Idioms about Measurement | List of Idioms about Measurement With Meaning and Examples

Idioms about Measurement: Idioms are a group of words that have developed a meaning separate from the meanings of the individual terms as a result of their use. There are various idioms related to measurement, and they help you in the easiest way to explain some thoughts for which there are no other words.

You must have heard some of these catchy measurement phrases, and some of them often get stuck in our heads, but it is also important to know the meanings of these phrases and how they are used in sentences and conversations.

Idioms are essential because they allow you to express yourself in creative and distinctive ways. Idioms are useful when learning a language, especially for communication, because they help us sound fluent and comfortable.

Enrich your Vocabulary by practicing the English Idioms that are commonly used in everyday conversations and understand their actual meaning.

In this article on idioms in English, we have collected and listed such idioms related to measurement, or the measure for measure idioms, along with the meaning and example of each idiom that will help expand our idioms vocabulary and English language skills.

Names of Idioms about Measurement

List of Idioms about Measurement

Meaning and Examples of some commonly used Idioms about Measurement

A Bit Much

Meaning: More than what is reasonable or a bit too much.

Example: John criticized the food a bit much even though it was pretty good.

A Cut Above

Meaning: Slightly or noticeably better than something else, especially of what is expected.

Example: The author’s other books are good as well, but this one is definitely a cut above.

A Cut Below

Meaning: Inferior to or somewhat lower in quality than something else, especially of what is expected.

Example: The service and food are really a cut below than what this place claims to serve.

A Good Deal

Meaning: To a large extent or a lot.

Example: A lot of new work has come in, and we are going to have a good deal of trouble finishing the project this week.

A Great Deal

Meaning: To a very large extent or great degree.

Example: They sold off the house at a good price and got a great deal of money to invest in the future.

A Notch Above

Meaning: Superior to or higher in quality but not by a huge margin.

Example: This group of dancers is a notch above the other groups of the previous year’s competition.

Vicious Circle

Meaning: A negative situation in which an attempt to solve the problem makes the situation even worse.

Example: I have been borrowing money to meet my expenses, but this is only hurting my credit score and increasing my monthly payments. It’s a vicious circle.

Dead Centre

Meaning: In the exact middle of something.

Example: You should be at the dead centre of the frame; otherwise, the picture will not look nice.

Measurement idiom 1

On the Dot

Meaning: Exactly at the time specified earlier.

Example: We will be leaving at 7 o’clock on the dot or else we will miss the bus.

A Hundred and Ten Percent

Meaning: The effort made for an attempt to achieve something better than one believes one is capable of or more than what seems to be the maximum.

Example: The football finals are here, and the team need to give a hundred and ten percent to win the game.

(The) Whole Nine Yards

Meaning: The entire amount or everything or all of something.

Example: Sofia does everything around the school: taking classes, secretarial work, personnel management – the whole nine yards.

A Stone’s Throw

Meaning: A very short distance.

Example: You can come to my house for the night. It’s just a stone’s throw from the beach.

A Tall Order

Meaning: A difficult task to accomplish.

Example: Baking hundreds of cupcakes in one night is a tall order, but I believe we’ll be able to pull it off.

Above And Beyond

Meaning: More than what is expected or required.

Example: Ruby went above and beyond her duties, and he was rewarded with gifts.

Head and Shoulders Above

Meaning: Far superior or better to something.

Example: Jenny was head and shoulders above other candidates; she should definitely get the job.

Along The Lines Of

Meaning: In the same general direction or similar to something.

Example: We can design the rooms along the lines of the model house, but with a few changes.

Angle For

Meaning: Aim toward something or plan to achieve something.

Example: The company angled for the deal as it was very much needed to hold its positions in the market.

Measurement idiom 2

By a Whisker

Meaning: By a very short distance or margin.

Example: We reached the stadium when the gates were closing. We made it by a whisker.

I’ve Had It Up to Here

Meaning: Frustrated or angry with tolerating someone or something.

Example: I need a babysitter now; I’ve had it up to here with the twins.

Weigh in

Meaning: Offer an opinion or advice on something.

Example: The debate was arranged to weigh in on the current situation of the country.

Larger Than Life

Meaning: Conveying a sense of greatness because of unusual and loud behaviour or appearance.

Example: The actor is a larger than life person both on and off camera, and everyone knows it.

Move the Needle

Meaning: Have a measurable effect or a noticeable change on something.

Example: I hope my efforts for the presentation has moved the needle for my promotion.

High As a Kite

Meaning: Someone strongly under the influence of drugs or intoxicants.

Example: When the police arrived at the party, everyone was high as a kite.

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