Personality Traits | List of Personality Traits With Description

Personality Traits: Every individual has a different personality, and personality trait is the word we use for describing someone’s personality. All of us, have both positive and negative personality traits which define who we are as an individual.

When we define a person, we use their characteristic traits to define what kind of person they are. However, to learn about one’s personality, we must have these words in our vocabulary. In this article, we have designed a list of personality traits that will help you understand a person better.

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List of Personality Traits

Name of Personality Traits

Description of Personality Traits on the List

Positive Personality Traits


Meaning: An individual who can be approached and is friendly.

Example: Even though Suhani is a celebrity, she is easily accessible and always meets her fans with a smile on her face.


Meaning: Someone who is an energetic individual, has a lot of energy and is very active.

Example: Tom is an active person; he maintains a healthy lifestyle.


Meaning: Someone who can change their ideologies or behaviour for dealing with a new situation.

Example: Sheena is an adaptable individual, and she will soon learn the new work.


Meaning: Someone has positive characteristics which are worthy of love, respect and admiration.

Example: The captain is an admirable man; he has led the cricket team in many world championships.


Meaning: Someone who is willing to take risks and open to trying new methods.

Example: I am always up for an adventurous expedition.


Meaning: Someone who goes along with any plan that their group of friends has made regarding any scenario.

Example: Sammy suggested that we leave for the airport early, and my mom seemed agreeable.


Meaning: Someone who is highly aware of what is going on in their surroundings.

Example: Meena wanted to alert the manager about Keren’s behaviour personally, but she wanted to give Keren another chance.


Meaning: Someone who is friendly or pleasant.

Example: My grandmother has an amiable personality, always smiling and ready with kind words.


Meaning: An individual who feels or shows gratitude and appreciation.

Example: The incident made me appreciative of everything that I have been blessed with.


Meaning: Someone who can express their ideas and thoughts well and easily.

Example: Jessica was very articulate during her presentation, which gave her some extra credit points.


Meaning: Someone who is desiring and working towards achieving a specific goal.

Example: She was an aspiring doctor but couldn’t fulfil her dreams because of her family’s financial condition.


Meaning: Someone who has been trained in sports, exercise or games which need physical agility, strength or stamina.

Example: Rahul got an athletic scholarship into the college.


Meaning: Someone who either looks beautiful or has a spontaneous personality enough to pull the attention of others.

Example: The actor smiled, forming an attractive dimple on his cheeks.


Meaning: Someone who has a reasonable and sensible approach towards life.

Example: The principal is an extremely balanced man; he reaches college every day on time.


Meaning: An individual who genuinely wishes well for other people.

Example: He was a benevolent man, always volunteering in charitable organisations whenever he had time.


Meaning: Someone who is highly skilful or clever.

Example: Her brother is a brilliant scientist.


Meaning: Someone who doesn’t show or feel any anger, worry or excitement.

Example: His calm nature was like a blessing in disguise for her fast-paced life.


Meaning: An individual who has the necessary qualities or skills necessary for doing a particular thing well.

Example: I am capable of completing this work by morning.


Meaning: Someone who is very attractive, charming, intelligent or otherwise fascinating.

Example: Jess was won by Gabe’s captivating smile and his charming personality.


Meaning: Someone who is helpful, affectionate and sympathetic.

Example: Arthur feels in love with his wife because of her kind nature.


Meaning: Someone who does not listen or follow the rules and instructions.

Example: Mike seemed to be a challenging individual at first, but now he has changed a lot.


Meaning: Someone who has an energetic, outgoing and likeable personality.

Example: Raj was given this job because of his charismatic and kind nature.


Meaning: Someone who behaves in a friendly, pleasant way which makes people like them.

Example: My mom always said she fell in love with my father because of his charming personality.


Meaning: Someone who brings humour, joy and a good spirit.

Example: Sam is a cheerful person and becomes the centre of attraction of any room he walks into.


Meaning: Someone showing or having a clear understanding.

Example: In business, Janet was decisive and clear-headed.


Meaning: Someone who is intelligent and can understand things easily or plan things well.

