Parts of a Bird | List of Parts of a Bird With Description and Images

Parts of a Bird: Birds are a part of our everyday lives. We are all familiar with the common birds we see everyday, like a crow or a sparrow. But our earth is filled up with more than forty three billion birds on Earth.

For us it is really important to know about the bird’s body parts and functions, since it would allow us to be more enlightened about the bird’s body parts in English.

Some of us also like to keep birds as our small little pets, hence it would help us to know more about them and take care of them. We would also be able help our fellow birds out when needed, hence let’s get into the list of parts of birds.

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List of Parts of a Birds

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The head of the bird consists of the eyes, beak, the head feathers, the eyebrows, eye rings and the eye lines. The skull of the bird is made up of the frontal bones, the parietal bones, the premaxillary bones, the nasal bones and the mandible bones.


The beak of the bird is the external anatomical structure in the birds. The beaks of the birds are extremely strong and hard. The birds use their beaks for the purposes of eating, fighting, feeding young, manipulating objects, hunting prey and courtship.


The Beak and Bill are the same things, but the beak is mostly referred to as the stronger hooked beaks. While the Bill is referred to the bony skeleton of the jaws and the covering of flesh.


The chin of the bird is located below the beak. They don’t stick out like the chins of human beings, but are covered with little feathers. They are of different colour and the colour differs with every species. They can be of bright colour like blue, yellow and beige, or also can be off darker colour, like black, brown or dark green.


The eyes of the birds are located at the sides of their head. The birds are very good at peripheral vision, but they aren’t good at binocular vision because of the placement of their eyes. Birds are capable of seeing additional shades of Color which are not possible for human eyes to see. The bird eyes have 4 cones in their eye’s retina, which gives them a border vision.


The color of the throat of the bird usually differs from the color of the rest of its body. Sometimes they are marked with lines, or spots or different patterns. Usually most birds have a similar chin and throat color.

Birds are also capable of producing different types of music and calls. They are also capable of mimicking human sounds.


The chest of the bird, which is also known as the breast, is the upright part in between it’s throat and abdomen. The chest of a bird is sometimes differently colored than its whole body. They are also marked with strips, or lines or other patterns. These marks are helpful when it comes to identification.


The wings of the bird make up the paired forelimb. The wings are what allows birds to take their flight. The wings give them the lift which they need to fly. The wings are made up from primary feathers, which forms the point of the wings. The contour feathers give the wings the overall shape.


Tarsus are that part of the bird’s legs, which seems like it is bent towards the back. It is a really small body part, located in between the heel and the ball. The bone of the Tarsus is known as tarsometatarsus’

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The frontal portion of the bird, which is the stomach, is known as the abdomen. Birds are shaped in a way that their belly is curved and looks swollen, but if it is excessively swollen, then it is the result of abdominal distension.


The foot of the bird is usually divided into the formation of four toes facing towards the front, and thee facing backwards. Even though this is the normal formation, different birds have adapted the foot formation which is suitable for themselves. For example, woodpeckers have a formation where two toes are facing forward and two backwards. Again, water birds have large toes, which acts as flippers to help them swim.


The tectrix or the covert feathers also called the coverts, which consists of the upper tail and the under tail feathers. The tail of the bird allows it to have the perfect cruising and balance when flying. The tail helps the bird to maintain its balance.


The Rump or the back of the bird is covered with its folded wings. The back of the bird has the color of its wings and the body. They can also be of different colors sometimes.


The neck in the birds are more prominent than any other vertebrae. Birds are the only one among the vertebrates who have fused collar bones. This fused collarbone is known as the furcular or also as the wishbone. The color of the neck in birds also differs. The neck feathers are known as the semiplume feathers.

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When it comes to birds, the crown is the top of the head. The zone extends from the posteriorly to the occiput. The crown of the bird is of different colors, shape and sizes, some birds have big crowns, while some have smaller ones. Also the crowns of the birds all differ from each species.

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