How to Start an Essay? | Advantages and Disadvantages, Ways to Start an essay

How to Start an Essay?: What is an essay, and how to start an essay in English? Is this the question making rounds in your head? Well, an essay is a simple composition of words stating facts, with different ways to start the content.

An introduction of an essay is the key concept of definition that can result in this be a successful write-up. There is always a format o follow, tips to keep in mind and things to avoid so that the start of the paragraph is always engaging.

This blog will focus on essay writing format and examples to make this a successful write-up.

How to Start an Essay? in English

What is an essay?

An essay traces back to its origin from French word translation, which means to attempt. The model vertices essay does as a writer with a purpose that is to attempt and convince the audience on some topic. An essay can be of a wide range of various topics and include almost everything around us.

Different types of essays are written in different formats and writing styles that can further be divided into fonts, shape academic demand etc. An essay is designed in such a way that the written is gives the presentation of the writer’s argument debate or expression of an idea.

There are ten types of most commonly written essay namely

  • Narrative essay
  • Descriptive essay
  • Analytical essay
  • Definition essay
  • Persuasive essay
  • Expository essay
  • Process essay
  • Persuasive essay
  • Argumentative essay
  • Comparison and contrast essay
  • Cause and effect essay

Advantages of having a good start to the essay

Writing an essay starts from the basic main concept of introduction. However, there are a few advantages that .you can list.

  • Improves focus- in an essay, the idea of focusing on a topic starts with the introduction. No matter how complicated integrative cases are, the outline thoughts that a foot in the first paragraph interest spirited to continue the argument.
  • Transition- it is often found that when we enter the introduction and start a body, there seems to be a gap of translation. Having a good introduction that relates to the body concept gives a connection bond between. The two paragraphs do leading to a smooth and straight-line translation.
  • Order of content- focus on the content of the main body starts from the introduction. If the first paragraph has a strong argumentative sentence or facts that can move a version, it is more likely that it would be a systematic evolution of the Idea.
  • Concise writing- the outline of the article focuses roughly on the body as well as the conclusion that will be drawn by it, so there is always a chance of prediction for the readers.
  • Organization- to be precise, the introduction paragraph is the functioning of essays that may include keywords and sentences based on the essay topic.

Disadvantages of essay introductions

To be very precise, there are no disadvantages of the essay introduction, but the way of writing the introduction makes some faults, leading to disadvantages caused.

  • Too much information about the topic introduction makes it long and monotonous.
  • Facts and information that are already known to the readers do not interest them then.
  • Starting with very foreign words and another language is not appreciated by the readers.
  • Too much explanation about the main topic that you must do in the body makes it very long.

Why is the opening of an essay important

An essay is a fusion of different words and sentences that makes an effort to justify a topic. The writer gives the information related to the topic so that they get adequate knowledge about the same. Few points keep the writer engaged with the essay, one of the important parts is an introduction.

The very first paragraph of an essay is called an introduction, and it is solely responsible for grabbing the reader’s attention. Written sentences facts in simple language give them the interest to read further. Moreover, it gives them the surety that this essay will fulfil all the queries without complications.

For example, a write-up about global warming wishes you only contain all the factors leading to global warming and more in the body. Still, the line that “our Earth is melting” introduces maximum tension does forcing The reader to go to the text and satisfy their questions. Thus the opening of an essay is very important for the topic.

What should an introduction contain?

The introduction has the capacity to interest the reader and further go on with the essay, so there are a few things that the introduction should contain to retain the audience’s attention.

  1. Groom the first few lines so that the reader prepare himself for the coming information.
  2. Convince The reader that they want to read the article by saying some facts at the beginning.
  3. Make a statement that gives a summary of the essay called a thesis statement.
  4. Mention any quote by an expert that matches your topic.
  5. Mention a misconception that the essay will focus on.
  6. Give some background information if the topic is based on literature.
  7. Get hold of scientific concepts if it is a science-related essay and focus on their contributions to it.
  8. Define a term that is unfamiliar to the audience and start with the essay.
  9. Try to mention of fact or term that is related to a real-life situation with which they can connect.

What should an Introduction not contain?

It is solely the right is a responsibility to keep the audience engaged with the whole format of the essay. One wrong step and wrong information can lead to a bad and attentive essay, so there are a few points combined that have to be kept in mind to avoid this situation.

  1. Never mention definitions and facts that a host knows well of the audience does not meet them repetitively.
  2. Don’t give extra information that you should write in the body of an essay.
  3. Consider adding another paragraph on your body so that the introduction does not get too long and the reader loses interest.
  4. Don’t brag too much about the topic and start as soon as possible.
  5. Please answer the question mentioned in the article in one line without leaving it for the body.
  6. Don’t use the words which leads to convincing so that it is not turned off the reader’s mood to read.
  7. Rather focus on making the difficult convincing and not on the want to make the article convincing.

Ways to start an essay

The body of essays has the capacity to hold the content and interaction of the essays has sick about the city to pinch reader to start with the analysis. The ultimate focus of the introduction paragraph is to engage the reader and grab the attention. To make an introduction appropriate and effective, there is an order to maintain that can engage your readers.

  • Keep the content and the size of the essay short and focused.
  • Grab the reader’s attention by stating facts, quotes, statistics, questions etc.
  • Mention your thesis or subject of the essay very briefly, like “This essay is about…”.
  • Introduce your main points in brief so that The reader gets the background idea of the topic.
  • Try to End the introduction in a clear sense that there is a transition possible to keep the readers engaged.
  • Give a conclusion sentence in the introduction paragraph so that there is an outline to stick to.
  • Use a very short reference that leads to a larger story.
  • State a shocking statement that is most likely to have avoided the audience attention for your years.
  • State of very contrasting fact between the past and present presented image and reality.
  • Words that you can use in the para of introduction to make it friendly and approachable are
    • Firstly, secondly, thirdly to say.
    • According to the great philosopher….
    • In the view or light of consideration.
    • In order to make it clear, we can refer to a…
    • Furthermore, moreover, to start with.
  • Explain the main topic of the character in one sentence with just a belief idea.
  • Keep the last sentence of the paragraph engaging so that the transition from the introduction paragraph to the body is not absurd.

An example to refer to that can make the introduction stand out.

  • To start with we can say that the earth is melting day and there are no measures taken by everyone. Ever wondered why this is happening? Well, it is just for human activities. Global warming is the result of the negligence of humans; as quoted, “a rapid climate change is occurring that can lead to no human survival” is supposedly true.

To conclude, we can say that the introduction paragraph or the starting of an essay is the basics of a good paper. By using the tactics and basic theories, a writer gets a capacity to engage their readers.

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