Idioms for Making Decisions | List of Idioms for Making Decisions With Meaning and Examples

Idioms for Making Decisions: Making a decision sometimes can be complicated and hectic, isn’t it? Well, to make it easier, many phrases for making a decision are available in the English language.

One might not be familiar with all of them, but not to worry since this article gives a list of all those idioms about options and decisions.

There are various idioms under the context of decision making. Idioms for wrong decisions as well as best decision idioms are available in this language. It becomes pretty difficult to remember them all along with their correct meanings and examples and to reduce that difficulty, and this article will be of your help.

This article has a list of decision idioms along with their correct meanings and examples.

Enrich your Vocabulary by practicing the English Idioms that are commonly used in everyday conversations and understand their actual meaning.

Name of Idioms for Making Decisions

List of Idioms for Making Decisions


Meaning and examples of few commonly used idioms for making decisions

Eleventh-hour decision

Meaning: When the decision is taken very late or maybe at the very last moment.

Example: After weeks of thinking, Alex finally made an eleventh-hour decision and went ahead with his presentation.

Mull over something

Meaning: To ponder over something or to intensely think or worry about something.

Example: Gina was mulling over her decision of getting married so early.

On the bubble

Meaning: This idiom is utilized in the context of sports. It means to be in between a position of success and failure.

Example: After the demanding and strenuous first round, Howard’s team was really on the bubble.

Make up one’s mind

Meaning: This idiom means to come to a conclusion or form a decision regarding something.

Example: George finally made up his mind and bought a new car after selling the old one.

Split hair

Meaning: When one gets worked up or argues over minor and unimportant differences between things.

Example: The family split hair regarding the colour of their bedsheets.

Change one’s decision

Meaning: This phrase means to change or alter one’s mind or decision regarding something.

Example: Ian got everything to make his favourite noodles, but then he changed his decision before cooking.

Keep one’s options open

Meaning: To hold back before finalizing any decision to have more choices and hence decide accordingly.

Example: Vienna was offered a good amount of money for the job, but she decided to keep her options open.

Have second thoughts

Meaning: When one starts doubting and questioning the decision they previously made.

Example: Phyllis started having second thoughts regarding her decision of moving out of her old apartment.

Reach a decision

Meaning: When one reaches a conclusion or makes a specific decision regarding something.

Example: After putting much thought, the school committee finally decided on the annual concert.

Making decision Idiom 1

Snap decision

Meaning: This idiom refers to a decision made very quickly, and not much thought is put into it.

Example: In such extreme pressure, Selena made a snap decision regarding her job offers.

Be in two minds

Meaning: When an individual has two opinions and faces issues in deciding on a particular option.

Example: Richard was in two minds about letting his daughter go on a road trip.

Stick to your guns

Meaning: To stand by the decision, opinion, choice, or belief one has or one made.

Example: Finn always stuck to his guns and finally became a dancer despite all the objections from his family.

Weigh your options

Meaning: This phrase means to calmly and carefully and think about the choices or possibilities one has.

Example: I decided to weigh my options before finalizing my dance partner.

Up in arms

Meaning: When one is angry about something and is firmly against it.

Example: The entire college was up in arms when they heard that prom would be cancelled.

Take a backseat

Meaning: When one becomes less active and less critical.

Example: Since Maya was the lead dancer, the entire dance performance took a back seat after she got the flu.

Making decisions Idioms 2

My way or the highway

Meaning: This idiom means that one should accept everything the speaker says or suggests, or else the repercussions will not be good.

Example: Lia was done with the boys, and she told them if they wanted to live in the house, they had to listen to her, “It’s either my way or the highway boys”.

Watch paint dry

Meaning: An activity or an experience that one finds exceptionally dull and boring.

Example: Addison was so bored while watching the baseball game that she preferred to watch paint dry instead.

Toy with an idea

Meaning: This phrase is used when one considers an idea or an activity casually, without giving it much thought or making a final decision.

Example: She was never serious about the marriage and was toying with the idea of it.

In a quandary

Meaning: This idiom is utilized when one is not sure and confused about something.

Example: Amy was in a quandary regarding her bridal wear.

At the end of the day

Meaning: Finally, or ultimately, after considering every other thing.

Example: Even though everyone claims to be there, it’s just me alone at the end of the day.

One step at a time

Meaning: When one does something calmly and attentively, taking small steps towards achieving it.

Example: Flora decided to take one step at a time and complete all her pending works.

No strings attached

Meaning: This idiom means to do something or help someone without expecting anything in return.

Example: She needed my help, and I helped her, that’s all – there are no strings attached.

Take it or leave it

Meaning: This idiom is used by the speaker to tell everyone that what they said cannot be changed, and the others can either agree to it or leave.

Example: The company offered a non-negotiable deal and asked me to either take it or leave it.

Up in the air

Meaning: To have a conversation regarding a sure thing that is yet to be decided or finalized.

Example: The girls were planning the road trip, but their parent’s consent regarding it was still up in the air.

Out of the loop

Meaning: When an individual is not included in a particular event or is not informed about a piece of specific news.

Example: Ginny always spilt secrets; she was kept out of the loop while discussing Terry’s secret birthday surprise.

All things being equal

Meaning: When something happens precisely as one expected it to happen.

Example: With all things being equal, I think we will crack this deal quickly.

Be on the fence

Meaning: This phrase is used when an individual is unable to decide between two things.

Example: The child was on the fence as the parents were fighting for his custody.

Carte Blanche

Meaning: When one is allowed to do everything, they want to regard a specific activity or job.

Example: Travis was highly delighted when he heard that he was given the carte blanch to organize the entire birthday party.

Abide by

Meaning: This idiom means to accept and act in accordance with a decision.

Example: The government expected that its citizens will abide by the laws and rules of the country.

Up for grabs

Meaning: Refers to something available for anyone and everyone willing to take.

Example: The sale in the supermarket is now up for grabs.

On the same page

Meaning: To understand and go along with the thing that is being done or will happen.

Example: Corey and his best friend understand each other very well and are always on the same page regarding everything.

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