Mother to Son Summary

In the poem “Mother to Son,” Langston Hughes explores the struggles and challenges of life through the metaphorical conversation between a mother and her son. Mother to Son Poem through vivid imagery and a powerful voice, Hughes conveys the message that life is often difficult and filled with obstacles, but one must persevere and keep moving forward. Read More Class 10 English Summaries.

Mother to Son Summary

Mother to Son in English

Pages – 157 – 158

In the poem we see how a Black person suffers in a White-dominated society. Mother to Son poem is a dramatic monologue. Only the mother is speaking and the son is just listening. The mother tells her son that her life had not been very smooth. The steps she had to climb were broken here and there and she had to be careful not to fall down. The floor is not carpeted showing that life had been very rough for her. But in spite of all the problems she faced, she had been steadily climbing and reaching landings. Sometimes she had been walking in darkness without any light at all. She had to negotiate dangerous bends.

Mother to Son

She is telling her son never to feel disappointed and turn back. He should not sit down on the steps even though he might find them hard to climb on. He should be careful not to fall down. In the end she tells her son that all her life she had been climbing in spite of all the problems and she is still climbing.

Conclusion :

“Mother to Son” by Langston Hughes is a powerful and enduring poem that symbolizes the struggles and resilience of African Americans in the face of adversity. Through the metaphor of a worn and tattered staircase, the poem imparts a universal message of perseverance, determination, and hope, inspiring generations to keep moving forward despite life’s obstacles. Hughes’ enduring words continue to resonate, serving as a timeless reminder of the strength that can be found in the human spirit.

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