Idioms that start with R – S | Important Phrases that starting with letter R and S

Important idioms and phrases which start with the letter ‘R and S’

Rain or shine

Meaning: In any event.

Example: Always keep smiling in rain or shine.

Rainy day

Meaning: Time of difficulty.

Example: We must not be extravagant in spending money. We must save money for the rainy days.

Rap on the knuckles

Meaning: A sharp rebuke.

Example: Sunila gave her a rap on the knuckles when Nancy told her to give divorce to her husnand.

Raw Deal

Meaning: Unfair or unduly harsh treatment.

Example: He give his faithful driver a raw deal by dismissing him N from the job when he asked for a month’s leave.

Reach out

Meaning: Keep in touch with people.

Example: A good leader must reach out the masses to inspire and motivate them.

Read back

Meaning: Repeat a reading of.

Example: Please read back the holy epic ‘Ramayana’ to me. It shall be nice of you to do so.

Idioms That Start With R S 1

Read into

Meaning: Understand by studying or reading.

Example: If you want to fetch good marks in the exams, you have to read into these lessons at least thrice.

Read on

Meaning: Continue to read.

Example: The film magazine is so interesting that he read on for a long time.

Read out

Meaning: Read aloud.

Example: “Please read out the lesson to me,” said the teacher.

Read over

Meaning: Read from beginning to end.

Example: Reena read over the novel, and thereafter laid down to sleep.

Read up

Meaning: Study deligently.

Example: Gautam read economics for the exam falling next week.

Rear up

Meaning: Bring up.

Example: He reared up his children with his meagre salary.

Reason out

Meaning: To find the logic.

Example: Don’t take decisions without reasoning out.

(A) red-letter day

Meaning: An auspicious or happy day.

Example: My sister’s birthday is a red letter day for me.

Red tape

Meaning: Official formalities that delay action.

Example: The government must implement laws to eliminate red tape, as it has negative impact on the foreign investors.

Rest on one’s laurels

Meaning: Be content with what one has done and not seek further progress.

Example: These days some people don’t rest on their laurels, but keep on taking active part in extra-co-curricular activities.

(To) ride the high horse

Meaning: To have a dominating temperament.

Example: It is not right to always ride the high horse. People don’t like over dominating persons.

Rise from the ranks

Meaning: Rise from the ordinary or low position.

Example: Some people rise from the ranks with hardwork and determination.

Rough it

Meaning: Bear hardships cheerfully.

Example: She had to face many hardships, but she roughed it.

Root and branch

Meaning: Completely.

Example: The government must do efforts to eliminate poverty root and branch from the country.

Run down

Meaning: Speak ill of.

Example: She is a good natured girl. She doesn’t like to run down innocent people.

Run riot

Meaning: Behave in a completely undisciplined way.

Example: The principal must take firm action when the students run riot.

Idioms that start with S

Sail through

Meaning: To.

Example: Pass through the water way we sailed through the steamer to reach the island.

Satisfy with

Meaning: Be contented.

Example: I keep on giving money to the poor people, but they never remain satisfied with it.

Save (one’s) face

Meaning: Avoid humiliation.

Example: He passed nasty comments on her and than ran away to save his face.

Save one’s breath

Meaning: Keep silent because talking will not help.

Example: If there is a quarrel going on with your husband, it’s better , you save your breath and go outside for sometime, till his anger subsides.

Say a good word for

Meaning: Speak on behalf of to support.

Example: If you want others to say a good word for you, you must be kind to them.


Meaning: Safe.

Example: “Don’t think you can get away scot free after stealing my valuables,” he shouted at the thief.

Scratch the surface

Meaning: Learn or understand very little about.

Example: The teacher kept on giving lectures on the major parts of the world, but he could only scratch the surface.

A screw loose

Meaning: Something wrong (mentally).

Example: He keeps on laughing without any rhyme or reason. Does he has a screw loose in his brain?

Second best

Meaning: Next to the best.

Example: She is the second best tennis player in the college.

See eye to eye with

Meaning: Have the same opinion on the subject. I see eye to eye with my sister in many matters.

See red

Meaning: Grow furious or indignant.

Example: She saw red at the eve-teasers nasty comments on her.

Show off

Meaning: Make a vain display.

Example: I don’t think she shows off. She just wears good clothes to look decent.

Show one’s teeth

Meaning: Express anger or annoyance.

Example: Wheh the teacher told him not to misbehave with other students in the class he showed his teeth.

Show the white feather

Meaning: Behave in a cowardly manner.

Example: Indian army is taught not to show the white feather to the enemy.

Single blessedness

Meaning: A state of remaining unmarried and be happy in that state.

Example: In the highly populated countries, people may be allowed to enjoy the state of single blessedness.

Idioms That Start With R S 2

Single-track mind

Meaning: Mind that thinks of only one thing.

Example: He is always obsessed about girls. He has a single track mind.

Smell a rat

Meaning: Detect something wrong.

Example: When I saw movements beneath the trees in my garden, I smelled a rat.

Spin a yarn

Meaning: Invent a story or a pretext.

Example: She is a liar. She spins a yam to take benefits from her wealthy friends.

Sponge upon another

Meaning: Live at someone’s expense.

Example: These days, if you are a little kind with needy people, they sponge upon you and don’t allow you to live in peace.

Start from the scratch

Meaning: Start from the very beginning.

Example: If you have become bankrupt, then start from the scratch after taking a loan from your friend.

Steer clear of

Meaning: Avoid.

Example: We must steer clear of shrewd people, else they create obstacles in our success.

Strain every nerve

Meaning: Try very hard.

Example: She strained every nerve to get the prize.

Strike while the iron is hot

Meaning: To grab the opportunity at the right time.

Example: You must become the head girl if you are getting an opportunity. Strike the iron while it’s hot.

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