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Food for Thought: The English language has a diverse curriculum, which includes a large quantity of aspects that help us in formulating correct and well-structured sentences, in daily conversations.

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We have also included ways to utilise food for thought in a sentence and defines various other words related to this specific phrase. We have tried to portray the purpose of food for thought which will provide additional knowledge to learners, who like to learn out of the book.

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We have thus presented in this specific article a few examples and description and formed a list of explanations for food for though.

List of Explanations for Food for Thought

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About the phrase ‘Food for Thought’

The phrase ‘food for thought’ is originally an idiomatic expression which, in simple words explains a situation where an individual ponders in serious thought about a piece of information provided to them, for the need of proper understanding of the piece of information.

Example 1

I took a long time to make a decision because it was truly food for thought; and I could not have considered everything if I did not understand.

Example 2

Honestly, this is some food for thought and hence, you should definitely try this job offer, it’s up your alley, Joshua.

Example 3

The current project gave me much food for thought due to the depth of research we needed.

Example 4

There is space for a great deal of food for thought for this assignment.

Example 5

As per my opinion, the film truly left a lot of room for much food for thought.

Food for Thought 1

Other ways to say ‘food for thought’

Figure out

Meaning: The action of figuring out means that an individual puts in much thought on a matter to truly understand what is going on.

Example: Even if you try hard to figure out what the jumbled letters mean, you will never know the true meaning behind them.

Pause for thought

Meaning: The term pause for thought indicates the action of taking time for oneself to sit and figure out what a certain situation or information truly means.

Example: I needed more time, so I had to pause for thought for tonight to make a good analysis about the recent project topic.


Meaning: The word reconsider, indicates the action of thinking about something all over again, from its very beginning and refraining from making a certain decision on impulse.

Example: I will only reconsider if you decide to pay for the sales of last month, with an added interest.


Meaning: The action of rethinking something is usually an indication that an individual needs to question themselves or their opinions on a certain piece of information in order to form a solid opinion.

Example: He did rethink his fault, but it did nothing to change his habit of overthinking everything.

Something to consider

Meaning: When the phrase something to consider is used, it means that an individual has some feel they need to come to terms with and think more about the situation they are in.

Example: When I have something to consider, I tell my members that I need more time to reflect upon it so that I am later satisfied with my decision.

Something to think about

Meaning: When one uses the phrase something to think about, they mean that they need extra time to analyse the situation or information at hand and get a better understanding of it, before making an opinion.

Example: I truly have something to think about, I don’t think I can think clearly about this now.


Meaning: To think is to give more thought to a situation or certain pieces of information, to understand them better.

Example: I think, it would be better if you tried a different method of approach.

Food for Thought 2

Think about

Meaning: The action of thinking about something simply means that an individual who is at a situation where someone is giving more thought to something.

When I have a lot to think about, I usually like to sit on the grass in my garden and

Example: bond with the nature around me, so that I can concentrate better.

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