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Eye Idioms: Isn’t the most valuable thing in our life is eyes. Various types of eye phrases and sayings have a definition to them—ever heard of an apple of one’s eye idioms? If someone has told you this, you are very precious to them. Expressions are used in almost every sentence, and it’s a miracle how you can incorporate them in your daily life, like with five-eye phrases or idioms for beautiful eyes.

Having a hold of a few commonly used expressions for eyes can change your conversation and make it very engaging and healthy. Thinking of which, we have made a list of a few commonly used eye idioms for you now; let’s have a quick look at them.

Enrich your Vocabulary by practicing the English Idioms that are commonly used in everyday conversations and understand their actual meaning.

Names of Eye Idioms

List of Eye Idioms


Meaning and Examples of some commonly used Eye Idioms.

Eagle eye

Meaning: Having eagle eyes means the ability to see and observe anything with concentration and no chance of missing it.

Example: The captain of the ship has an eagle eye; he saved all of us from getting hit by the iceberg.

Keep an eye on

Meaning: Keeping an eye on someone means observing a person very close to make sure they don’t cause problems generally.

Example: She tried to escape from the jail twice, keeping an eye on her every activity to avoid such nuisance.

A private eye

Meaning: Having a private eye on someone means to observe every activity very closely and can be said to work like a private detective.

Example: This man has been wandering around me lately; it looks like someone has hired him to keep a private eye on me.

All my eye

Meaning: watching a thing or person very closely primarily because of being moved by its qualities.

Example: That blond girl I saw yesterday is a sign of beauty; I had all my eyes on her.

Wandering eye

Meaning: Having a look at others with sexual or romanticized thoughts, mostly despite being in a relationship.

Example: Lissa has a wandering eye around men, but I hope she has never cheated on her husband.

An eye for an eye

Meaning: Works more like tit for tat, means a person should deserve the treatment or punishment the same way they acted with others.

Example: The murderer should be punished equally by treating others, an eye for an eye, nothing less.

Apple of one’s eye

Meaning: A person who is loved and cherished very much by someone close. It can be a loved one, a family member whose sadness cannot be seen by the other person.

Example: my little daughter is the most precious of my life; she is the apple of my eye.

A bird’s eye view

Meaning: a bird’s eye is a view from the very top of something or above. A bird’s eye doesn’t give a clear image but locates a view correctly.

Example: at such a mountain peak, we see everything in a bird’s eye view.

Catch someone’s eye

Meaning: Catching someone’s eye means to find a particular person beautiful and attractive. It can also refer to any worldly thing.

Example: The epic beauty she has is bound to catch your eyes.

Not a dry eye

Meaning: It means everyone present was very emotional and had a teary eye for some reason.

Example: We watched the newly released movie, and at the end of the film, there was not a dry eye in the theater.

Idioms on Eye

Black eye

Meaning: a black eye means to punish someone very severely, causing some long-lasting harm in their body.

Example: the boys fought like dogs in the street and were left with a black eye on their bodies.

Cry your eyes out

Meaning: crying your eyes out means to cry very severely for a long time, resulting in a red and swollen face.

Example: I cried my eyes out after I lost my purse. I had my money and cards on it.

Out of the public eye

Meaning: Someone who is known but is not seen in public gatherings or not known by many people in general.

Example: After her husband died, she has rarely attended any functions and is primarily out of the public eye.

In the public eye

Meaning: a face that is very well known to people, specially e-inn social networking sites, keeps updating about their

Example: Sheela has more than a hundred thousand followers on YouTube; she is always in the public eye.

All eyes and ears

Meaning: all eyes and ears refer to someone who pays close attention and shows interest in every single detail around them.

Example: the kids have all eyes and ears when I am conducting a story class.

Turn a blind eye

Meaning: turning a blind eye to something means to legally not notice anything around them, as they don’t want to be involved.

Example: crimes are increasing day by day, but the government seems to have turned a blind eye towards them.

Half an eye

Meaning: To watch or hear something without paying full attention, more like juggling work.

Example: John kept half an eye on the weather outside as he kept playing video games.

In the twinkling of an eye

Meaning: In the twinkling of an eye, here means some action happening very quickly without taking much time. Suture to the twinkling of the eye means without giving them time to blink someone’s eye.

Example: the boy on the first bench of our class is very good at maths he can solve problems in the twinkling of your eye.

Eye to eye

Meaning: having an eye-to-eye conversation means to agree with a person’s views or opinion without questioning.

Example: I hardly see eye to eye with my partner for most of the reasons.

Eyes wide open

Meaning: having eyes wide open is refer to someone who has an interest and knowledge in many subjects. Also referred to someone who has experience in a particular matter do not get fooled.

Example: women are not safe on the road, so you should keep your eyes wide open before taking any step.

Before your very eye

Meaning: doing a particular activity a something happening right in front of someone’s eye before allowing them to take any action.

Example: the white Maruti car hit the beggar and went away before my eyes, leaving me completely dumbfounded.

List of Eye Idiom

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