Idioms about Fruits | List Of Idioms About Fruits With Meaning And Examples

Idioms about Fruits: Welcome to the healthy start of your life with some fruity conversations. Fruits and vegetables are the basic necessity of our existence, and it is incredible how the English language has incorporated such a varied range of words, meanings, idioms. In this blog, we will have a look at fruit idioms.

It can include different types of fruit: cherry idioms, banana idioms, watermelon idioms or berry idioms, and even more. The list below contains few commonly used fruit idioms used in making conversations more engaging and accessible. We have thus of fruit idioms for you to look at.

Enrich your Vocabulary by practicing the English Idioms that are commonly used in everyday conversations and understand their actual meaning.

Names of Idioms about Fruits

List of Idioms About Fruits

Meaning And Examples Of Few Commonly Used Idioms About Fruits

The apple of your eye

Meaning: Being the apple of their eye means being very special and dear to them. A person about whom you are very protective of and is your favorite.

Example: she is the apple of your eye; you can’t even imagine a day without your daughter.

A bite at the cherry

Meaning: getting a bite at the cherry means to get an opportunity to do something which is not available to everyone, or you get it by luck.

Example: if you qualify for the next round, he will get a bite at the cherry and visit Singapore for an extended vacation.

Another bite at the cherry

Meaning: to get another opportunity e2 to do something as you failed in the first one or not able to do it for some reason.

Example: I missed the qualification for two points. I wish I could get another by that cherry and visit Singapore soon.

Go bananas

Meaning: The meaning of go bananas or went bananas means to become very angry or upset any emotion which is extreme due to some unexpected event.

Example: please don’t tell my mum that I painted with crayons on the world she will go bananas if she hears this.

Top banana

Meaning: a top banana means a person who has the most power and leads the whole Group. A person who is very important to run a particular organization or Group and has the top authority in every aspect.

Example: you guys can’t really disagree that Neha is the top banana in our office.

Second banana

Meaning: To be a second banana means being in the next post of the head of a company or any organization; it is the next most important person in a company.

Example: I have given all my efforts to this company, and I am still the second banana here.


Meaning: which is used as a compliment meaning someone very sweet and helpful. That person is always excellent and has good behavior towards everyone.

Example: you are sweet as a peach; anyone will fall for you.

Fruit Idioms 2

Big apple

Meaning: big apple means a state of supremacy or extreme confidence which a person acquires as a result of their ambition a desire for a particular object.

Example: I am shifting to Singapore the following week. I am going to be a big apple now.

Not give a fig

Meaning: to not give a fig means not have the very slightest concern or worry for anything. In short words, it means not to care or show interest in anything as their behavior.

Example: the man kept asking for water, and you did not give a fig to what he was going through.

Apples and oranges

Meaning: apples and oranges idiom is used mainly to compare apples and oranges, meaning two things that cannot be practically compared and are very unfair to bring down for comparison. As they are of different places or different classes, you cannot compare them.

Example: you surely know who is going to win the contest; there is no comparison between apples and oranges.

A plum job

Meaning: a kind of job which a person wanted which is easy to do you with the position he wanted and also is a well-paid job.

Example: I just went to the walk-in interview and got selected; it is a kind of a plum job, and I love it.


Meaning: being a lemon means to invest your money in something which is worthless and does not deserve to be used for a considerable amount or something, which is an unbelievable Lacoste slip compared to their product quality.

Example: the second car I bought for my friend is a lemon; it was a waste of money.

The apple never falls away from the tree.

Meaning: it means that a child will have the same qualities or behavioral patterns as their parents as they are a part of the same family and share the same traits.

Example: her son is very interested in pop music, just like his mother, proving that the Apple never falls away from the tree.

Bad apple

Meaning: being a Bad apple means a person in a group who is very harmful or is most probably a criminal or a corrupt person who can affect the whole Group or has the ability to spoil others.

Example: you can’t expect a Bad apple to behave appropriately in front of your parents.

Peaches and cream

Meaning: it is used to describe someone who has smooth but pale skin and has pink cheeks rare kind of beauty. ticket it can also be said to be a condition where there is going to be no problems and is a very beautiful place

Example: your life would have been peaches and cream if you married that guy.

