Idioms that start with A | Important Phrases that starting with letter A

Important idioms and phrases which start with the letter ‘A’

Abreast with

Meaning: To keep information.

Example: Mary keeps herself abreast with the latest news through the newspapers and periodicals.

Absent-minded person

Meaning: Careless and negligent person.

Example: Tom’s dad is a absent-minded person. He keeps things at different places and then forgets them.

Affect ignorance

Meaning: To pretend as if you don’t know.

Example: He is a judge. He should not affect ignorance of the law.

Aghast at

Meaning: Stunned.

Example: She was aghast at the way her husband behaved with her.

All at once

Meaning: Suddenly

Example: The jealous woman hit the pretty girl all at once and wounded her.

All the same

Meaning: Still.

Example: Although I have a busy schedule, all the same I shall spare some time to train you up in Yoga.

Animal spirits

Meaning: Full of vigour and vitality.

Example: Paul was full of animal spirits in his youth.

Apple of discord

Meaning: Main reason for quarrel.

Example: Property is the apple of discord for most of the people living in joint families.

Apple of one’s eyes

Meaning: Very lovable.

Example: He is the apple of his mother’s eyes.

At all

Meaning: Not the least.

Example: Suresh does not have any money at all.

Idioms that start with A 2

A bunch of

Meaning: A number of similar things grouped together.

Example: You will have to find out that cupboard’s key from these bunch of keys.

A good many

Meaning: A large number of.

Example: A good many people have witnessed how the crime took place in the market.

A handful of

Meaning: A small quantity or number of.

Example: She began her professional career by selling a handful of washing powder. Now, she is counted as one of the wealthiest women of the country.

A tough nut to break

Meaning: A difficult question or person to deal with.

Example: His wife is too obstinate. She is a tough nut to break.

A man of his word

Meaning: The one who keeps his promises.

Example: Be a man of your word. Never betray the trust of others.

At once

Meaning: Immediately.

Example: Run away at once, else my brother shall come and give a good thrashing to you.

A slip of tongue

Meaning: A slight error while speaking.

Example: Think before you speak, sometimes a slip of tongue can cost you a lot.

Abide by

Meaning: To keep to.

Example: We must abide by the laws of the company, lest we would be dismissed from our jobs.

Above all

Meaning: Most importantly.

Example: She wants to marry a person with drop dead looks, but above all, he must be good natured and compassionate.

Above board

Meaning: Honest and straight forward.

Example: People love Tom because he is above board.

Idioms that start with A 1

Abstain from

Meaning: Do without.

Example: Abstain from drugs, else you would ruin your life.

Accused of

Meaning: To blame.

Example: She was a girl of good character, yet her step mother accused her of flirting with boys.

Acknowledged to be

Meaning: Considered as.

Example: Jack was acknowledged to be the best student of the college.

Act as

Meaning: Do work as.

Example: She acted as the principal when the school principal was on medical leave.

Act up

Meaning: To behave badly.

Example: She acted up inspite of my good attitude towards her.

Adapt to

Meaning: To adjust.

Example: We saw many ups and downs in life, but we adapted to all circumstances.

Add fuel to the fire

Meaning: To be the additional cause of anger or dispute.

Example: If ever your neighbours quarrel with each other, then never add fuel to the fire with rude words, but calm them with sweet words of love and compassion.

Add on

Meaning: Add as an extra or extras.
Just add on a little sugar in my tea.

Add up

Meaning: Make a total of.

Example: The accountant added up the figures in the Balance Sheet.

Admire for

Meaning: Have a high regard of.

Example: I admire him for his guts and willpower.

After all

Meaning: Inspite of that.

Example: Your teacher may have tortured you, yet, you should forgive him, after all he is your teacher.

Again and again

Meaning: Repeatedly.

Example: Oh God! Why are you ringing her up again and again, when she doesn’t want to talk to you.

Agree to

Meaning: Accept an idea or opinion.

Example: Do you agree to spend a day in Trade Fair!

Against the grain

Meaning: Contrary to one’s nature or temperament.

Example: It is against the grain for us to deal with people who don’t have any sympathy for others.

Agree with

Meaning: Share the same views with.

Example: I agree with you that some parents don’t know how to deal with their children.

AII at once

Meaning: Suddenly

Example: The bus stopped all at once to avoid the collosion with the truck.

All in all

Meaning: On the whole.

Example: All in all, the function was excellent.
Indira Gandhi had some drawbacks, but all in all she was a kind hearted person.

All of a sudden

Meaning: Unexpectedly.

Example: All of a sudden, she frightened me with a loud scream.

All right

Meaning: Good, O.K., acceptable well in health.

Example: Your mother was suffering from fever last month. Is she all right now?

All the rage

Meaning: Immensely popular.

Example: Spiritualism is all the rage in the world these days.

All too often

Meaning: Too many times.

Example: I used to call up my friend Ambika, all too often in a day.

Along with

Meaning: Together with.

Example: I like to go for an outing alongwith my parents.

Approve of

Meaning: Take a favourable view.

Example: Her parents don’t approve of her going out to Discotheques.

As a matter of fact

Meaning: Actually.

Example: He may pretend to be nice, but as a matter of fact, he is a shrewd man.

As a result of

Meaning: Because of.

Example: As a result of his rude behaviour his wife has divorced him.

As a rule

Meaning: Generally.

Example: As a rule, common man is not allowed to enter in Parliament House, but with a valid pass you can enter in it.

As fit as a fiddle

Meaning: Absolutely healthy.

Example: Never worry about his health. He is as fit as a fiddle.

As follows

Meaning: As given in the list-below.

Example: The results of the song competition are as follows: Laila 1st, Tom 2nd and Bob stands 3rd.

