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Parts of a Dog: Dogs are the most well known and loved pet animals across the world. Many people want to adopt a dog as their pet, but they don’t have proper knowledge about a dog’s body parts. There are various breeds of dogs and ways to be a pet parent.

This article will help its readers to have a detailed discussion about a dog’s anatomy of its bones, and many more, which indeed is very useful if you pet a dog.

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There are many body parts of a dog with which you are familiar, like the tail, ears, face, mouth and nose, but there are many other body parts with foreign names. For instance, most of you won’t know the fact that “flew” is the term for a dog’s lips. Keeping this in mind, We have confined a few names or, rather say, body parts and thus made a list of dog parts with description.

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List of Parts of a Dog

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They provide sight to the animal. Dogs’ eyes are very similar to human brown eyes, and they too have eyelashes like us.


The skin of the dogs along the sides of the muzzle is their cheeks.


The tongue is an organ that plays an important role in the dog’s digestive system. Though the tongue doesn’t consist of any bone, you can use it too easy to break a bone.


It is also referred to as the braincase. A dog’s forehead is similar to that of a human, and it runs from the eyebrows to the back of the skull.


It runs from the head to the shoulders. The nape of the neck is where it joins with the skull.


If the teres minor of the dog is absent, the function of the shoulder is significantly low. It is connected from the withers to the elbow and forms the upper section of the foreleg.

Parts of a Dog 1


It is the entire rib cage of the dog. The prosternum keeps the rib cage together. The rib cage is connected with the back from the point of the shoulder.


It is located at the back of the foreleg just beneath the chest. It is also the very first joint in a dog’s leg.


Just like the human arm, it is made up of ulna and radius. There is feathering at the back of the forearm. It is a long bone from the elbow to the foreleg.


It is the lower joint that runs from the elbow to the foreleg


They are also called toenails. They are attached with the last one of the toe.


They are present at the end of each leg. The paw consists of nails, declaws and paw pads. They are called the forefoot or the hindfoot, depending on whether at the back or in the front.

Parts of a Dog 2


They are similar to human toes and fingers. The only difference is that we can wiggle more easily than them.


It is an oddly shaped joint at the back of the leg which corresponds with the ankles.


It is that part of their body that is usually wagging in your direction. Everybody can recognise a dog’s tail or its absence from its body.

Tail Set

It is the place where the tail gets attached to the rump. The tail set can be high or low, depending on the species of the dog.

Abdomen (belly)

It runs from the end of the ribs to the tail and forms the underside of a dog’s body.


There are two parts to it. The upper thigh is located above the knee on the hind leg, while the lower thigh is from below the knee to the hock. Some dogs may have feathering at the back of the lower thigh.


It is the highest point along the dog’s back. They are the highest point of their shoulders.


It is located at the point of the shoulder to the back of the rib cage. The term is also used to describe loin.


The term is used to refer to the space between the end of the rib cage and the starting of the pelvic bone.


A dog’s nose is cold and wet and gets stuck when not required.


It is the fore face of the dog and consists of the upper and the lower jaw. Sometimes there is an indentation between the forehead and the muzzle.

Parts of a Dog 3


Dog’s usually have any one of the four types of ears as mentioned below

Pricked ears(the upright pricked ones), Dropped ears(the ones which are hanging down), Button ears (the ones which have a fold in them)and Cropped Ears (you can alter them surgically)


The eyes, nose, whiskers, muzzle, forehead, face, cheeks and the flews (lips) makes up the mouth of the dog.


Their only job is to provide some sensory feelings. They are located just below the nose and above the flew.

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