Sour grapes

Meaning: It means to pretend that someone does not want to join or be a part of a conversation or a thing which, in reality, they cannot effort to or don’t belong to that place.

Example: your friend said that he doesn’t want to come to our 25th anniversary it was sour grapes,

As American as an apple pie

Meaning: being an American as an apple pie means something which is very neatly arranged and perfectly ordered in their place—an arrangement where there are no flaws.

Example: everything my daughter covered is always arranged correctly; she is as American as an apple pie.


Meaning: being a fruit means to be old and not capable of something or a strange person who is often made fun of by others.

Example: stop being a fruit, and let’s go out to get some drinks.

Upset the apple cart

Meaning: to upset the Apple cart means to spoil or stop the progress of any plan or arrangement which lives to trouble in someone’s life or plans.

Example: she loves to create problems between friends and is always up to upset the apple cart.

To bear fruit

Meaning: to bear fruit means any idea or effort which has come out in effect as the result of hard work or success. It was the most favorable outcome, which is deserving.

Example: after all my efforts in the new startup company has finally started to bear fruit.

Gone pear-shaped

Meaning: Go pear-shaped on yourself means to fall off or drop-down their standards or way of living for any unavoidable situation.

Example: after their business fell apart, they all went pear-shaped.

Fruit Idioms 1


Meaning: to cherry-pick means to choose the most desirable and the best option available among the other things. It can be a person from the Group or the best choice of materialistic thing from the other number of suitable options.

Example: he made a quick tour at the art gallery and cherry-picked the most expensive one.

Drive some bananas

Meaning: to drive some bananas means making someone feel very stressed or making someone feel very e crazy because of doing something they did not expect.

Example: why did you drive at such a high speed? It’s driving me bananas.

Banana republic

Meaning: being a Banana republic means a government that is a very corrupt rule at the same time, referred to small places which have independent government bodies but are very unfair towards ruling the country

Example: I was about to take the name of the Banana republic in the debate, but my coworker stopped me from doing so.

If life gives you a lemon, make lemonade.

Meaning: if life gives you lemons, you make lemonade means to encourage someone to face the bad things in front of them and take out the best opportunity possible from it.

Example: his father died last month, and they lost the only earning person in the family. But he is always so Jolly and says if life gives you lemons, make lemonade out of it.

Fruits of labor

Meaning: fruits of labor means to get the result which was desired due to a lot of hard work and dedication that you had put into a certain thing.

Example: my daughter has been an absolute gem in the quiz competition; it’s just the fruits of labor.

Cool as a cucumber

Meaning: to be cool as a cucumber means to be very calm, composed, and cool. It means when someone has no extra expressions, even if something astonishing or something extravagant has happened.

Example: my mother was as cool as a cucumber when she learned that we were going to be hit by a cyclone the next day probably.

Life is a bowl of cherries.

Meaning: being the life which is very pleasant and has a lot of enjoyment. A type of behavior in life in which they have no problems to get into and enjoying the most of it.

Example: my neighbor’s son just cracked the republic service exam life is a bowl of cherries for them now.

The cherry on the cake

Meaning: the cherry on the cake means even if there was something problem with the process, the result of it was nothing less than being perfect.

Example: the fabulous weather for scuba diving was the cherry on the cake.

Speak with a plum in their mouth

Meaning: speaking with a plan means a typical way of speaking or conversation, which is mostly seen in high-class families. having a plum in your family means you belong from a high social class and not a working-class with no privileges

Example: speech for the plan in her mouth its really possible to have a good conversation with.

Through the grapevine

Meaning: Shruti grapevine means news which someone heard through another person without coming in contact with the person about whom the conversation is. It can be said, in other words, like gossip or rumor.

Example: I heard through the grapevine that she is pregnant with her second child.

As red as a cherry

Meaning: being extremely ashamed or embarrassed for a certain situation that makes your face red. Embarrassment or angle can be of positive or negative reasons.

Example: I was as Red as a cherry when he proposed to me for marriage.

Cherry conditioned

Meaning: being a cherry condition means something which has not been used for a long time, but it’s still in great condition and can be used for further work with a little protective care.

Example: the vacuum cleaner I bought last year is still in cherry condition.

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