Example: She was both clever and beautiful.


Meaning: When someone behaves amusingly and excitingly.

Example: Care is a colourful individual, making everyone’s life fun.


Meaning: Someone who feels sympathy or pity for other individuals.

Example: The compassionate woman donated a part of her monthly salary to local charities.


Meaning: Someone who is sure about their qualities, abilities or ideas.

Example: I am confident that I am making the right decision by changing my major.


Meaning: An individual is thoughtful and kind.

Example: She was very considerate and immediately turned down the volume when asked.


Meaning: Someone who is consistent in their actions and beliefs.

Example: Anjali has been my constant support throughout this difficult time.


Meaning: Someone who thinks deeply or is thinking in a calm and senior manner.

Example: Her contemplative gaze stared at his face and paused at his eyes.


Meaning: Someone who is ready to work with others nicely without complaining.

Example: We thank the media for their corporative efforts.


Meaning: Someone who is ready to take on challenges and face difficult situations.

Example: Rabbits are courageous, restless and eager little animals.


Meaning: Someone who is respectful and polite to other people.

Example: My mother taught me that we should be courteous of all people around us.


Meaning: Someone who has the ability to develop and invent original ideas, mainly in arts.

Example: Penny is a very creative individual; she comes up with various out of the box ideas.


Meaning: An individual who is civilised and polite.

Example: From his writings, you can tell that he is cultured and well-educated.


Meaning: Someone who is eager to find out answers as well as to explore and learn.

Example: I’m curious which one of you is the elder brother?


Meaning: Someone who is adventurous, bold and a little nervy.

Example: Sonia is incredibly daring; she faces all her problems head-on.


Meaning: Someone who is modest, respectable, fair, proper and kind.

Example: She seemed like a decent individual, which is why even though she didn’t have the necessary qualifications, they offered her the job.


Meaning: Someone who is sure about what they want and don’t take forever to make up their mind.

Example: You need to become more decisive in life; your family depends on you.


Meaning: Someone who is devoted to any specific cause or purpose.

Example: She’s is dedicated to her dreams and wants to fulfil them.


Meaning: Someone who is quiet and reserved and is known to be determined and intelligent.

Example: He is a deep individual and is often seen spending time talking to himself.


Meaning: Someone who is impressive, calm and deserve respect.

Example: He looked incredibly dignified at last night’s event.


Meaning: Someone who works or behaves in a controlled manner by following the rules.

Example: Students must obey their teachers and lead a disciplined life.


Meaning: Someone who is proper, inconspicuous, private or unnoticeable.

Example: Trying to avoid security, the shoplifter tried to be discreet when walking through the store.


Meaning: Someone who has a character or the effect like acted plays.

Example: Her dramatic behaviour can become obnoxious at some times.


Meaning: Someone who does everything that they are expected to do on time in the correct manner.

Example: A dutiful doctor will treat all their patients with the same integrity irrespective of their history.


Meaning: Someone who is active and energetic.

Example: Eric’s dynamic personality made him a favourite among his students.


Meaning: Someone who is very severe and sincere in what they say or do.

Example: Her earnest attitude towards her job has gotten her where she is today.


Meaning: Someone who is intelligent and has high learning standards.

Example: He is a highly educated man, and everyone in the village respects him.


Meaning: Someone who can do tasks successfully, without wasting energy or time.

Example: You must be efficient in your work, or else you might lose your job.


Meaning: Someone who is graceful and attractive in their behaviour and appearance.

Example: Her elegant personality made her popular among college students.


Meaning: Someone who understand the consequences or what is likely to happen in the future.

Example: She is a farsighted individual; she is always prepared for what’s about to come.


Meaning: Someone who pays attention to something.

Example: She focused on her goal and kept working hard every day.


Meaning: Someone who is caring, kind and makes people feel comfortable.

Example: His friendly nature has made him extremely popular among college students.


Meaning: Someone who is lively and light-hearted.

Example: He was a fun-loving individual, and he had no enemies.


Meaning: Someone who is mild, kind and calm towards other people.

