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Hobbies: A hobby is something that we do when we have free time, and a hobby is something that we enjoy doing and are not forced to do because of any deadlines. Have you been able to discover your hobby yet? If not, then we might have something for you. In this article, we have developed a list of hobbies for you to choose from.

The best thing about hobbies is that you get to pick any hobby for your boring life to make it more fun. Some common and popular hobbies, which have been listed below, will help you discover who you are and your likes and dislikes.

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Meaning: Reading is one of the most widely practised hobbies which has many benefits. Reading can help expand one’s horizons and allows one to enjoy something new with every book that they read. One gets to learn about many things by reading books which can help look at life differently.


Meaning: Basketball is an excellent idea for a hobby. It can be played anywhere like the house, gym and school park. It is a great way to get one’s mind off things and also a fantastic way of expressing oneself. It is a good pass time and also creates a bonding experience with friends and family.


Meaning: Golf is a great activity to explore, especially during the warm summer weather. It keeps the mind occupied, keeps one healthy, keeps one around people and out of the house. One can enjoy this game with not only friends and family but also get some time to themselves.


Meaning: It is one of the most versatile and beneficial hobbies. Exercise can help in having a healthy heart and increasing the lung and heart capacity. Running is a great way to give one’s cardiovascular system a push. Running can also make a long-term healthy change to one’s lifestyle.


Meaning: Research has shown that regular brisk walking can not only have physical benefits but also boost energy, improve mood and help reduce stress. It also helps prevent depression. Walking gives one the opportunity to breathe in the fresh air while spending time in nature.


Meaning: Soccer is an exciting game, and the players are incredibly fond of it. Playing soccer can help in building strength, endurance and flexibility. It also helps in lowering body fat and improving muscle tone. Soccer can teach an individual the importance of being a team player.

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Meaning: Playing volleyball is a fantastic way of meeting and making new friends. Volleyball playing can help in strengthening the body and improves reflexes, hand-eye coordination and balance. It also teaches communication and teamwork, and it is a great social activity.


Meaning: Badminton is a type of sport which makes one feel healthy and active while having fun. It has several health benefits, such as helping in improving metabolic rate, helping in muscle toning and maintaining the physique, and decreasing the risk of diabetes. The good thing about this sport is one doesn’t need to be a pro to enjoy it.


Meaning: Yoga helps in improving one’s physical and mental health, increases flexibility, strength and also helps in fighting stress. It also boosts energy levels; thus, your hobby could become your fitness mantra. It also increases one’s flexibility, lowers blood pressure and improves one’s posture.


Meaning: Pilates is an excellent way if you want to lose some extra flaps via your hobby. It helps in increasing core strength, decreases back pain, enhances body awareness, improves posture, decreases stress, reduces menstrual pain, increases energy and many more health benefits.


Meaning: Swimming is one of the best hobbies as it has innumerable mental and physical benefits. People with minor injuries can also take up swimming as a hobby. It is a highly relaxing hobby. Any individual of any age group can enjoy swimming since it is not a heavy-duty workout.

Ice skating

Meaning: Ice skating is a recreational activity done in the ice-skating rink. Ice skating is an enjoyable activity. However, it can take a while to learn the skill. It can be done for sports, leisure or fun. It is also a fun type of exercise where one doesn’t even feel that they are working out.

Roller skating

Meaning: Roller skating, also known as rollerblading, is a type of transportation sport and also a recreational activity. It is a good way of getting fit and enjoying the transportation benefits whilst enjoying the scenery. It helps in strengthening muscles, improving heart health and burning calories.


Meaning: Whether played competitively or recreationally, rugby is a fantastic sport to stay fit and healthy. Rugby can help boost one’s upper body strength, needed for tackling, muscle strength required for contact sport. It also teaches team spirit and increases one’s stamina and strength.


Meaning: Darts is a fantastic hobby as well as past time activity that does not have any unwanted stress and demand from the mind or body. It builds teamwork, relieves stress, improves eye and hand coordination, improves concentration and social skills. It can be played both with friends and alone.


