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Have you heard the word epiphany? If not, then look into the article that helps to know the word and complete information about it. By knowing about the word you can use it while you are communicating. It is actually a Christian tradition and a festival that was celebrated by them. If you are interested scroll down the page and know everything about an epiphany.

Origin of Epiphany

The word “epiphany” originated from the Greek word “epiphaneia,” which means appearance or manifestation. The word “epiphaneia” in Greek is derived from the word “phainein.” It is a verb that means “to appear.”

In the middle ages, the word was spelled as “epiphanies,” which then changed to “epiphany” in modern-day English.

The first known use of the word “epiphany” was in the 14th century.

Definition of Epiphany

Epiphany is nothing but a sudden realization of someone or something. It is a Christian holiday that was celebrated on January 6 as it is the first revelation of the baby Jesus as Christ to the Magi, the three wise men, and the Gentiles, the non-Jews. It also marks the revelation of the divinity of baby Jesus as the child of God during his baptism ceremony at the Jordan River and the first miracle he performed at Cana in Galilee.

Examples of Epiphany

Here are some examples of epiphany that demonstrate a coming to or realization. Let’s see some famous examples that were given below.

  • A father working at a corporate job discovers that he has missed another one of his daughter’s volleyball games where she earns a scholarship. He has an epiphany that work shouldn’t always come before family.
  • Even though the science is clear that smoking cigarettes are disastrous to your health, a man continues smoking a pack a day. When his wife becomes pregnant and he feels their baby girl kick for the first time, he finally epiphany that if he smokes it is harmful to his unborn. So, he decided to stop what he knows is harmful to his unborn.
  • A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, a novel that derives inspiration from Joyce’s earlier work Stephen Hero, follows Stephen Dedalus as he experiences religious and intellectual enlightenment.

Epiphany Synonyms

  • Insight
  • Flash
  • Inspiration
  • Vision
  • Realization
  • Oracle
  • Surprise
  • Sign
  • Revelation
  • Discovery
  • Shocker
  • Lightning bolt


Why Do Writers Use Epiphany?

Epiphanies are motivators of change. Writers use these to demonstrate character growth and development. Epiphanies also represent the narrative turning points. This allows the character to see previously with many flaws and connections. By enabling sudden understanding that inspires a new course of action.

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Usage of Epiphany In a Sentence

Here we are going to provide you with some examples that how epiphany can be used in a sentence.

  • One epiphany came when a dozen engineers in northern New Mexico saw a lone, fading Xerox paper carton bobbing in a swamp of old motor oil at the bottom of a pit.
  • Seeing her father again when she was an adult was an epiphany that changed her whole view of her childhood.
  • It was a strange moment for the epiphany; only now, as they all struggled to escape the cops, did Moss know how influential he’d been.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Epiphany

1. What is the real meaning of Epiphany?

It is a sudden manifestation of the essential nature or meaning of something.

2. Is the 12th day of Christmas an epiphany?

The twelve days of Christmas begin on Christmas day and end on epiphany.

3. What is the root word of epiphany?

The root of epiphany is epiphanie.


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