Idioms about Sales and Marketing | List of Idioms about Sales and Marketing With Meanings and Examples

Idioms about Sales and Marketing: In today’s world, sales and marketing play a crucial role to make your business stand out from the rest. It helps you to reach your company’s business goals at a rapid rate and expand your business. With this growing trend, there has been a growth of idioms related to sales and marketing. To achieve your goals, you must know these idioms, which may help you in your business goals. Sales idioms and phrases help you with your daily business communications as well as in your informal communication.

In this article, we have formed a list of sales and marketing idioms that will help you increase your English knowledge. This list of sales and marketing idioms with meaning and examples will help you understand how to use it on a day-to-day basis.

Enrich your Vocabulary by practicing the English Idioms that are commonly used in everyday conversations and understand their actual meaning.

Names of Sales and Marketing Idioms

List of Sales and Marketing Idioms

Meaning and Example of some commonly used idioms about Sales and Marketing

Across the board

Meaning: Applying to or impacting every element or individual in a group or spectrum of things.

Example: Some senior staff are dissatisfied that the new dress code applies to everyone across the board.

All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Meaning: As lovely, pleasurable, spectacular, or valuable as it is supposed to be.

Example: The Apple Watch has gotten a lot of attention, but I don’t think it’s all that it’s cracked up to be.

Bank on

Meaning: Relying on a future event.

Example: I’ve been banking on a holiday bonus this year because I don’t have enough money to buy gifts without it.

Birds of a feather

Meaning: People who are similar or have similar interests.

Example: The club members had minor issues deciding on their annual outing—they’re all birds of a feather.

Bring something to the table

Meaning: To provide or make available a helpful talent or attribute.

Example: John’s year of experience brings his outstanding leadership quality to the table.

Close a/the sale

Meaning: To reach a deal with a buyer.

Example: We want sales associates who can consistently close the sale.

Deliver the Goods

Meaning: To get the intended outcome.

Example: He’s our best graphic designer; therefore I’m confident that he’ll deliver the goods for this ad campaign.

Fish where the fish are

Meaning: Bring your marketing message and your company to where your consumers and potential customers are already.

Example: To have a successful sales result, you need to fish where the fish are.

Idioms about Sales and Marketing 1

For sale

Meaning: Someone or something can purchase it.

Example: Is that lovely home on the corner actually for sale? Oh, how I wish I could live there.

For sale by owner

Meaning: A term used to signify that the item’s owner is also the one selling it.

Example: We’ll list these things for sale by owner online and see who is interested in purchasing them.

Go viral

Meaning: To spread quickly and widely on the Internet, as with a video, picture, or post.

Example: I can’t believe our pooch relaxing on a pool float went viral!

In the long run

Meaning: In the future, over a somewhat lengthy or extended period.

Example: While the company’s new marketing plan was first ridiculed, it appears to have paid off in the long run.

In the Pipeline

Meaning: In progress, or about to begin or be executed.

Example: There are still a lot more products in the pipeline. This implies that no new orders will be shipped for the foreseeable future.

In the works

Meaning: In the process of being finished or implemented.

Example: We’re in the works with a couple of projects, but nothing I can announce publicly just now.

Land (an account)

Meaning: To attain corporate success by acquiring a new consumer

Example: She was promoted after landing a significant new account for her legal company.

No sale

Meaning: I decline the request, offer, or plan under consideration.

Example: I wanted to spend the holidays in Florida, but my father said, “No sale.”

Idioms about Sales and Marketing2

Out the Door

Meaning: With everything included, a price was stated.

Example: After much deliberation, the manager determined that the car would cost us $8,600 out the door.

Point of sale

Meaning: A store or location where one can purchase a product or service.

Example: Believe it or not, I got this fantastic gadget from the point of sale with a 50% discount.

Price yourself out of the market

Meaning: To change the price of something so that it no longer competes or is viable for oneself, someone, or something in the market.

Example: By releasing the new model at a premium price, they have priced themselves out of the market.

Put (something) on the map

Meaning: To make a place or thing famous or well-known.

Example: Years ago, my grandmother’s chilli recipe put this restaurant on the map!

Sell a Bill of Goods

Meaning: to try to persuade someone of a lie, especially to take undue advantage of them

Example: So you said you’d study more complicated if I got you that new video game, but your grades worsened. You appear to have sold me a bill of goods!

Selling Point

Meaning: A specific characteristic, quality, or aspect that makes someone or something desirable, exceptional, or marketable.

Example: the video game console’s selling point is that it is portable, and a home console plugs into a television.

Sold On

Meaning: To persuade someone to do something or adopt a plan or notion.

Example: I wasn’t sold on until they showed me how they intended to spend the money.


Meaning: Tender Loving Care

Example: I’ll sell you this automobile for 2,000 bucks. It needs a bit of TLC, but the engine is brand new.

Up for sale

Meaning: It has been made available for purchase.

Example: I’m putting some of my belongings up for sale to assist me in paying my bills.

Word-of-mouth marketing

Meaning: the technique of intentionally influencing and fostering organic word-of-mouth conversation about a brand, organization, resource, or event

Example: We need to put our focus on word-of-mouth marketing as well. It will help us gain some new organic customers.

Yard sale

Meaning: When a skier or snowboarder falls in the snow, their skis, board, or other equipment scatters all around them.

Example: I had to assist David in retrieving all of his belongings from the yard sale he was conducting near the chairlift.

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