who is not capable enough to harm anybody.

Dead men tell no tales.
Often used as an argument for killing someone whose knowledge of a secret may cause one loss or get into serious trouble.

Dead mice feel no cold.
Said to a person who feels nothing while danger strikes.

Death and marriage make term day.
Both have a certain day.

Death defies the doctor.
It is said where the failure is a decidable factor.

Dead dogs bark never.
Said to those person who are shocked by fear and therefore reacts not.

Death is the grand leveller.
Where death vanishes all the differences so that’s why death is the grand leveller.

Death keeps no calendar.
It is said for the situation where all sorts of things are useless and improves nothing.

Death pays all debts.
Dead never pays.

Death’s day is doom’s day.
Someone’s death day is also a doomsday because world is also died for him.

Deaths foreseen come not.
Anticipated death is a postponed item.

Debt is better than death.
Anxiety of debt kills a debtor every moment but death kills once.

Debt is the worst poverty.
Anxiety of debt is an additional negative point of poverty, which makes it more worst.

Proverbs that start with D

Debtors are liars.
When debtor is unable to pay then he makes false excuses.

Deeds are fruits, words are but leaves.
Performances are the fruits and assurances are leaves. Performances are valued more than to assurances.

Deeds are males and words are females.
Deeds are more important than assurances. So the males than females.

Deem the best till the truth be tried out.
Till the truth is unknown good to believe of the best happenings.

Delay of justice is injustice.
Until justice one stays with trouble and harassment so that’s why delay of justice is injustice.

Delays are dangerous.
More element of danger is involved in delay.

Delayed justice, denied justice.
Time consumed justice is like a denied justice.

Delays are not denials.
Delay is different to refused.

Deliberating is not delaying.
Time consuming while consideration is not delaying.
Consideration time is not to be said ‘delaying’.

Proverbs that start with D 2

Denying a fault doubles it.
Error is doubled if not accepted.
Unaccepted error valued as double error.

Dependence is a poor trade.
Said to a person who depends on others, just like a beggar. Dependency is a ill behaviour.

Desire are nourished by delays.
Said to the requirement of time which fulfil the desire. Desire is desire till the causes of delay are acceptable.

Despair gives courage to a coward.
Coward feels courage when he sees that object of danger is disappeared.

Desperate disease must have desperate remedies.
Reckless disease, reckless remedy or Reckless problem, reckless solution.

Devil always leaves a stink behind him.
Evil left the sign of evil impact.

Devil can’t come in devil’s house.
Devil visits fair houses.

Diamond cut diamond.
Of people matched in cunning.

Diet cures more than doctors.
More important is diet not the doctor.

Diffidence is the right eye of prudence.
Distrust is a good element of practical wisdom.

Diligence is the mother of good luck.
Industrious nature (hard working nature) is a sign of prosperity or goodluck.

Dinners cannot be long where dainties want.
Without tasteful food dinners can’t be long or Without delicacy and elegance art can’t be live long.

Discreet women have neither eyes nor ears.
Those who see and listen by brain or Prudent women never much relay on eyes and ears or Prudent women cautious enough.

Discretion is the better part of valour.
Necessary part of courage is freedom to act at pleasure or Prudence is a essential element of courage.

Diseases are the interests of pleasures.
You pay interests in the shape of diseases to pleasures.

Disgraces are like cherries, one draws another.
Act of shames are like cherries. (Draw one and get another.)

Dissembled sin is double wickedness.
Hypocritical act is a double act of evil.
Act of hiding sin is a double act of wickedness.

Divide and rule.
You should divide the unity of enemies and then you rule them.

Divine ashes are better than earthly meals.
Remaining of sacred are better than the special of normal things.

Divine grace was never slow.
Gods favour always fast.

Do and undo, the day is long enough.
Satire on idle person.

Do as I say, not as I do.
When saying is perfect and doing is not.
Perfection in saying than to doing.

Do as most men do and men will speak well of you.
If your workings are alike most men’s workings than you will praised by others.

Do as you would be done by.
Doing and wishing should be the same.

Do evil and look for the like.
Do evil and pay the penalty.

Do good, have good.
As you do, as you receive.

Do not outshine hypocrisy.
Hypocrisy should be vanished not flourished.

Do not all you can; spend not all you have; believe not all you hear; and tell not all you know.
Every thing is unfair beyond limit.

Do not halloo till you are out of the wood.
Crying in forest is dangerous.

Do not keep a dog and bark yourself.
Doing others duty is foolishness. Do not keep a servant and serve yourself.

Don’t be always meek show some sands.
Forever humbleness is not good somewhere.

Do not make me kiss, and you will not make me sin.
Kind of self willingness.

Do not put all your eggs in one basket.
One should not risk everything he has in a single venture.

Don’t set your wit against a child.
Don’t show your intelligence against a child.

Do not spur a free horse.
Don’t do the work which may be out of control. Avoid which is beyond control.

Do the likeliest and hope the best.
Hope for the best after doing at the most.

Do well and have well.
Gains are always according to the efforts.

Do what thou oughtest and come what can come.
Do the best efforts and don’t think of outcomes (result).

Do wrong once and you’ll never hear the end of it.
Once a wrong always a wrong.

Dog does not eat dog.
Persons having equal nature never attacks to each other.

Dogs bark before they bite.
Barking is like a warning or warning before biting. Dog warns and than attacks.

Dogs begin in jest and end in earnest.
Nature of the dog.

Dogs that bark at a distance never bite.
Distant barking of a dog is a sign of his cowardliness.

Dogs that pursue many hares kill none.
Said to a person that does so many business at a time and ruin all.

Dogs wag their tails not so much in love to you as to your bread.
Flattem praise and admire belongs to his own interest or Flatterer is always a selfish person or Selfishness is main object of a flatterer person.

Dowry cuts not ways, the bride and the groom.
Bad attempt cuts not ways of effortsome persons.

Drawn wells are seldom dry.
Practice makes man perfect.

Drawn wells have sweetest water.
Things are at best by use.

Dream of a funeral and you hear of a marriage.
Dreams go by contraries and foolish plans too.

Dree out (endure) the inch as you have done the span.
Little quantity should be increased as little cotton increased by span (spin).

Drinks less, and go home by daylight.
An old advice.

Drift is as bad as unthrift.
More than enough is bad either savings or expenditures.

Drink only with the duck. (Water only.)
One should always be with good.

Drink wine, and have the gout; drink none, and have the gout.
When something applies in both condition. As the disease with inflammation of the smaller joints (Gout) effects drinker as well as non-drinker.

Drive your business, do not let it drive you.
It is better that you command your business and business does not command you.

Drive the nail that will go.
Drive that which is drivensome. Do that which is doing some and that will effect.

Drunken days have all their tomorrows.
Said to a person who’s present and future has ruined and he remembers his golden past.

Dry as bone.
To set a example of dryness. Which is complete waste.

Dry August and warm doth harvest no harm.
Said to the suitable condition of work.

Dry bread at home is better than roast meat abroad.
Plain living at home is better than lavish living abroad.

Dumb folks get no lands.
Effortless or coward get nothing. If you want something you should make efforts.

Dust thou art, to dust retumenth.
When gains are doingwise.

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