How to Say and Write the Date Correctly in English | Purpose and General Ways To Say and Write Date

How to Say and Write the Date Correctly in English: There is a certain reason why we use dates and sequences in everything so that the important thing doesn’t get tempered. We should not mess up with the events that have happened and we should have a clear cut vision of what happened when. Now the point is how can we write dates formally?

We write it correctly how it’s been performed right the International forum. For example, writing the date as year, then month and then day. How to write the date in the number form? Simple they’ll ask you to write zero before single-digit and will provide you with a structure like DD/MM/YY.

And how we can write dates in sentences? Nothing but writing it alphabetically. In a manner where everyone tends to understand starting from child to old. So there are various existing ways by which we as, some we can properly write dates.

How to Say and Write the Date Correctly

Purpose for reconsideration of dates and their uses?

Importance of timeline

How we are supposed to know if that is correct or not? On what date or month or year has happened? It’s very important to have a check whatever we are seeing or listening to is correct and that is why writing the dates and mentioning when the incident happened is so important.

For example, I have eaten ice cream on the 21st of August 2021 and that was marking a difference from any mare ice creams. Thus, you can see this particular ice cream that a person had on that particular date is making a difference to any normal ice cream. I might eat ice cream every day but good days are worth remembering that for.

To fact check

As I’ve already mentioned dates are important to check the authenticity of written documents which makes it a fact. A fact is something that is already proven and which can not change. For example, India got its independence on the year 1947 which here is making a big definition to it.

Because it’s written everywhere and we can’t change it even if anyone wants to. Many incidents have happened in the past which has happened over the period. Who tells us if it’s right or wrong? Or when did it happen? None other than the natives who lived shed their blood. That is how the purpose of fact check and authenticity works.

Knowing the situation

The work started from BC that is the generation of Before Christ and then the generation of Anno Domini came and then it’s moving forward to the 21st century where we live today. However, who has given us this idea of centuries by centuries and keeping a track of everything? Humans, without us, keeping a legit record, it wouldn’t ever be possible to know where we stand today.

Without knowing the dates or keeping its records we humans would have been lost forever in a jungle no one could find. That is why knowing where we stand comes to protect and give us a view in order of chronology or else history could never have been written.

Keeping of track check

This is where I have to make you understand this with an example. So here it is, suppose you’re taking your medicine on alternative days and after your dinner. So you might get lost with of track for taking your medicine what you’re going to do then?

You lock your duration in the calendar and see-through it when are the dates you are going to take your medicines. In this way, it’s easy to track check what and schedule your whole day according to your will. This is the way how you can mould the situation in an organized manner.

General ways to say dates

Saying year’s in English

1700: seventeen hundred

1706: seventeen hundred (and) six

1718: seventeen eighteen

1996: nineteenth ninety-six

2000: two thousand

3003: there thousand and three or thirty oh three

2012: two thousand and twelve or twenty oh twelve

How to Say and Write the Date Correctly in English 1

Splitting up the year in 10s

We often slip up the sentences to make it easier for example,

The year 1976 has been divided into the years 19 and 76 which means what? It can be called as nineteenth seventy-six.

Generally, from the thousand to tens the years are not split up for example, from 2000 to 2009 are not split up but again 2010 is split up.

How to say and write dates correctly?

BC: before Christ

The concept of before Christ often comes up with the situation when chronology comes. The fact that Jesus was indeed a historical person has been jotted and stressed out which has a significant role too. Here lies the biography which has a lot of facts but not in a much accurate way because of it’s how old it was.

This was the time where old testaments were used and rotten into junk or dust because of the atmosphere, this problem is not death with the New Testament. So BC is used for the period before Christ.

Anno Domini

It is used in the Julian and the Georgian calendars and it’s a Latin word that means the year in which Jesus was born. Both BC and AD is so important to understand the dates and prescribe accordingly. This was the starting of the modern Common Era and had put a huge deal with the sense of eras.

What are the precise dates of announcing according to the calendar? December 25, January 1, March 25 and the beginning of each Easter day.

How to Say and Write the Date Correctly in English 2


It is referred to be the gap of 10 counting years in between. For example, starting from 2000 to 2010 is known as one decade. The gap between that is the period to measure decades. It was firstly announced by Ancient Greeks, in their language decade means the group of ten.

The usage of the decade is nothing but for example, Picasso took a decade to finish one of his paintings. So this is how it shortens and simplifies the whole matter. You don’t even have to tell the whole thing one word is enough to make people understand the details.


Centuries are nothing but timelines and years adding 100 years together and making it one. A summation of 100 years will make one century and a summation of two hundred years will make the 2nd century and the streak goes on. The use of “a” can be seen over there, for example, in the 20s or 30s or 40s to construct the fact in which age it’s being determined.

It was first announced by the Latin language. The usage of centuries are for population perception, for example, it is an easy way to create the census in which how many people are living in one century and they are keeping a record of it. So it works like that.

Ordinal numbers

It is nothing complicated but a set of numbers used to portray in such a way that is suitable for people to understand. It’s a collection of numbers joined together. For example,

1st- first

2nd- second

3rd- third

4th- fourth

5th- fifth

6th- sixth

7th- seventh

8th- eighth

9th- ninth

10th- tenth

So, as we can see this is how the number system works. It is good to have a written document beside you when you go are doing work. Dates are a good way to manage the situation for that. Well, it started long ago and it’s continuing till now so we can see how useful it is to have a proper balance and check-in everything and at last it is important to state the fact that it’s not the only way in which you can write the number ways there are more preferred ways to make it easier for day to day life.

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