Idioms to Express Happiness | List of Idioms To Express Happiness With Meaning and Examples

Idioms to Express Happiness: Happiness is the only goal of our life, at least for most people. Generally, we work very hard to get hold of happiness with our loved ones and with ourselves. Talking of which we know conversations are very important in our life and it’s incredible how the English language has inculcated so many variations like idioms for excitement or idioms for happy journey and more.

We know that to carry out any conversation with your friends or family, you will need to know some phrases or idioms that are closely related to happiness in your life. There are idioms for a happy family and some idioms about unforgettable moments of your life. Thinking of this, we have made a list of idioms to express your happiness. Let’s have a look at them.

Enrich your Vocabulary by practicing the English Idioms that are commonly used in everyday conversations and understand their actual meaning.

Names of Idioms to express happiness

List of idioms to express happiness

Meaning and examples of a few commonly used idioms to express happiness


Meaning: buzzing is a feeling through which a person feels pleasure, excitement, or interest after doing a particular activity.

Example: he went to the fair and tripped the last few steps on the road, looking into the lights and the buzz of activity.

Jump for joy

Meaning: to be very happy and show physical movements with emotion after a person has achieved something or get something. Typically you can break down words to mean jumping out of joy because one is very happy.

Example: after he got to know that we were buying him a puppy, he jumped out of joy on the lane.

Pride and joy

Meaning: someone feeling very happy and proud at the same time maybe because someone else achieved their achievement of what they wanted for a long time.

Example: after my son started his own business and was successful, I was overwhelmed with pride and joy.

Weep for joy

Meaning: to shed tears of emotion generally meaning someone who got emotional after seeing very happy. Crying out of joy means when the sorrow and happiness overpower themselves and results in weeping for joy.

Example: my grandmother saw me coming back to the house after five years, and she cried; I know it was a weep for joy.

Bundle of joy

Meaning: a bundle of joy, meaning primarily to someone who brings happiness in someone’s life. It is specially meant for a baby who has been born recently. A newborn is a bundle of joy for the family.

Example: my family was overjoyed with happiness when I brought home my baby, a little bundle of joy.

Happy go lucky

Meaning: happy go lucky refers to a person who does not make any plans or future words but expects everything to come their way—a person who is very carefree and happy about everything.

Example: he has not worked a day in his life but dreams of having a Portia. I think you will is in the saying of happy go lucky.

Grin from ear to ear

Meaning: a person who is very happy after hearing the news or getting to know something it’s their Wanted and does give a huge smile which depicts smiling from ear to ear.

Example: when he proposed to me for marriage, I was numb and went grin from ear to ear.

To have a ball

Meaning: having a ball means having a very enjoyable and lively experience in a lifetime filled with happiness and joy.

Example: thanks for inviting our family to the party we had a ball last night.

On top of the world

Meaning: beyond the top of the world means being extremely happy and physically and mentally healthy, so you set yourself apart from anyone else.

Example: our team just wandered a cricket match, and I am on top of the world right now.

Blow away cobwebs

Meaning: to discuss something which is not healthy for you and it can instantly make you feel refreshed and elevate your happiness. It also means you make mentally and physically alert.

Example: we went for a long drive towards the outskirts of the city to blow the cobwebs away.

over the moon

Meaning: the idiom over the moon explains something by which you are very happy and pleased, describes a feeling towards something remarkable happened to you which you will remember for the rest of your life.

Example: when you surprised me with the holiday ticket to wear it now I was over the moon.

In full swing

Meaning: to be at a very high level in your professional life or a high-level or on the verge of completing any task. An activity that is not in its early stage but it is on the verge of finishing.

Example: when we entered, the party was in full swing, and everyone was having a Gala time.

Idioms To Express Happiness 1

In seventh heaven

Meaning: to be in a state filled with extreme happiness. The word 7th heaven refers to a place that has outer peace and is filled with joy and beautiful things around you.

Example: we have bought a new house, my husband is in seventh heaven as he always wanted a place of his own.

walking on air

Meaning: to Akon, the air means to feel extremely happy about a decision they have made. To walk on air means not care about anything around and be satisfied by the decisions you swear by.

Example: the bride and groom after getting married I was walking down the aisle and felt like they were working on air.

On cloud nine

Meaning: to be filled with extreme Joy after something very good has happened to that person they were expecting for a long time.

Example: ever since Ema was asked by Jason for the prom night, she has been on cloud nine

Happy as Larry

Meaning: to be happy as Larry means to be a person who is filled with good spirits and is always pleased about anything, whether it’s negative or positive happening in their life.

Example: I was as happy as Larry when I found out that my brother got his first job.

Paint the town red

Meaning: to paint the town in red means to go out of your place and have a very good time outside, maybe it’s an unlikely place like a restaurant, bar or any outside campaign.

Example: I am so happy that you got a promotion in your job; let’s go out and paint the town red now.

Guilty pleasure

Meaning: guilty pleasure is a type of activity in which a person does what they enjoy but will be embarrassed if other people’s found out about it. Guilty pleasure is closely associated with any action which we cannot do as they are part of a schedule or a diet but works like a cheat day, and they don’t want others to find out.

