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Idioms about Technology: English is made up of countless components, each of which assumes a significant job in forming a sound and effective statement to express one’s emotions.

Idioms are an essential consideration of one of these parts, which is referred to as the parts of speech.

Idioms are short phrases or fragments of longer ones that have already been understood to be used figuratively or in other terms, to denote something different than their plain interpretation.

“What are some instances of science idioms?” you might be questioning. Now you don’t have to question any further- we have just the right set of idioms to enhance your vocab.

Enrich your Vocabulary by practicing the English Idioms that are commonly used in everyday conversations and understand their actual meaning.

When co-workers actually start using tech terminology and phrases that sound like they originated from some other distant galaxy, do you ever genuinely feel like you’re from another era? With the advancement of technology, many tech idioms are progressively becoming part of the everyday lexicon, but don’t worry, and you’re not forgotten; we’ve got you covered.

Because technology is such a humongous discipline, there are many examples of idioms.

We’ve narrowed down a wide array of types of idioms and compiled a list of the most regularly used ones, which you should learn if you’re a tech-savvy person.

Name of Technology Idioms

List of Technology Idioms

Meaning and Examples of some commonly used Technology Idioms

Be at the Cutting Edge

Meaning: At the top of technological innovation, breakthroughs or development.

Example: When it comes to using the types of equipment, the hcoospital where she is admitted is at the cutting edge of technology.

Be in Two Minds

Meaning: Unsettled and undecided.

Example: I’m still in two minds on the professional path I should pursue.

Be on the Same Wavelength

Meaning: To agree about something; to think and behave in a similar fashion.

Example: They are on the same wavelength, so it’s no coincidence they spend so much time together.

Be Riddled with

Meaning: To be engrossed by or engulfed with something.

Example: She is constantly so riddled with her work that she has no leisure to unwind.

Blow a Fuse

Meaning: To lose one’s cool.

Example: Given how badly her colleagues were bothering her, she was sure to blow a fuse.

By Hook or by Crook

Meaning: Any measures considered necessary should be used to accomplish a particular task.

Example: By hook or by crook, I need the project finished by tonight; it is due tomorrow, and I am behind schedule.

Cog in the Machine

Meaning: Within a bigger enterprise or organization, someone or something that is operationally indispensable but of minor relevance or value.

Example: We thought he was a big shot in his organization, but he was simply a cog in the machine right from the beginning.

Cost an arm and a leg

Meaning: Something is very overpriced.

Example: Instead of spending an arm and a leg on a dress and eating a sandwich, I’d rather don an affordable dress and go out for dinner.

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Chop Chop

Meaning: To hurry it up!

Example: Chop chop, fellas! This project must be done within the next week.

Could not Get to Grips

Meaning: To begin to grasp, accept, and cope with a challenging or troublesome person, thing, or environment.

Example: I’m having a hard time getting to grips with the issue.

(The) Die Is Cast

Meaning: A plan of action has been clearly established.

Example: The die is cast; you can’t undo what you’ve said, no matter how hard you try.

Driving Round the Bend

Meaning: Makes you feel bored and frustrated or agitated.

Example: One more week of working on the weekends will be enough to drive me round the bend.

Get into the Swing

Meaning: Acclimate to a new activity or schedule

Example: Rahul is slowly but surely getting into the swing of his new school routine.

Get your Wires Crossed

Meaning: They each have a different insight on the very same topic.

Example: When they had their wires crossed on occasion, it came as a complete surprise because they have been bosom buddies for a long time.

Grease Monkey

Meaning: Someone who works on automobile or aviation engines

Example: He was fed up with working as a grease monkey and was looking for new opportunities.

Grease the Wheels

Meaning: To establish circumstances that will contribute to or expedite advantageous future developments.

Example: It’s past time to sit and procrastinate; the examinations are quickly approaching, so go and grease the wheels.

Have brainwave

Meaning: A brilliant thought appeared out of nowhere.

Example: The matter had been bugging us for several days until Rohan’s brainwave saved us.

Have a Screw Loose

Meaning: Be somewhat strange or mentally confused.

Example: Because of my recent fascination with the book, my parents are convinced that I’m losing a screw.

Technology idiom 2

Hear something on the jungle telegraph

Meaning: Obtain insight or casual conversation from someone with whom you share a comparable interest.

Example: I happened to hear it on the jungle telegraph that Mohit is resigning.

Hit the Nail on the Head

Meaning: Specify the accurate, perfect answer

Example: I’m not sure why you wasted a page writing about something totally irrelevant instead of hitting the nail on the head.

Hold the Phone

Meaning: To stay on the line until someone is accessible to connect with.

Example: I was requested to hold the phone as they checked to see if the doctor was available on that particular day.

Make Someone Or Something Tick

Meaning: Cause someone or something to operate or function.

Example: When exactly do you intend to make the strategy tick?

Not Rocket Science

Meaning: Something is simple to accomplish; it is not complicated.

Example: My mother tried to persuade me that baking a cake was not rocket science, but I was doubtful.

Nuts and Bolts

Meaning: The most important fundamental details

Example: Before diving deep into a subject, you must first grasp the nuts and bolts.

Pull the Plug On

Meaning: To disconnect a device’s power source by withdrawing the device’s power wire from the power socket.

Example: When I was in the middle of a meeting, my naughty sister pulled the plug on the wi-fi.

Push Someone’s Buttons

Meaning: To make somebody angry.

Example: He knows exactly how to push someone’s buttons while yet getting the job done.

Right on the Button

Meaning: Absolutely correct.

Example: When I received my grades, I was pleasantly surprised to see that all of my choices for the answers were right on the button.

Running like Clockwork

Meaning: To continue, advance, or continue to operate in a regular, dependable, and methodical way.

Example: If all runs like clockwork according to the plan, I should be able to buy a car within the next five years.

Run into a Buzz Saw

Meaning: Some significant and unforeseen complications.

Example: When I was constructing this house, I never anticipated I’d run into a buzz saw of issues from the people living in the area.

Sputnik moment

Meaning: Realise they are on the verge of being tested and must redouble their endeavors to close the gap.

Example: Everyone realized they had arrived at the sputnik moment when the new girl topped the class.

To reinvent the wheel.

Meaning: Pointless exercise attempting to develop something that has previously been accomplished.

Example: Do you comprehend you’ve been reinventing the wheel all these days?

Well-oiled machine

Meaning: Something that works exceptionally efficiently.

Example: The television, even after all these years, runs like a well-oiled machine.

Wheels Within Wheels

Meaning: Used to denote that a circumstance is intricate and deeply influenced by hidden or indirect variables.

Example: We never learned what was going on behind the scenes with the wheels within wheels, which cost us the sure-fire contract.

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