Housework and Repair Verbs | List of Household Chores With Meaning with Examples

Housework and Repair Verbs: If you want to stay at a house that is hygienic, well-arranged and makes you feel more productive, you need to get done with your household chores. There are different types of household chores – daily household chores, weekly household chores, monthly household chores and yearly household chores.

Daily household chores include sweeping, washing dishes, doing laundry, etc. Then comes weekly household chores like mowing the lawn, washing the car, etc. Monthly household chores like cleaning the refrigerator and washing the windows are the ones you can do once a month.

These household chores are things that one must follow all the time to live a better-organized life. In this article, you will come across a list of household chores along with their meaning and pictures that you must include in your chores list.

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List of Household Chores

Name of the Household Chores

Meaning and Example of the Household Chores on the list


Meaning: Changing the sheets of the beds.

Example: You should change your bedsheets before the guests come over.

Cleaning Refrigerator

Meaning: Cleaning the refrigerator inside out.

Example: Before we store all the food, we need to clean the refrigerator.

Doing Laundry

Meaning: Cleaning the clothes, towels, etc.

Example: I don’t know how I will finish doing the laundry by tonight.


Meaning: Making a hole on any hard surface.

Example: I need to drill these frames in the drawing-room.


Meaning: Drying the washed clothes, towels, etc.

Example: I need to dry these shirts while the sun is still out.


Meaning: Cleaning to get rid of specks of dust.

Example: We have been dusting for just a couple of hours, but it feels like forever.

Housework and Repair Verbs


Meaning: Folding clothes, towels, etc.

Example: Before you leave, please fold all the dried clothes over there.


Meaning: Hanging some object.

Example: Before we drill in, let’s decide where exactly we are going to hang these portraits.


Meaning: Ironing the wrinkled clothes.

Example: Every night, I would iron the outfit I was supposed to wear the next day.


Meaning: Making the bed.

Example: Make sure you clean your room, arrange all the clothes and make your bed.

Mopping Floors

Meaning: Wiping the floor with water along with some cleaning agent.

Example: Be careful and do not slip on your way in. Mary is mopping the floors in your room.


Meaning: Cutting the extra grass on a lawn.

Example: Hurry up, we need to mow the lawn before mom gets back from the stores.

Housework and Repair Verbs 2


Meaning: Fastening something with nails.

Example: I need to nail the soft board in my room. Would you help me with it?


Meaning: Fixing something back to its good state.

Example: Rick has been repairing the computer now and then. He should get a new one.


Meaning: Rubbing hard to clean something.

Example: John had to scrub the pile of utensils as a punishment for not doing his chores in time.


Meaning: Cleaning a place by brushing away litter.

Example: Cover your mouth while sweeping. You don’t want to catch a dust allergy.

Take Out

Meaning: Throwing away waste or garbage.

Example: It is very late. Make sure that the first thing in the morning you do is to take out that garbage.


Meaning: To make something tighter.

Example: He tightened all the screws to make sure that the table did not fall off again.


Meaning: Cleaning with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

Example: Rob went ahead to vacuum the rug before others started mopping the room.

Wash Car

Meaning: Washing the car with water and cleaning agents.

Example: We need to wash the car to get rid of that stinky smell.

Wash Dishes

Meaning: Cleaning the utensils that have been used.

Example: We all wash the dishes together after our dinner. It makes the process easier and less time-consuming.

Wash Windows

Meaning: To clean windows using water and cleaning agents

Example: Thomas knows how to wash the windows correctly. They are shining as good as something new.

Wipe Off

Meaning: To clean something using a piece of cloth or towel.

Example: Jerry alone had to wipe off all the spilled cream on the table.

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