Idioms that start with E | Important Phrases that starting with letter E

Important idioms and phrases which start with the letter ‘E’

Ease up

Meaning: Slow down, relax.

Example: Father told his daughter to ease up, as she was not feeling well.

Eat away

Meaning: Eat heartily.

Example: The chief priest of the holy temple told people to eat away the food on the auspicious occasion of their holy master’s birthday.

Eat in

Meaning: Eat at home.

Example: Her husband told her that he shall come from office at 8 p.m. and eat in.

Eat one’s words

Meaning: To withdraw or deny a statement.

Example: Why do you promise others to lend money, when you don’t want to fulfil it? You must not eat your words.

She said that she would provide me a job, but she ate up her words later on. I don’t have any faith on her.

Eat a humble pie

Meaning: To be humbled or to suffer humiliation.

Example: The proud man had to eat a.humble pie when nobody listened to him.


Meaning: Eat away from home.

Example: Gini told her friends that she was planning to eat out with her family that day.

Eat up

Meaning: (i) Consume completely (time, money, health etc.).

Example: The over burdem of work has eaten up his health.

(ii) Eat until all finished.
The sweets were so delicious that they ate up everything placed on the table.

(iii) Engross deeply in.
He was eaten up with the mind blowing character of Gabbar in the Hindi movie Sholay.

(iv) Strain, exhaust or distress.
The tedious sums in her maths paper ate her up.

Egg on

Meaning: To instigate.

Example: His wife egged him on to fight with his brother on property issue.


Meaning: One or the others of the two.

Example: His ambition is to become either an engineer or a doctor.

Embark on

Meaning: Go aboard (of a ship, an aeroplane).

Example: We embarked on the aeroplane towards Los Angeles.

Lalita embarked on the ship towards Yangoon.

(ii) To get engaged in, make a start on.
After the completion of graduation she embarked on a career in fashion designing.

End in

Meaning: (i) Have as its result.

Example: Hitler thought of conquering the entire world, but ended in getting nothing.

(ii) Have as its tip, extremity or termination.
That mentally retarded girl likes to read words that ends with in.

Idioms that start with E 1

End in a fiasco

Meaning: To fall miserably.

Example: His all efforts to rule over the world ended in a fiasco.

End in smoke

Meaning: To yield no practical result.

Example: Her endeavours to do business ended in smoke, as she possessed no practical knowledge of the trade.

End up

Meaning: (i) Come to an end.

Example: The film ended up in suspense.

(ii) Reach a final situation.
Father warned the son not to indulge in drug-addiction, otherwise he would end up in ruining his carreer.

(iii) Be killed, die.
The criminal ended up in the forest when police fired on him.

Engaged in

Meaning: (i) Be busy with.

Example: They are engaged in making toys for the small children.

The girls were engaged in making decoration pieces.

(ii) Take part in, occupied in.
She is engaged in acting.

Enjoy oneself

Meaning: Be happy, have a good time.

Example: Everyone enjoyed themselves in the marriage party.

Enlarge upon

Meaning: Say or write more about (a point, a story, a matter).

Example: His father enlarged on the development of brain power through universal life-force energy.

Enter for

Meaning: Put one’s name down for (a contest, an examination).

Example: Many girls of Modem Public School entered for the beauty contest.

Enter into

Meaning: (i) Begin to consider, begin to deal with.

Example: They can enter into these arguments only if this does not land up into a quarrel.

(ii) Form a part or ingredient of.
Protein enters into the composition of Herbal shake.

(iii) Be able to appreciate or understand.
Both the friends entered into each other’s views in the heated discussion.

(iv) Start, begin.
They entered into film production this month.

Enter upon

Meaning: Take possession of.

Example: Gary entered upon his inheritance from his father.

Escape from

Meaning: (i) Get free from.

Example: The mouse escaped from the clutches of the cat.

(ii) Come out of (gases or liquids).
The gas escaped from the gas cylinder and everything turned into ashes with the spread of fire in the house.

Idioms that start with E 2

Even then

Meaning: In spite of those circumstances.

Example: Everybody condemned him for torturing his wife even then he did not correct himself.

Ever so/such

Meaning: Very.

Example: He’s ever such a nice man. He never denies help to any person who is in dire need.

Every cloud has a silver lining

Meaning: There is a ray of hope in every misfortune.

Example: His friend told him not to accept defeat in life. Overcome all hassles of life bravely. Every cloud has a silver lining.

Every other

Meaning: Every second, every alternate.

Example: He rings up his sister every other day.

Except for

Meaning: (i) But for, without.

Example: He would have been misguided by the criminals, except for his father who made him tread on the right path.

(ii) With the exception of.
Except for few students, the whole school went for a picnic.

Exchange for

Meaning: Give one thing and recieve another thing for it.

Example: The woman exchanged the gold chain for an expensive saree.

Exclude from

Meaning: Prevent from getting in.

Example: The teacher excluded the notorious children from the group discussion.

Excuse for

Meaning: (used as an apology when one interrupts, disagrees, disapprove, has to behave impolitely).

Example: Excuse me, will you mind if I come after ten minutes for the job interview.

Excuse me please, will you get aside?

Explain away

Meaning: Explain (something) so that it does not seem true or important.

Example: She explained away the reason of missing the class to the principal, but he did not believe her.

Exposed to

Meaning: Leave unprotected or uncovered.

Example: The washing machine lost its colour as it remained exposed to the sunlight for many months.

An eye for an eye

Meaning: Complete revenge.

Example: Jesus forbid us to give an eye for an eye to the enemy. He prompted to correct others, instead of taking revenge from them.

Eyes out

Meaning: Careful watch or attention.

Example: 7 Jack has an eye out for that beautiful trousers in the showroom.

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