Meaning: Bowling is not just a fun activity, but it also has various health benefits. It is like an anaerobic exercise for physical fitness, allowing the bowler to burn a lot of calories. Bowling is an excellent way of spending some quality time with your friends and family while having some healthy competition.

Ice hockey

Meaning: Ice hockey has become of the most popular hobbies for many people. It teaches an individual the value of respect, teamwork, learning non-verbal communication, and helps improve motor coordination. Ice hockey is also a great form of exercise where one can’t almost feel how much workout they are getting in.


Meaning: Surfing is a fascinating hobby. It also has many health benefits. It helps in strengthening muscles, increasing coordination, increasing balance, and keeping one in shape. Surfing releases adrenaline in the body, which creates a feeling of rush. People who do surfing as a hobby love the rush and enjoy the excitement.


Meaning: Tennis is not only an exciting sport but also a fun hobby. It is immensely fun, easy to play and great for one’s health. Playing the sport as a hobby is an amazing way of improving one’s physical and psychological health. It increases metabolic function, aerobic capacities, bone density and lowers body fat.

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Meaning: Gymnastics as a hobby has made people feel a rise in their self-esteem as well as learn to manoeuvre one’s actions based on the situation. It not only helps improve one’s flexibility. It also helps in developing coordination and confidence. It also provides one the opportunity to have social interaction and teaches goal setting.

Rock climbing

Meaning: Rock climbing is a hobby that has been growing popular all across the world. One gets to choose from various routes to explore with a supportive community with increasing one’s increasing self-confidence and giving the body a healthy workout. It’s a great way of getting in a full-body workout.


Meaning: Dancing gives one the opportunity just to be themselves and enjoy the rhythm. It makes one mentally and physically active. It also improves one’s flexibility and strength, having healthier joints and muscles. One’s posture and body balance also get better with dance. It is the gateway to exploring various cultures.


Meaning: Gardening is enjoyed by people of all ages. One gets to see their own creations grow. Also, one gets to eat delicious vegetables, fruits and herbs which they grow. Studies have also shown that gardening can reduce the risk of depression. You are also helping in saving the planet.


Meaning: Along with being a hobby, karate is excellent for self-defence. It teaches one self-discipline and also has several physical benefits. It also gives strength to build one’s mental health, such as commitment, confidence, and determination. Karate improves one’s reflexes and helps one achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Horse racing

Meaning: Even though a little expensive, horse riding can help one in several ways. It helps one gain muscle tone and become stronger. Also, caring for the horse teaches to value and love animals. It is an excellent way of getting in an exercise and also helps in staying connected with the animals.


Meaning: If one wants to get out of their routine and do any sport in the snow, then snowboarding is best since it will have significant benefits such as physical endurance, and above everything, it will make one feel new sensations of adrenaline and freedom. It can be both competitive and recreational.


Meaning: Skateboarding is extremely popular among teenagers, especially since it can be easily practised in urban places. One of the main advantages is that no one needs to go to the arena to practise skateboarding. One can easily practise on the roads. It helps in relieving stress and increases physical endurance.


Meaning: Cycling is one of the most versatile hobbies which is a favourite of many people. Cycling not only helps stay healthy but also helps reduce pollution. It is an aerobic activity implying that the heart, lungs and blood vessels all get a workout. It serves as a great mode of transportation while one gets to enjoy nature.


Meaning: Cheerleading can both be a hobby and sport. It helps navigate one’s life incredibly and uniquely. It teaches one teamwork, discipline and set goal. It allows one to build up their confidence immensely, and they also get to interact with a community which gives a boost to their social skills.


Meaning: Archery is a great hobby and has a number of benefits. It helps one become goal-oriented and more discipline. It keeps one’s mind shape, improves upper-body strength, is fun to practise, and it is also inexpensive to start with. When one gets to hit the target, it also acts as a healthy outlet of emotions.


Meaning: Fishing is a fantastic hobby that has been religiously practised since ancient times. Even though it began as a mode of survival, fishing has evolved to become a method of relieving stress, enjoying time with friends and family and comes accompanied with thrill and excitement.


