Palindrome Words | Three Letter, Four Letter, Six Letter Palindromes Examples

Palindrome words are used in plenty today. The term palindrome was coined in the 1600s by the poet and playwright Ben Jonson. Palindromes refer to words that read the same forward and backward. In this article, you will be introduced to a set of palindrome words.

Three Letter Palindromes

Given below is a list of three letter palindromes:

  • Heh
  • Huh
  • Iwi
  • Kak
  • Lil
  • Lol
  • Lul
  • Mam
  • Mem
  • Mom
  • Mum
  • Aba
  • Aga
  • Aha
  • Bib
  • Bob
  • Bub
  • Dad
  • Did
  • Dud
  • Eve
  • Ewe
  • Eye
  • Gag
  • Gig
  • Gog
  • Hah
  • Tot
  • Tut
  • Uhu
  • Wow
  • Yay
  • Nan
  • Nen
  • Nin
  • Nun
  • Oho
  • Ono
  • Pap
  • Pep
  • Pip
  • Pop
  • Pup
  • Sys
  • Sus
  • Tat

Four Letter Palindromes

Have a look at some of the common four letter palindromes:

  • Lool
  • Ma’am
  • Meem
  • Otto
  • Peep
  • Sees
  • Teet
  • Toot

Six letter Palindromes

Given below are examples of six letter palindrome words

  • Hajjah
  • Retter
  • Revver
  • Pullup
  • Redder

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Palindrome Name Words

Have a look at some of the palindromes that are often names of people or things:

  • Otto
  • Ada
  • Ava
  • Aviva
  • Asa
  • Anina
  • Alula
  • Aziza
  • Hannah
  • Anna
  • Bob
  • Elle
  • Emme

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Palindrome Phrases

Palindromes are not just limited to words. They come even in the form of phrases:

  • Borrow or rob
  • Step on no pets
  • A nut for a jar of tuna
  • Gate-man sees name, garbage man sees name tag.
  • Won’t I panic in a pit now?
  • Was it a car or a cat I saw?
  • Nella won’t set a test now, Allen
  • Live not on evil
  • Nurse save rare vases run
  • Yo, banana boy!
  • Stella won no wallets

Funny Palindromes

Given below is a list of some palindromes that can make you laugh:

  • As I pee, sir, I see Pisa!
  • Borrow or rob?
  • Dammit, I’m mad!
  • Do geese see God?
  • Golf? No sir, prefer prison flog.
  • Doc, note, I dissent. A fast never prevents a fatness. I diet on cod.
  • Emil peed deep lime.
  • Evar, go to grave.
  • Oozy rat in a sanitary zoo

Longest Palindrome Word

Are you curious to know which is the longest palindrome word? Here have a look at it:

Saippuakivikauppias is considered to be one of the longest palindromes in the Guinness Book of World Records. The word is of Finnish origin and means “a traveling salesman who sells lye or caustic soda.”

FAQs on Palindrome Words

Q1. What are some of the funny palindrome words or phrases?
Ans: Examples of funny palindrome words include:

  • Do geese see God?
  • Golf? No sir, prefer prison flog.

Q2. Give examples of palindrome phrases.
Ans: Examples of palindrome phrases include:

  • Borrow or rob
  • Step on no pets
  • A nut for a jar of tuna

Q3. Give examples of four-letter palindromes:
Ans: Examples of four letter palindromes include: Meem, Otto, Peep, Sees.


Palindromes can be used as a means of wordplay to generate fun. Palindromes can be used in poems, songs, or phrases within plays, stories, or other creative writings. Make sure to use these words in your works and make them entertaining.

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