Idioms that start with I | Important Phrases that starting with letter I

Important idioms and phrases which start with the letter ‘I’

If only

Meaning: Expressing a strong wish or desire.

Example: If only, I would have had a brother to eliminate all sorrows of my life.

If the worst comes to the worst

Meaning: If the worst possible thing happens.

Example: If the worst comes to the worst, we shall leave this place.

(Be) ignorant of

Meaning: Lacking knowledge.

Example: No body in the world is all knowledgeful. Everyone is ignorant of something or the other.

Impose (up) on

Meaning: Force the acceptance of.

Example: Nobody in the world can impose his opinion on others. One can only convince others.

Improve (up) on

Meaning: Do better than.

Example: He has improved up on his performance in studies through hard work and determination.

In a dead faint

Meaning: Utterly insensible.

Example: He used to consider the wise people crazy in a dead faint.

In a huff

Meaning: In a fit of bad temper.

Example: Her father came to know about her love affair. In a huff he left the house.

In a hurry

Meaning: Without difficulty or quickly.

In a moment

Meaning: Very soon.

Example: Don’t worry. I shall not take long. I shall be back within a moment.

In a nutshell

Meaning: In a few words.

Example: Some wise people are able to teach the most complicated of subjects in a nutshell.

Idioms that start with I 1

In a sense

Meaning: In a way.

Example: He is her guardian, but in a sense, more than a father to her.

In a split second

Meaning: Very quickly.

Example: She told her parents that she would never return back, but in a split second she came back.

In a word

Meaning: In as few words as possible.

Example: Tajmahal is elegant, majestic and magnificent. In a word, its ‘wonderful’.

In addition

Meaning: As well, also.

Example: In addition, she is a good cook.

In advance

Meaning: Before hand.

Example: It is not possible to pay your salary in advance, as you have not even worked for a single day in the office.

In all

Meaning: Considering everything.

Example: In all, she was a good host at the party.

In and out

Meaning: Coming in and going out often.

Example: He was busy in his daughter’s marriage celebrations, thus he was in and out the whole day.

In answer to

Meaning: Something done in return, a reply in the form of action.

Example: She nodded her head in answer to her friend’s question.

In any case

Meaning: Whatever might happen.

Example: In any case, I shall not allow anyone to harm this boy.

In any event

Meaning: Whatever may happen (in the future).

Example: In any event, I shall give you all the information about my whereabouts.

In black and white

Meaning: (Make it) recorded in writing or print.

Example: The advocate told his client to get the writ petition in black and white.

In bulk

Meaning: In large amounts.

Example: These commodities are sold in bulk by the whole-sellers.

Idioms that start with I 2

In common

Meaning: Of joint interest.

Example: It is in our common interest to avoid the divorce.

In comparison (with)

Meaning: By comparison with.

Example: She is better in looks and personality in comparison to her sister.

In confusion

Meaning: In disorder.

Example: The thief fled away in confusion.

In conjunction with

Meaning: Together with.

Example: She is establishing an import and export house in conjunction with her friend.

In contact with

Meaning: In touch with, in close union.

Example: I have not been in contact with her for the last four years therefore, I don’t know what is she doing now.

In contrast with/to

Meaning: Compared with as opposed to.

Example: She wore a yellow coloured shirt in contrast to black jeans.

In despair

Meaning: Without hope.

Example: Robert Frost had given up all hopes to win the war and was sitting under a tree in despair, when a spider instilled hope in him through his wonderful style of work.

In detail

Meaning: Giving a lot of facts.

Example: Please tell me, all about the accident in detail.

In earnest

Meaning: Seriously.

Example: She told him in earnest, that she had no intention to get married to him.

In force

Meaning: In large number.

Example: People came in force to see the exhibition.

In front of

Meaning: In the presence of.

Example: He beats his son in front of everyone.

In full

Meaning: Completely.

Example: The teachers of many schools don’t recieve their salaries in full during vacations.

In future

Meaning: From now on.

Example: Your father has forgiven you, but don’t repeat this mistake again in future.

In general

Meaning: In most cases.

Example: People in general are loving and affectionate, only a few of them are heartless and cruel.