Example: I can watch Netflix all day long. That is my guilty pleasure with a cup of ice cream.

In one’s element

Meaning: to be in an environment with specific people where you feel comfortable and suited because of activities filled with enjoyment. Reason environment which is naturally preferred by everyone.

Example: when I am at your place and help you with your work, I am in my element.

Take it easy

Meaning: take it easy is to avoid hard work or strain and be happy with the way things are going in your life. it is a continuous form of happiness and not shortened

Example: even after all the hardships she was facing, she told us to take it easy and took us out for a date.

Let’s one hair down.

Meaning: to let someone’s head down means a person who allows them to enjoy life or let themselves the more accessible so that they can enjoy and have fun without worrying about anything.

Example: the only time my mother lets one hair down is when she is in a good mood or with her friends.

Pleased as punch

Meaning: to be pleased as a punch expression refers to the puppet character response, and Judy, weapons is a guy who is self-satisfied and is always released mainly with his evil actions. It is an expression of happiness where a person is very pleased.

Example: the night has been so long with all my friends and pleased as punch.

Like a dog with two tails

Meaning: metaphorically, this means a dog, after it is very happy, moves its tail to express the feeling. It means someone who looks very satisfied and happy.

Example: Larry was like a dog with two tails when he saw the Christmas presents.

Joy of spring

Meaning: Joy of spring means to be very happy and cheerful for any activity. Describes a person who is full of energy and jovial in nature.

Example: Lokesh Meena playing in the backyard. She is still the joy of spring for us.

Idioms To Express Happiness 2

Happy camper

Meaning: A happy Camper is a person who is very happy to be in this situation which they have created, or they have fallen into, meaning a person who is very satisfied and content with their life.

Example: if you buy me a beer under big pizza then I am a Happy Camper.

Having a whale of a time

Meaning: a person having a whale of a time means they are enjoying or having a very wonderful experience. The idiom or phrase are matched with the whales as a whale is very large and an impressive animal.

Example: we surely had a whale of a time when we went for this long family vacation.

Tickled pink

Meaning: being tickled pink means something which you like and enjoy makes you very happy. It may not be a prolonged state of happiness but gives you instant satisfaction or amusement.

Example: she was tickled pink when the guy came to visit her for just 5 minutes.

Happy as a pig

Meaning: to be happy as a pig means to be carefree but at the same time filled with immense joy as the person is satisfied with the way they are.

Example: location sister running around the house she is as happy as a pig.

Bursting with joy

Meaning: it means when a person is filled with joy and happiness that it comes to a bursting point so much that maybe a person’s heart can explode with pride and joy or any other positive feeling.

Example: when I got my first paycheck from the company, I started bursting with joy.

Have the time of your life

Meaning: having the time of their life means to have a very exciting and enjoyable experience. Mostly can also be said happiness which is exaggerated because of the memorable experience in life.

Example: we had the time of our life during skydiving.

With bells on

Meaning: someone with bells on means to look forward to something on activity happily and about with your very excited and enthusiastic about. Ready to attend any gathering you have been waiting for a long time.

Example: it’s finally my best friend’s birthday this month; I’ll be there with bells on.

Grin like a Cheshire cat

Meaning: to grin like a Cheshire cat means being very happy and having a big smile after you get to know something or anything that makes you happy knowing about it. It is a sense of continuous happiness and not short term.

Example: looks like my neighbour is pleased she has been grinning like a Cheshire cat all day.

A joy to behold

Meaning: a sense of joy and excitement is created by experience wishes see in front of you are something every closely watching for a long time.

Example: sing the team perform so well was a joy to behold.

Life’s a beach

Meaning: being in seventh heaven means to be in a state of happiness can also describe extreme pleasure with comfort.

Example: my husband got a promotion at his work and bought a new car. Maybe life is like a beach right now.

To be in or at one’s place in the sun.

Meaning: to be at a place in their life for which they were very happy. This phrase or idiom is mainly associated with work for someone’s professional career.

Example: when he was finally offered the letter to go outside his home country and work for a year, it was like he eventually earned his place in the sun.

Make someone’s day

Meaning: to do a particular activity which makes someone day filled with happiness. It can be any form of exercise which can brighten up a day for someone else and can make you also happy with it.

Example: my husband bought me a bunch of roses; he knows how to make my day.

Be footloose and fancy-free.

Meaning: a person with no attachments in family life or romantic once also but is very happy with their own life without any passion, and there free roam around to enjoy life.

Example: I know to live life, but that is by being footloose and fancy-free.

Full of the joys of spring

Meaning: spring is a time of beauty and enjoyment. It enjoys a firm definition of the expression, which describes someone who is very happy and is full of energy.

Example: she came back to work in the office full of Joy of spring.


Meaning: describe the behaviour of a person who is always cheerful and giggles all the time—a person who is very jolly by nature.

Example: I try to make sure my kids are in bed before nine because it’s this there too late that gets slap happy.

More fun than a barrel of monkeys

Meaning: a barrel of monkeys is referred to as being very amusing and diverting from real-life problems. So having fun more than the barrel of monkeys means having a lot of fun-filled with adventures and amusement.

Example: my son’s friend group were so happy during the birthday party to look like they were having way more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

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