As good as

Meaning: Almost.

Example: Metro is as good as AC chair car.

As it is

Meaning: In reality.

Example: He hopes that his daughter would get a good match, but as it is, every one seems to be greedy and selfish.

As luck would have it

Meaning: Fortunately or unfortunately.

Example: As luck would have it, he won a handsome prize in the car- race competition.

As much

Meaning: In equal amount.

Example: I like you as much as I like my cousin sister.

As regards

Meaning: With reference to.

Example: As regards the work of that editor, nobody is satisfied with it.

As to

Meaning: Concerning.

Example: As to his son’s poor performance in the annual exams this year, it’s better to engage a home-tutor for him.

As well

Meaning: In addition.

Example: She is not only a good teacher, but a keen sports person as well.

Ask After

Meaning: Ask for information about.

Example: The parents were asking after their missing daughter from the policemen.

Associated with

Meaning: To keep company as a friend or partner.

Example: She is associated with Laila in cosmetics business since 1998.

At a cost of

Meaning: At the loss of or expense of.

Example: Reema bought the English conversation book at a cost of eighty rupees.

At a discount

Meaning: Below the usual price.

Example: I bought this jeans at 50% discount rate.

At a distance

Meaning: A moderate distance away or far away.

Example: Shelly’s school is situated at a distance, thus she can’t go there by foot.

At a glance

Meaning: With one look.

Example: He saw the girl at a glance and accepted the marriage proposal, as he was enchanted by her beauty and simplicity of mind.

At a loss

Meaning: Without any idea.

Example: When Harry’s mother asked him why did he commit the crime he was at a loss of words.

At a time

Meaning: Each time.

Example: I will have a biscuit at a time.

At all events

Meaning: In spite of everything.

Example: At all events, you must complete this project by tomorrow.

At any rate

Meaning: In any case.

Example: I shall not lose my character at any rate.

At arm’s length

Meaning: At a distance.

Example: We ought to keep evil people at arm’s length.

At best

Meaning: As the best possibility.

Example: At best, I can lend two hundred rupees to my friend.

At hand

Meaning: Within reach.

Example: She doesn’t have an English conversation book at hand, otherwise she would have lent it to you.

At home

Meaning: Comfortable.

Example: Don’t worry about me. I feel myself at home.

At large

Meaning: At full length.

Example: Please explain this book to me at large.

At last

Meaning: Finally.
Example: After fighting a case for years together, he got his payments at last.

At least

Meaning: At the minimum.

Example: This sick woman should eat at least 250 gms of fresh fruits and vegetables daily.

At length

Meaning: For a long time.

Example: The minister gave speech at length in the function.

At most

Meaning: Maximum.

Example: The company is willing to pay at most two thousand rupees for the old fridge.

At no extra cost

Meaning: Without paying extra money.
Example: When you buy the cellphone you shall receive the insurance cover at no extra cost.


Meaning: Immediately now.
Example: The judge told the criminal to leave the court at once.

At one time

Meaning: Once.

Example: At one time, he was a renowned golf player, now he is leading a retired life.

At one’s back and call

Meaning: Always at one’s service or command.

Example: Her children are always at her back and call.

At one’s best

Meaning: In as good condition as possible.

Example: The stage actor was at his best, when he played the pivotal character of Ravana in the drama.

At one’s disposal

Meaning: On which one has a right to use freely.

Example: I am giving my old colour T. V. to you, as I am buying a new one. It is at your disposal now.

At random

Meaning: Without any aim.

Example: Just count these books at random.

At regular price

Meaning: At the price normally charged.

Example: That shopkeeper is a cheater. He charges more money than the regular price from his customers.

At short intervals

Meaning: Occurring again and again after sometime.

Example: She rings up her friends at short intervals.

At sixes and sevens

Meaning: In a mess.

Example: Your clothes are all sixes and sevens.

At the beginning

Meaning: At first.

Example: She liked Gini at the beginning, but later on she changed her [ mind when Gini showed her true colours.

At the expense of

Meaning: Causing the loss of.

Example: She looked after her mother at the expense of her own health.

At the last minute

Meaning: As late as possible.

Example: The train arrived on the station at the last minute.

At the mercy of

Meaning: Powerless against or in the power of.

Example: The patient is at the mercy of the doctor.

At the rate of

Meaning: At the ratio of

Example: He manufactures leather shoes at the rate of thirty per day.

At the request of

Meaning: Because of the invitation.

Example: The education minister paid a visit to the school at the request of the principal.

At the same time

Meaning: Together, However.

Example: The twin sisters eat breakfast, go for a morning walk, and do meditation at the same time.

At the threshold of

Meaning: The beginning.

Example: She had to face great tribulations at the threshold of her career in acting.

At the top of the tree

Meaning: At the highest point in one’s business or profession.

Example: He always remained humble even when he was at the top of the tree.

That rate

Meaning: If things continue in this manner.

Example: If you keep on studying at this rate, you would never pass the exams.

At variance

Meaning: In disagreement.

Example: His opinions are often in variance with those of his brother.

(Be) at work

Meaning: Doing work.

Example: Please don’t disturb her. She is at work at present.

At worst

Meaning: Under the worst conditions.

Example: When he was caught red handed stealing the lady’s purse he thought at worst, they would beat him with a stick.

Attach to

Meaning: To fasten or join one thing with another.

Example: The painting is attached to the wall.

Attend to

Meaning: Take care of

Example: The doctor directed the nurse to attend to the serious patients.

Available to

Meaning: Present or ready for immediate use.

Example: The beggar didn’t have any clothes available to him that day.

Award a prize to

Meaning: Give a prize to somebody especially for merit as a result of an official decision.

Example: Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel prize for her commendable work in the service of mankind.

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