Finger Idioms | List of Finger Idioms With Meaning and Examples

Finger Idioms: The symbolism of the hand is well-endowed and diverse in nature. Finger related idioms are used in the expression of certain abstract concepts. Finger phrases are often used to point in any direction and also to provide guidance.

Hand gestures, along with the sign language of fingers, helped in the amalgamation of linguistically separated Indian nations. Pointing finger idioms are often used to indicate or to provide any particular direction.

Enrich your Vocabulary by practicing the English Idioms that are commonly used in everyday conversations and understand their actual meaning.

Name of Finger Idioms

List of Finger Idioms

Meanings and Examples of some common Finger related Idioms

Point the Finger At

Meaning: This idiom describes the act of accusing someone openly

Example: It is not right to point the finger at someone without any proof.

Keep One’s Fingers Crossed

Meaning: This idiom describes someone hoping for something good to happen

Example: She kept her fingers crossed for him to safely reach Germany

Work One’s Fingers to the Bone

Meaning: This idiom describes someone who is working very hard

Example: He had worked his fingers to the bone to get into his dream university.

Not Lift a Finger

Meaning: This idiom describes the act of not making any attempt to help

Example: The husband never lifted a finger to help with the child’s homework

Someone’s Fingerprints Are All Over (Something)

Meaning: This idiom describes a visible influence of someone on something

Example: He is too innocent to pull off this act without having someone else’s fingerprints all over it

Have a Finger in Every Pie

Meaning: This idiom describes being involved in a lot of different activities

Example: The monitor wanted to have a finger in every pie in his class


Meaning: To blame somebody else for something

Example: This is not the right time for pointing fingers at each other.

Keep/ Have Your Fingers on the Pulse

Meaning: To keep a note of the daily and latest information

Example: Anish always says that he has his finger on the pulse of the textile industry he owns

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Have sticky fingers

Meaning: This idiom describes the act of having an intention to steal something

Example: The manager doubts that the new cashier has sticky fingers

Let slip through fingers

Meaning: This idiom describes someone failing to get an opportunity

Example: You are getting a golden opportunity, don’t let it slip through your fingers.

All fingers and thumbs

Meaning: Someone who is very clumsy

Example: She is all fingers and thumbs when it comes to hosting a program

Put something on the long finger

Meaning: Delaying something for a long time

Example: I have been putting this work on the long finger since yesterday

Hang on by the fingernails

Meaning: Someone who is somehow trying to survive a difficult situation

Example: He is hanging on by the fingernails after being thrown out of the office

Put a finger on something

Meaning: To have a knowledge of something and precisely identify them

Example: He was unable to put his finger on the note that sir has given us

Get your fingers burned

Meaning: This idiom describes the action of suffering consequences of some work done previously

Example: If you get involved in that matter, you might get your fingers burned

Five-finger discount

Meaning: This idiom describes the act of owning something by stealing that thing

Example: To get the necklace for his wife, he used his five-finger discount

Stick out like a sore thumb

Meaning: Be unique from the surrounding people or things

Example: The entire class was punished because of one naughty boy who stuck out like a sore thumb

Under your thumb

Meaning: This idiom describes the action of being completely influenced by someone

Example: She was entirely under the thumb of her instructor.

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