In good faith

Meaning: Trustingly.

Example: Help others in good faith, if you want their love.

In good repair

Meaning: In a good condition.

Example: His truck is in a good repair.

In bad repair

Meaning: In a bad condition.

Example: Her TV is in bad repair. It can’t be resold at a good price.

In good time

Meaning: Without any risk of being late.

Example: She arrived in good time to take her daughter from the school.

In half

Meaning: Into two parts.

Example: She cut the egg in half and served it to her husband.

In hand

Meaning: (i) Under control.

Example: You must not pamper your children beyond limits, if you want to keep them in hand.

(ii) In one’s possession.
You must spend money wisely, even if you have enough cash in hand.

In high feather

Meaning: Happy, in high spirits.

Example: She was in high feather, when she came to know that she had topped the board exams.

In honour of

Meaning: In memory of, in celebration of.

Example: He is keeping a religious function in honour of his mother.

In hot water

Meaning: In trouble,

Example: He landed up in hot water due to his wrong deeds.
Don’t give trouble to anyone, else you would end up in hot water.

In line

Meaning: In or into a straight line.

Example: The desks were placed in line in the class.

In line with

Meaning: In agreement with.

Example: The newly introduced law is in line with the interest of Indian people.

In memory of

Meaning: As a way of remembering.

Example: He erected a statue in memory of his parents.

In good mood

Meaning: State of mind.

Example: Inspite of all tribulations in her life, she is always in good mood.

In need

Meaning: Wanting help.

Example: Help people in need and God shall help you in need.

In no case

Meaning: In no circumstances.

Example: After all that you have said to me, I shall in no case keep relations with you.

In no time

Meaning: Very quickly.

Example: She felt relieved in no time after taking the wonderful tonic.

In no way

Meaning: Not at all.

Example: She is in no way better than others in looks or intelligence.

In one’s own way

Meaning: In one’s own manner.

Example: Let other’s do things in their own way.

In order

Meaning: In proper condition.

Example: Please keep the things in order in the drawing room.

In particular

Meaning: Especially.

Example: I love all, but my best friend Rubina in particular.

In person

Meaning: Personally.

Example: Everyone of you must come at the birthday party in person.

In place of

Meaning: Instead of.

Example: Her husband prefers juice in place of shake.

In private

Meaning: A way from public notice.

Example: Some people are decent and polite in public, but extremely indecent and rude in private.

In question

Meaning: Raise objection to, express doubt about.

Example: This law was in questions last month.

In return of

Meaning: In exchange for.

Example: She gave her new clothes in return of all the help she gave to her in her sickness.

In search of

Meaning: Looking for.

Example: People go to the mountains in search of peace.

In secret

Meaning: In a hidden place.

Example: Don’t scold your husband in public. Correct his mistakes in secret.

In sequence

Meaning: (of things or events) In the correct order following one-another.

Example: In her family, tragedies occured in sequence. First, her father died, then mother and finally brother died in the accident.

In sight

Meaning: In view.

Example: The two colourful birds were in sight, when I woke up in the morning.

In some ways

Meaning: In some respects.

Example: In some ways her husband is better than her.

In spite of

Meaning: Despite, in opposition.

Example: In spite of the rainfall Lily reached home at time.

In tears

Meaning: Crying.

Example: Shalu was in tears, as she had lost her husband in the war.

In the air

Meaning: Uncertain.

Example: Their plans to implement that law against terrorism are still in the air.

In the distance

Meaning: At a distance, far away.

Example: The plane was visible in the distance.

In the end

Meaning: At last.

Example: Don’t leave doing efforts inspite of all obstacles on the way.

In the event of

Meaning: If (something) happens.

Example: The social worker told his son to carry on his work in the event of his death.

In the face of

Meaning: In spite of.

Example: God takes the test of a good person, whether he succeeds in the face of difficulty or not.

In the first place

Meaning: As the first consideration.

Example: In the first place find out the subjects that interests you, then choose a career.

In the hands of

Meaning: Possessed by.

Example: Each and everything in the world is in the hands of God.

In the least

Meaning: (used in negative sentences) To the smallest degree.

Example: She is not the least concerned about studies.