Meaning: Card making is an enjoyable hobby to showcase love and respect to their family and friends. When one gets to design a card, they get to control the look and sentiment, making sure the card delivers the right message. Card making is also a great process of feeling connected to one’s close ones.


Meaning: Quilling in a hobby for preparing creative, innovative and minute paper designs. Various strips of paper are cut, giving them different forms/shapes and sticking them to form artistic designs. It helps develop fine motor skills, including strength and coordination, building one’s eye-hand coordination.

Mod podge crafts

Meaning: Mod podge crafts can be used for making many things such as glass magnets, canvas arts, coasters, plate covers and many more. Mod podge crafts are extremely fun projects, and they can help one stay connected to their creative side. It can help develop one’s eye-hand coordination and motor skills.


Meaning: Painting can be done using several mediums such as poster, oil or acrylics. Painting takes observation, practice and patience. Painting can help stimulate one’s imagination, inspiring one to explore the world from a different viewpoint. Painting is a way of bringing imagination to life.


Meaning: Doodling is the best hobby when one wants to practise some spontaneous creativity simply. Studies have shown the doodling ignites the ‘executive resources’ of the brain, implying which allows one to multi-task, plan and concentrate. Doodling can help relieve psychological distress.


Meaning: Sketching is an amazing way of improving one’s creative skills and starting thinking in a different way. The hobby of sketching can help develop various areas of the brain, such as setting the ability to pay attention and focus. It also increases one’s hand-eye coordination and, in turn improving one’s holistic health.

Hand lettering

Meaning: Hand lettering is a highly accessible form of art that anyone can use. One can learn hand lettering just by holding a pen and writing in cursive. It is a creative outlet, and hand lettering is highly relaxing. It can be soothing for people to see the letters take form as they use the pen.


Meaning: Calligraphy is a type of handwriting that is like a hobby who love design and art. It is a therapeutic activity relieving people from stress. The typical method of calligraphy is done by using ink and a brush or a flexible metal pen. It helps in developing memory retention and motor skills.

Candle making

Meaning: Candle making is a popular hobby that can make one feel relaxed after a long day at work. It is a form of art where people get to create their own designs and creations. It is a therapeutic process, and one can also sell their products to make some extra money.


Meaning: Origami is enjoyed by people who are both young and old. It can be both hard and easy, depending on the complexity of the model. Many people find it relaxing and can be fun when creating the models. Origami helps fine motor skills, develop hand-eye coordination and mental coordination.

Poetry writing

Meaning: Poetry writing is an excellent way of expressing one’s self. One gets just to be themselves and share their views without any judgements. Poetry writing helps individuals discover themselves helping them stay in contact with their thoughts and feelings. People discover their likes, dislikes, passions and interests through writing.

Designing graphics

Meaning: Graphic designing is a medium of visual communication using illustrations and pictures. With the increase in digitalisation, graphic designing has become a popular method of practising art. Digital art is the future of art. It allows one to explore their creative side.

Jewellery making

Meaning: Jewellery making is a great hobby letting one showcase their creativity. One gets to wear their own creation. One can also give them as gifts and make money off of them. One gets to express themselves through their designs. You get to gift people your creations which makes your skills even more personalised.


Meaning: Magic is a very popular hobby, especially among kids. It helps in building confidence and also increases one’s self-esteem. Since a magician requires an audience, it also gives you the opportunity to showcase your talents to your friends and family and have a bonding experience with them.


Meaning: Pottery is a lovely hobby where individual’s get to create beautiful pieces. Pottery is therapeutic; watching the clay mould in directions and ways that one wants gives them a type of mental satisfaction. It also offers one an opportunity to explore themselves and practice self-determination.

Makeup art

Meaning: Many people practice makeup as a hobby. It gives them the opportunity to tap into their creative side. One gets to create beautiful looks on themselves every day. Makeup is a form of art where one’s body acts as a canvas. They have the creative freedom to come up with any look of their choice.


Meaning: Although sometimes photography can make people go overboard, documenting every aspect is genuinely a fulfilling hobby. It is the best way of capturing and preserving memories. It also helps capture nature at its best. It helps in relieving stress, allows one to be creative and helps create one’s own art.


