Idioms for Going Crazy | List of Idioms for Going Crazy With Meaning and Examples

Idioms for Going Crazy: Are you searching for fun ways to say crazy? Life is chaotic, and going completely crazy is understandable at times. But how do you allude to someone as crazy while staying subtle and nuanced?

So, here we are- we have got you a list of idioms for crazy or insane to assist you in strengthening your interactions.

There are many phrases about being crazy, and many he’s as crazy as sayings. However, we made an effort to cherry-pick the best, the most frequently used ones.

Enrich your Vocabulary by practicing the English Idioms that are commonly used in everyday conversations and understand their actual meaning.

Name of Idioms for Going Crazy

List of Idioms for Going Crazy

Meaning and Examples of some commonly used Idioms for Going Crazy

(Have) Rats In The Attic

Meaning: A little mad or that their behavior and attitude are peculiar.

Example: I think she has rats in the attic because she declined to accept that work regardless of the salary and benefits.

A Basket Case

Meaning: A person or thing that is thought to be ineffective or incompetent of adapting.

Example: With that sort of mindset, you’re becoming a basket case by the day; please change that mentality.

Away With The Fairies

Meaning: Being crazed, preoccupied, or engrossed in a world of fantasy.

Example: I’m not sure what prompted him to buy that garment; maybe he was away with the fairies.

Blow A Gasket

Meaning: To flare in rage or fury, to the extent of losing command of one’s words and actions.

Example: When Rahul realized he’d lost his bet money, he blew a gasket.

Blow One’s Top

Meaning: To lose one’s cool.

Example: When he found out that his son had squandered all of his money, it was understandable that he would blow his top.

Blow One’s Stack

Meaning: To get extremely enraged and furious.

Example: Everything was just fine the entire time; I’m not sure precisely what ended up happening for him to blow his stack.

Blow Up

Meaning: An furious outburst.

Example: The blow-up she had today was inevitable; she had been working for this company for six years without receiving a raise.

Drive Someone Crazy

Meaning: To irritate or annoy another person

Example: Stop rehearsing your guitar and drums; the loudness is driving me crazy.

Flip Your Lid

Meaning: To get furious.

Example: If I don’t show up for her birthday celebration this year, my friend will flip her lid for sure.

Going crazy Idiom 1

Fly Off The Handle

Meaning: To lose one’s rage unexpected and suddenly and inexplicably.

Example: The exam result was more than enough for her father to fly off the handle; she had failed the exam for the second time.

Freak Out

Meaning: A completely unreasonable response or pattern of behavior.

Example: Please don’t freak out when you hear what I’m about to say.

Go Ape

Meaning: Become enraged or elated.

Example: If you reiterate what you’ve just said one more time, remember that I will go ape.

Go Ballistic

Meaning: Become enraged.

Example: If he doesn’t get a promotion this time, he’ll go ballistic.

Go Bananas

Meaning: To get enraged or ecstatically thrilled.

Example: When her husband returned from his service deployment, she went bananas.

Go Berserk

Meaning: To become extremely enraged, irrational, and aggressive.

Example: When he did not meet their demands, the masses went berserk.

Go Bonkers

Meaning: To go frantic, impatient, unreasonable, or crazy.

Example: When she got the announcement, she went bonkers.

Go Haywire

Meaning: Become hopelessly befuddled, out of control, or crazed.

Example: When the examinations were suspended owing to the pandemic, the students went haywire.

Go Mental

Meaning: To get exceedingly irritated or agitated.

Example: If my brother discovers that I shattered the glass of his new car, he will go mental.

Go Nuts

Meaning: Become really enraged.

Example: If my father finds out that I have lost the money, he will go nuts.

Go Off The Deep End

Meaning: Allow yourself to have an emotional outburst, especially one of fury.

Example: Please do not go off the deep end; let us sit calmly, and we will surely come up with a solution.

Have A Screw Loose

Meaning: Be a little quirky or emotionally deranged.

Example: She must have a screw loose; otherwise, why would she throw temper tantrums in the center of the highway?

Have Bats In The Belfry

Meaning: Be quirky or crazy.

Example: Admitting that I have bats in the belfry isn’t going to hurt anybody.

Have Steam Coming Out Of Your Ears

Meaning: Quite angry.

Example: Rani lost her cool when she heard the story. She was having steam coming out of her ears.

Hit The Ceiling/ Hit The Roof

Meaning: Be very angry or furious.

Example: If I reach home late, my parents will hit the roof.

Lose It

Meaning: You lose control of your emotions and tend to cry, yell, or burst out laughing.

Example: I tried to be composed the entire time I was preparing for the entrance exam, but in the end, I just really lost it.

Not Playing With A Full Deck (Of Cards)

Meaning: A portion of the person’s brain is absent.

Example: When he executed such a foolish and hazardous move, I’m confident he wasn’t playing with a full deck.

Off Their Rocker

Meaning: Crazy or a bit insane.

Example: I sometimes fear that if I stay here any longer, I’ll perhaps go off my rocker.

Pop One’s Cork

Meaning: Completely break down emotionally.

Example: He was going to pop his cork sooner or later because he had lost all of his money in the stock market.

Going crazy Idiom 2

Someone Is Not All There

Meaning: Someone either isn’t very bright or has a mild mental disorder.

Example: She was not all there during her interview; it was very evident on her face.

Someone Is Out Of Their Mind

Meaning: Foolish or insane.

Example: Are you completely out of your mind- why did you not sit for the exam?

Take Leave Of One’s Senses

Meaning: Go insane.

Example: He started abusing as though he had taken leave of his senses.

The Lights Are On, But No One Is Home

Meaning: Performing an activity on purpose and then claiming it was accidental to oneself or the rest of the world.

Example: I dropped the vase of flowers on purpose, but the lights are turned on, but no one is home.

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