Examples of Social Issues for your Essays | Meaning, Pros and Cons, Current Social Issues List

Examples of Social Issues for your Essays: Social issues impact our society adversely. Moreover, it disturbs the understanding of society and gives rise to resentment and skepticism, which creates large-scale social disappointment, difficulty, and sorrow. If one wants to write a beneficial and engaging debatable essay, social essay topics are one.

There are several research topics on social issues like adoption, child abuse, AIDS, Poverty, Child labor, Conservation of forests, Drug addiction, the Role of religion, etc. One can also find the details about the essays in the social issues essay PDF.

To know more about social issues examples, social issues topic 2020, how social issues affect the society, main causes of social issues, etc., refer to this article.

Examples of Social Issues

What is a social issue?

A social issue or problem is a matter that has been perceived by society as a situation that is hindering society from working at its best point. It is necessary to understand that all things that occur in society are not brought up to social problems. Social issues do not exist without society, its cultural, moral barriers.

What is considered a social issue by one country can probably be a mundane event in another. So every social issue research paper should start by illustrating the cultural context where it occurred.

Various societies have different visions, and what seems to be “normal” behavior in one society may be an important social issue in another society. Social issues are differentiated from economic problems.

Common examples under Social Issues

It is important to know about examples of Social issues as it can help one while drafting any research paper or to satisfy one’s curiousness simply.

Shortage of food and homelessness

It is a global problem caused due to the lack of shelter for the vulnerable population.


As the country’s population becomes more than the country can sustain, the resources become scarce, forcing people to move elsewhere to avoid hunger and homelessness.

Immigration Stresses

People move from a country to another, and basically, this is not a social problem. Still, immigration can cause stress on administration strategies and social policies within a country, and it can be a conflicting issue in society—these immigration-tensions impact many people.

Causes of the social issues

Some causes resulting in Social issues:

  • Unemployment: Occurs when a person is not able to find any job despite searching for one for long, which leads to frustration and gives rise to offenses like murder, theft, etc.
  • Poverty: Occurs due to the lack of a certain amount of material possessions or money. It incorporates social, financial, or political elements. It results in a lack of food, health services, etc.
  • Lack of education: It is one of the causes of social issues that can seriously affect a person’s health. Due to lack If education, people stay unaware of many important aspects and less aware of topics like family planning, proper hygiene etc.
  • Urbanization: It means the population shift from rural to urban. It is believed that city provides more opportunities, but it can also cause stress, increased cost of living, etc.
  • Superstitions – These are supported in some societies, which cause social problems. Superstitions arise because people are not aware of the effects of their beliefs and practices.
  • Gender discrimination: It affects our societies. The males complete most opinions.
  • Solving Social Issues: There are a variety of techniques to settle social issues. These include political methods, non-profit groups, and proposing a public dialogue on a social issue and arriving at a satisfactory solution.

Examples of Social Issues for your Essays 1

Pointers of composing an impressive essay on social issues

  • Satisfactory examples should support opinions
  • One should thoroughly research the topic and give all opinions with logical support from outside sources.
  • The essay should be relevant, and the point of the essay should be elaborated on properly.
  • The words need to be right to the topic and should be understandable.

Some good essay topics examples for social issues

  • Suicide and social media.
  • Can we curb cybercrimes?
  • The impacts of bullying on children.
  • The results of domestic violence on children.
  • How does parent’s alcohol abuse affect kids?
  • Caste discrimination
  • Gender Disparity
  • Child labor
  • Demographic crisis
  • Globalization versus National identity
  • Fighting poverty in the world.
  • Drug addiction
  • Conversation of forests
  • Role of religion
  • Human rights
  • Role of press
  • AIDS: the silent killer
  • Impact of economic reforms
  • The menace of terrorism
  • Religion and politics
  • Environment in danger
  • The Dowry system
  • Price Hike or rising prices
  • Reservation
  • Population problem
  • Sex education essential in school
  • Changing face of the caste system
  • Impact of television on our social lives
  • Corruption in high places

Pros and Cons of Social issues

Pros Of Social Issues:

  • Assist in Society learning a Lesson: When a social issue arises, we hear people talking about several issues. This enables the entire society to learn a lesson from the negative aspects.
  • Helps in spreading awareness among peoples: When a social issue takes place, one of the productive consequences it has on society is that it helps the people out there gain awareness.
  • It helps create unity: During the social issues, it anyhow tends to give rise to unity amongst the various groups of the public. One group may support the issue, and one may contradict it. A vast number of people together discuss the issue, whether fighting for or against it.

Cons of social issue:

  • Social issues often create conflicts amongst groups of people, which creates problems and harms people and commodities. Ordinary people face harassment.
  • Disobeys the values of the Society. The social issues arise because they often go against some of the other moralities and principles of society. A vast number of people may get enraged due to the violation of rules of the society. These objections and confrontations often originate because a specific issue or a crisis tends to damage society.
  • It often hurts the ethnicity of society.
  • Create a difference in opinion among several people due to having different viewpoints on the same topic.

Examples of Social Issues for your Essays 2

Drawbacks of various social issues: Social issues have many shortcomings that damage our society. They are conditions that have a negative and deteriorating result on our society. To reduce some social issues, we need a common strategy.

Every society has one or the other social issues; There are several social issues. First, poverty is a global issue that gives rise to a lot of other social issues. Moreover, child labor is another crucial social issue that harms the lives of young children.

Furthermore, illiteracy also destroys the lives of many by destroying their opportunities for a bright future.

Other social issues include scarcity, religious confrontations, child trafficking, communalism, etc. It is high time we should curb these social issues.

Research topics on Social Issues

Social issues are significant research subjects because they enable individuals to understand several ways to understand, and they teach fundamental thinking techniques.

Suppose one wants the research paper to be easily understood. In that case, one must consider the cultural ground of the audience whether they will understand the examples provided or shall need some more explanations and do accordingly. The social issues research articles appear easy to compose in comparison with other subjects.

However, they demand a very skillful approach, a lot of curiosity, and the ability to understand outside the box and look for data from unique sources.

Listed below are some of the topics:

  • Internet safety and cyber crimes
  • Fighting racism
  • Humanitarian missions
  • Social stratification
  • Virtual reality
  • School violence
  • Worldwide flash mobs
  • The fight against animal testing

Current social issues list

Current social issues indicate the various modern-day issues that have hit conventional media and social media headings. They include the following:

  • The issue of abortion
  • Gay marriage
  • Marital rape
  • Obesity and social life
  • Poverty and social life
  • Materialism
  • Administration mandates
  • The frequent power advertising
  • Social media propagates bad offenses, especially among the youngsters
  • Cyberbullying

Wrap up

When a person is looking for a solution to improve the situation of society and needs to think of a useful way to deal with social issues, it is believed that it is with sufficient educational understanding that one can make modifications. Hence, it is essential to educate the masses about the necessity to be free of such social issues and develop techniques and strategies to do so.

Social issue essays can be a genuine challenge. However, it is greatly beneficial in improving one’s research and analyzing abilities.

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