Example: Please be gentle towards kids; otherwise, they will get intimidated.


Meaning: Someone who is authentic or true.

Example: She really has a genuine concern for poor people and wants to help them with anything that she can.


Meaning: Someone who puts effort into doing something and completing tasks.

Example: Nancy is a hard-working individual; she works hard for her goals.


Meaning: Someone who is inclined towards assisting others in any situation.

Example: My father has always been helpful towards other people.


Meaning: Someone is considered to be loyal if they are devoted and faithful towards someone or something.

Example: It is because James has been loyal to me all these years; I’m giving him all my property.


Meaning: Someone who always looks at the best possible thing which will happen and hopes for it if it’s not likely to happen.

Example: Jenny is an optimistic person and always looks at the bigger picture.


Meaning: Someone who has a deep understanding and experience about things.

Example: Your elder sister is a wise person – she gives the best advice.

Negative Personality Traits


Meaning: An individual whose manner is rude and unkind.

Example: Due to Eric’s abrasive personality, nobody wants to work with him.


Meaning: Someone who is assertive and bold and is prone to being competitive.

Example: Timmy can get aggressive sometimes and likes to start arguments.


Meaning: Someone who doesn’t have any ambition in life.

Example: Leonard led an aimless life after he lost his job last year.


Meaning: Someone who isn’t friendly and warm, instead they are reserved and distant.

Example: Never stand aloof from your classmates.


Meaning: An individual who is furious at someone or something.

Example: My mom got really angry when she found out about my brother’s behaviour.


Meaning: An individual who feels nervous or afraid, especially about something that might happen.

Example: Sheila was anxious about how her husband would react when he learned about her transfer.


Meaning: Someone who is uncaring.

Example: Even though Edward was apathetic about all classes, he loved playing basketball.


Meaning: Someone who shows the offensive attitude of superiority.

Example: Are you so arrogant that you will not ask for help even when you are in dire need?


Meaning: Someone who acts strikingly out of the ordinary.

Example: Her bizarre behaviour towards the kids got her fired.


Meaning: Someone who is rather unexciting and dull.

Example: Her expressions grew bland when she saw Raj walk through the door.


Meaning: Someone who is cruel, cold, lack sensitivity or compassion towards others.

Example: How can you be so brutal towards your own kids?


Meaning: Someone who is insensitive or emotionally hardened.

Example: Elena looked at Ashlyn, spellbound by her callous words.


Meaning: Someone who does not think about their actions, hurt people, make mistakes or damage things.

Example: Bonnie’s careless behaviour is the reason why she got kicked off of the college team.


Meaning: Someone who is unattractive or uninteresting.

Example: Emily thought Jacob was charmless, which is why she refused to go on a second date with him.


Meaning: Someone who acts bratty or immature.

Example: It was childish of you to leave the party unannounced.


Meaning: Someone who handles or moves things in an awkward, careless manner and often gets broken or knocked over.

Example: I felt clumsy, awkward and shy when I was at the party last night.


Meaning: Someone who is unsympathetic and unfriendly.

Example: Why is she suddenly acting so cold?


Meaning: An individual who has given to excessive crying, complaints and whining.

Example: She keeps complaining about finances all the time.


Meaning: Someone who has the irresistible urge of doing something.

Example: He is a compulsive gambler and is heavily in debt.


Meaning: An individual who is unable to think clearly.

Example: For a moment, she looked confused and then left the room.


Meaning: Someone who doesn’t have the guts to face difficulty or danger.

Example: She behaved in a cowardly manner, and she mutilated herself in order to escape military services.


Meaning: Someone who is highly enthusiastic about someone or something.

Example: She is crazy about Mindy.


Meaning: Someone who is inclined to look and point out defects and faults.

Example: His critical gaze swept her away with a frown.


Meaning: An individual who is offensive, rude and unsophisticated and other people disapprove of them.

Example: They are a crude group of people, and no one in the school likes them.


Meaning: Someone that deliberately causes suffering or pain.

Example: Why are you so cruel towards me all of a sudden?