Meaning: Crocheting is a relaxing, fun activity that allows one to explore their creative side. It yields gifts that are durable, handmade and very practical. It is a stress-busting process, good for the mind and soul, contributes to relaxation and mindfulness and keeps the mind active.


Meaning: Scrapbooking is an excellent hobby that has been around for many years. It is ideal for one’s mental health. It gives one a creative outlet to express themselves. It is an amazing way for creating something artsy for one’s family and themselves to record their memories and history.

Home decorating

Meaning: Home decorating as a hobby gives people the opportunity to explore their creative side. People get to decorate their own space (like their bedroom, living room, study etc.) It helps in personalising one’s own space. Home decorating is an excellent way of decluttering any space, improving hospitality and improving mood.


Meaning: It is well-known that acting can bring out confidence in people. For the people who are shy, acting as a hobby can benefit the high-pressure situations that one has to face in their day-to-day lives. Acting as a hobby also helps in increasing one’s conversational skills.

Fashion design

Meaning: Putting clothes together that look good as an outfit is a type of art and needs a lot of imagination and creativity. Often clothes could be stylish but making an outfit out of them takes imagination and liking. Fashion designing as a hobby helps one in exploring their creative side.

Nail art

Meaning: Nail art is the painting of nails in a fun and innovative manner. This type of artwork is done on fingers and toenails. Studies have shown that when one stimulates creativity, they produce new brain cells that would otherwise deteriorate with age. Nail art can also be undertaken as a career.


Meaning: Journaling is a therapeutic and relaxing hobby that is used for organising one’s emotions and thoughts cathartically and creatively. Journaling is known to have a positive impact on one’s mental health. It helps on to travel back to their happiest memories and lower stress levels of day-to-day life.


Meaning: The advantage of writing as a hobby is that it allows one to set their own deadlines, stick to a schedule, set goals for oneself and stay on the task even when they don’t feel like writing. Writing is an excellent way of expressing your thoughts, dreams and imaginations. It helps in eliminating stress as there is no pressure.


Meaning: There are some types of blogging, and hobby blogging is a blog set up and populated with the content of the blogger’s personal enjoyment or blogging. The best part of blogging as a hobby is there is not much pressure to keep updating the blog or create posts. This helps in oozing creativity more.


Meaning: Research has shown that singing can release endorphins, the feel-good brain chemical that makes one feel happy and uplifted. The response could create an immediate sense of pleasure, irrespective of what the singing sounds like. Singing can take one’s mind off the day’s troubles to boost their mood.

Listening to music

Meaning: Listening to music is one of the popular hobbies. Listening to the music of your choice could be soothing for the mind, soul and body. It is an all-rounder mood booster. It can raise states of consciousness, lower stress, change one’s mood, develop the brain, and make one happy.


Meaning: To make one’s self mentally and physically active. It helps in improving one’s flexibility and strength. Also, have healthier joints and muscles. The music that plays in the background when dancing acts as an instant mood lifter. Dance helps one in finding a new person inside themselves.

Learning to play an instrument

Meaning: When one takes up learning an instrument as a hobby, they get to enjoy a skill that they want for the rest of their life. Unlike any other hobby, one will never age out of playing their instrument. There are many instruments to explore from, and as a musician, there is always something new to learn.


Meaning: Juggling is an enjoyable hobby that can help one stay mentally alert and physically fit. It helps boost one’s confidence when practised in front of an audience. Juggling also improves eye-hand coordination. People can also take up juggling to make some extra money.


Meaning: Aside from the health benefits, cooking is an excellent way of exploring various cultures. Cooking gives one control over what they put in their body. One gets to try different dishes, which makes it a treat for their taste buds. Cooking can also be a way of bringing one’s family together and acts as a confidence booster.


Meaning: Making podcasts is an excellent way of finding an outlet for one’s emotions. Podcasting gives people a safe space where they get to be themselves and say whatever they want to. As a podcaster, people get the opportunity to talk about issues that concern them and the world.

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