In the long run

Meaning: Finally.

Example: We may be surrounded with problems now, but in the long run we shall succeed.

In the meantime

Meaning: Meanwhile.

Example: You keep on collecting the resumes of the candidates, in the meantime I shall take their interviews.

In the middle of

Meaning: In the course of.

Example: She was in the middle of her lunch, when she got the news of her mother’s sickness.

In the open

Meaning: (i) Without maintaining secrecy.

Example: We shall have discussion on ‘economic issues’ in the open, and accept the suggestions of the wise ones.

(ii) Not within a building.
They organised a function in the open.

In the possession of

Meaning: In one’s possession.

Example: All my jewellery is in the possession of my sister.

(Be) in the red

Meaning: (Be) in debt.

Example: He was in the red, because of losses in the business.

In the way

Meaning: Causing inconvenience.

Example: Manager had agreed to pay the employees a reasonable amount of money, for giving overtime, but the owner came in the way and spoilt the things.

In time

Meaning: Eventually.

Example: He kept turning his car in a zig-zag motion to save and succeeded in time.

In truth

Meaning: In fact.

Example: In truth, she is a good girl, but shrewd people make stories of her to spoil her reputation in the society.

In vain

Meaning: Useless.

Example: She kept shouting in vain, but her husband didn’t listen to her.

In as much as

Meaning: Since, because.

Example: She could not go to Shimla with her friends, in as much as, she was sick.

(Be) in compatible with

Meaning: Not suitable to be together with.

Example: They are incompatible to each other, as she wants him to be extrovert, while he wants her to be introvert.

(Be) indifferent to

Meaning: Not interested in.

Example: She is indifferent to in fame or defame.

Indulge in

Meaning: Allow (oneself) to enjoy.

Example: She indulges in sports and dance to entertain herself and keep fit.

(Be) inferior to

Meaning: Worse than.

Example: He is inferior to others, but he considers himself superior to others.

Inform against

Meaning: Bring a charge against.

Example: I shall inform against you, if you would not behave properly with me.

(Be) innocent of

Meaning: Not guilty.

Example: She is innocent of the crime, yet some people blame her.

Enquire after

Meaning: Ask about somebody’s health or ask for information.

Example: She inquired after her friend’s health, who was hospitalised last month.

Enquire into

Meaning: Investigate.

Example: The detectives enquired into the matter to scrutinise how the crime took place.

Insist (up) on

Meaning: Be firm on.

Example: The teacher insisted upon the significance of cleanliness in our day to day life.

Instead of

Meaning: In place of.

Example: Instead of watching English movies, I prefer healthy T.V. serials.

Intervene in

Meaning: Interfere in.

Example: Son, don’t intervene in when your parents are having a discussion.

Into line

Meaning: Under control.

Example: If you don’t pamper the child beyond limits, then he would come into line.

Invest in

Meaning: Make an investment in.

Example: Our government should invest in to set up industries.

Involve in

Meaning: Get a person or thing into a complicated or difficult condition.

Example: These days, people don’t help the accident victims, as they are scared of getting involved in the matter.

Iron out

Meaning: Smooth with an iron.

Example: His wife ironed out the creases in his pant.

In one’s sleeve

Meaning: Secretly.

Example: When her husband wore a tom off pant she began to laugh in her sleeve.

Into the bargain

Meaning: In addition.

Example: She gave the price of the dining table and a silver necklace into the bargain.

In the same boat

Meaning: In similar circumstances.

Example: So what if you didn’t get promotion. Remember, I too didn’t get. We are in the same boat.

In the throes

Meaning: In the grip of.

Example: Our nation remained in the throes of British rule for a long time.

In one’s good books

Meaning: In favour with someone.

Example: She is a very brilliant and respectful girl. She is in her teacher’s good books.

In one’s true colours

Meaning: What a person really is.

Example: Most of us show our true colours in private, away from public eyes.

Ins and outs

Meaning: Details.

Example: The new principal knows all the ins and outs of the administration.

Irons in the fire

Meaning: Other interests, things which one is doing for profit.

Example: Why doesn’t the government administrators permit one to have irons in the fire. How can one live on the meagre salary of the goverment job.

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