Meaning: Someone who believes that the only way to motivate human actions is selfishness.

Example: He is cynical enough to believe that this is deliberate.


Meaning: Someone who has very high standards and is very hard to satisfy.

Example: Even though she is a demanding individual, I still love her.


Meaning: Someone who depends on or needs someone or something for support, aid, favour, etc.

Example: Since she is still financially dependent on her parents, she can’t afford to get her own place.


Meaning: Someone who is in need of help and is frightened.

Example: She was desperate to get this job, so she stayed up all night preparing for it.


Meaning: Someone who is not easy to deal with.

Example: I love him, but he can be difficult at times.


Meaning: Someone who makes everything untidy or dirty.

Example: Jenna is a great but messy cook.


Meaning: Someone whose behaviour and feelings change frequently.

Example: Howard’s mother is extremely moody, and I’m scared even to visit his house.


Meaning: Someone who is highly self-centred along with an exaggerated sense of self-importance.

Example: Heather is a narcissistic person; she was least concerned about her brother’s car crash but more worried about her lost purse.


Meaning: Someone who has excessive actions or thoughts.

Example: He is an extremely obsessive man – sometimes his actions can get on our nerves.


Meaning: Someone who is violent or very offensive.

Example: I must apologise for my daughter’s outrageous behaviour.


Meaning: Someone who is overly suspicious and irrationally distrustful of others.

Example: Nancy got paranoid, thinking that there was a conspiracy out to hurt her.


Meaning: Someone who is being selfish about things or people.

Example: She was possessive about her artwork and wouldn’t even let anyone touch it.


Meaning: Someone who has a strong desire for power.

Example: I don’t trust him at all; he is a power-hungry human and will do anything to get power.


Meaning: Someone who puts off things or delays things.

Example: Jeremy, you need to stop procrastinating and get to work.


Meaning: Someone who is odd or has unusual qualities.

Example: He is a quirky individual, which is why not many people want to be friends with him.


Meaning: Someone who feels sorry for something that they did.

Example: Why are you now being regretful of your behaviour?


Meaning: Someone who is showing or feeling remorse.

Example: Levi felt repentant for pushing Alaya into the pool and apologised to her many times.


Meaning: Someone who takes pleasure in punishing, humiliating or inflicting pain on others.

Example: Rick smiled in a sadistic manner which sent a chill down my spine.


Meaning: Someone who seems mysterious since they don’t reveal much about themselves.

Example: My brother is being secretive since last night; I’m sure he got in some trouble.


Meaning: Someone who only cares about themselves and has no regard for others.

Example: I can’t believe you are so selfish even after I helped you so much with everything.


Meaning: Someone who is with only inconsequential or silly things.

Example: Logan is a highly shallow person; he only cares about someone’s looks or money.


Meaning: Someone who is lazy and careless in their work.

Example: The professor warned Jeremy about his sloppy nature and asked him to become more active.


Meaning: Someone who is being deceitful, but not in the worst manner.

Example: She was sly towards her family, so no one was in contact with her.


Meaning: Someone who is worried or anxious about something.

Example: She was so tense because she felt claustrophobic.


Meaning: Someone who behaves unkind, rude and hostile manner with others.

Example: The older man was famous for his unfriendly nature in the neighbourhood.


Meaning: Someone who has no regard or shows no gratitude towards anything.

Example: I don’t want to come off as ungrateful, but it’s not what I wanted.


Meaning: Someone who is not well or fit.

Example: You look incredibly unhealthy; you must see a doctor.


Meaning: Someone lacking stability.

Example: Joshua was an unstable individual; sending him down the stairs was a mistake.


Meaning: An individual who is unable to think clearly, or gives the impression of not thinking clearly for hiding their honest thoughts.

Example: My mother is extremely vague – she always forgets where she puts her things.


Meaning: Someone who is weak and doesn’t have any protection.

Example: She felt vulnerable since her father knew everything about what was going on.


Meaning: Someone who doesn’t have much determination and is easily persuaded to do something.

Example: Her husband took advantage of her because he knew she was weak and agreed to whatever he said.

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