Noun Clauses: Definition, Examples, & Exercises

What Are Noun Clauses? (with Examples)

A noun clause is a clause that plays the role of a noun.

Since a Noun Clause does the work of a Noun in a Complex Sentence, it can be:

  1. The Subject of a Verb

Where he lives is not known to anyone.

How he won the first prize is a mystery to all.

Whether it will rain today is uncertain.

Why he. has not returned worries me.

What he told you against me is false.

When he will come is not known to me.

That she should say so surprises me.

  1. The Object of a Transitive Verb

She says that she won’t obey her husband.

We hoped that the news was true.

He promised that he would soon return.

I cannot tell when she will return.

No one knows who stole the watch.

Tell me where I can find Rama.

Tell me why you did not do your work.

Ask the clerk if the Principal is in his office.

She denied that she had written the letter.

  1. The Object of a Preposition.

Except that he stammers he is an excellent teacher.

Do not believe in what he says.

She was greatly annoyed by what I told her.

My cow will sell for what it is worth.

The teacher laughed at what the boys were doing.

Give us an idea of what you are going to do after your examination.

Pay careful attention to what your teacher teaches.

  1. The Complement of a Verb of Incomplete Predication.

This is exactly what we expected.

Life is what we make it.

The question was how he had got that information.

My belief is that she is innocent.

The question is whether there is any hope of his success.

This is where she lived.

This was how he became rich.

  1. In Apposition to a Noun or Pronoun

She made the request that she should be pardoned.

All of us accept the theory that the earth is round.

It is strange that you should say so.

You have heard the proverb that silence is golden.

Remember the saying that pride has a fall.

It was unfortunate that she was not present there.


  • Sometimes the Conjunction that is omitted; as,
  • I fear [that] he will not succeed.
  • She says [that] her brother is not at home.

Pick out the Noun Clauses in the following sentences and explain how each is used.

  1. I cannot tell what other people think of me.
  2. I do not know where a man goes after death.
  3. It was obvious to Wellington how the attack had failed.
  4. Can you tell me who wrote Hamlet?
  5. The report was that she had failed.
  6. That he succeeded is well known.
  7. I do not know whether they enjoyed my music.
  8. You may ask: ‘How did he write it?’
  9. His early poems showed that he was a great poet.
  10. Do you know when she will come?
  11. Do whatever you think is tight.
  12. There is no sense in what she says.
  13. All depends on how it is done.
  14. Why she left her husband is a mystery.
  15. Her great fear is that she may fail this year also.

Complete the following by adding suitable Noun Clauses.

  1. It is uncertain _____________
  2. I do not know _____________
  3. I wonder _____________
  4. Do you deny _____________?
  5. We thought _____________
  6. It grieved me to hear _____________
  7. Her mother was anxious _____________
  8. He begged _____________
  9. _____________ is a mystery.
  10. Can you guess _____________ ?
  11. I do not understand _____________.
  12. _____________ was the problem.
  13. _____________ is quite certain.
  14. Pay careful attention to _____________.
  15. I often wonder _____________.

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