Idioms that start with V, W, X, Y, Z | Important Phrases that starting with letter V, W, X, Y, Z

Important idioms and phrases which start with the letter ‘V, W, X, Y, Z’

Vary with

Meaning: Be different because of the influence of something.

Example: The attitude of others towards you varies with the circumstances.

Vote for

Meaning: Show one’s support for by vote.

Example: She was a compassionate girl, therefore she gained many votes when she stood for the elections.

Vote out

Meaning: Reject through voting.

Example: He was voted out by the people, as he did nothing for the masses during his tenure as the legislator.

Idioms that start with V

Idioms that start with W

Wait behind

Meaning: Remain in a room, when others have left.

Example: Some patients waited behind to meet the doctor.

Wait on

Meaning: Act as a servant, to serve.

Example: These days, even people from educated families have to wait on the wealthy, in order to earn money for their livelihood.

Wait on hand and foot

Meaning: Serve in every possible way.

Example: A wife has to wait on hand and foot to please her husband.

Wait up

Meaning: Stay late out of bed, until somebody comes home.

Example: She waited up for husband till he came back at midnight.

Wake up

Meaning: (Cause to) stop sleeping.

Example: She woke up at 5 o’clock that day to proceed to the airport.

Wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve

Meaning: Be completely frank and hide nothing from others.

Example: He is not a shrewd man. He wears his heart on his sleeves.

With a vengeance

Meaning: As if with a revengeful motive.

Example: She looked at me with a vengeance.

With an eye to

Meaning: With a definite object in mind.

Example: She served them not out of compassion but with an eye to attain their wealth.

Wash one’s dirty linen in public

Meaning: Speak in public of unpleasant private affairs.

Example: Don’t wash your dirty linen in public.

Wild goose chase

Meaning: A foolish and fruitless search.

Example: She told me not to search for jack, as he was a characterless man. It would be a wild goose chase to search for him.

Worth one’s salt

Meaning: Honest and deserving.

Example: You shall gain two promotions this year. You are truely worth your salt.

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Idioms that start with Y

Year in, year out

Meaning: Every year, happening regularly.

Example: A, year in year out, she comes to meet me.

Yield to

Meaning: Give way, agree to.

Example: Don’t yield to this shrewd man’s pressures.

Yeoman’s service

Meaning: Excellent work.

Example: The brave soldiers have done yeoman’s service for their nation.

Idioms that start with Z

Zip up

Meaning: Close with a zip fastener.

Example: She packed her luggage in the briefcase and zipped it up.

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