Idioms with Hand | List of Hand Idioms With Meaning and Examples

Idioms with Hand: Idioms are small sentences or excerpts from longer ones, which have been taken to be used metaphorically, or in simpler words, to denote something other than its literal meaning. The subject of most idioms has been derived from everyday life, be it some animal around us or a body part or an object.

The symbolism of the hand is well-endowed and diverse. Hand phrases and idioms are used in the expression of certain abstract concepts.

Hence idioms can be categorized as per their subject. To make sentences using our body parts, head idioms, foot idioms, helping hand- idioms, finger idioms, so on and so forth are used.

Enrich your Vocabulary by practicing the English Idioms that are commonly used in everyday conversations and understand their actual meaning.

Here in this specific article, we will discuss some idioms, the subject of which is an important part of our body, the hand. A thorough study and understanding of hand phrases and idioms give us an idea of cross-cultural similarities and differences in how the hand has been conceptualized.

Names of Hand Idioms

List of Hand Idioms

Meanings and examples of some commonly used hand idioms

Play into someone’s hands

Meaning: To shake somebody’s focus or confidence

Example: The overconfident players played right into their opponent’s hands

In safe hands

Meaning: Under someone’s care

Example: The future of the country is not in safe hands

Live from hand to mouth

Meaning: Not having enough resources to survive

Example: They had to live from hand to mouth to pay for their son’s school

Take the law into your own hands

Meaning: Do something to put a situation on the right track without waiting for the concerned authorities.

Example: On getting no response from the police, the father decided to take the law into his own hands to try to bring justice to his daughter

Get out of hand

Meaning: Slipping out of control

Example: The children were getting out of hands as they were growing up

Force someone’s hand

Meaning: Making it necessary for a person to do something

Example: She wanted to take an early leave, but the work pressure forced her hand

Idioms with Hand 1

Hands full

Meaning: Someone who is extremely busy

Example: You will have your hands full as soon as you join this office

Hand (to someone) on a platter/plate

Meaning: Someone who is getting a particular thing without even working to earn it

Example: Our team’s defense had been horrifying yesterday; we handed a victory to the opponent team

Wash your hands of something

Meaning: Refusing to be involved or take responsibility for something

Example: The father washed his hands off his wife and daughter

Hand’s tied

Meaning: Unable to do something for a situation

Example: I desperately wanted to help her, but you can see my hands are tied

A show of hands

Meaning: People raising their hands to give a suggestion or support it

Example: After finishing the lecture, the teacher asked her students for a show of hands

On hand

Meaning: To own something

Example: He had the disputed land on hand

Hand in glove

Meaning: Someone who is closely connected

Example: He escaped the punishment as he was hand in glove with principal

(All) Hands on deck

Meaning: To work unitedly for achieving a goal

Example: The project was a success as everyone had their hands on the deck.

Rap someone on the knuckles

Meaning: Criticizing someone gently for doing something wrong

Example: The girl was rapped on the knuckles for eating in class

Idioms with Hand 2

The left-hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing

Meaning: Lack of coordination

Example: The company was so mismanaged that the left hand didn’t know what the right hand was doing

Knuckle down

Meaning: Being dedicated to a task

Example: Being knuckle down towards idioms gave her a broader understanding of life.

Like the back of one’s hand

Meaning: Knowing someone or something very well.

Example: He knew the area like the back of his hand

Have a free hand

Meaning: Being independent with choices

Example: As she grew older, she felt the need to have a free hand

Get your hands dirty

Meaning: Practicing hard work

Example: You won’t learn anything properly until you get your hands dirty

Iron hand/fist in a velvet glove

Meaning: Someone who appears to be gentle but is forceful and severe in reality

Example: The gang leader has an iron hand in a velvet glove.

First hand

Meaning: directly self-learning or experience

Example: he knew first-hand what it was like to spend days with a very little amount of money; his father had always taught him to be very careful regarding money.

Change hands

Meaning: a particular thing which is bought by another different person or a group

Example: even after changing so many hands, the business company was still on the verge of bankruptcy.

Second hand

Meaning: a particular thing that is not from a source

Example: I was being advised several times not to buy that second-hand book

Put your hand in your pocket

Meaning: Someone who is asked to spend money or to lend it to a person

Example: Shyamal does not like to put his hands in his pockets; that is why we try to avoid him whenever we all go out.

Turn your hand to something

Example: someone starting a new thing,

Meaning: he can now turn on his hands on several job aspects as he is free nowadays.

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