Emdash and Endash | How and When To Use Emdash and Endash, Differen Between Emdash and Endash

Emdash and Endash: All of us are fascinated by people who speak fluent English and the ones who have writing talents. We always ponder that being best in language skills is an inborn talent, but it doesn’t hold. Many people are well-versed in English because they have practiced it with correct guidance and understand the significance of placing the right things in the right place.

They have a good command of their grammar understanding. Are you someone who wants to know about some tips and tricks that would enhance your verbal skills along with writing skills? Genuinely you need to understand it well and practice it.

Hello all, today we are going to have an in-depth discussion about em dash and en dash. The places where they are used and how they affect our writing pattern. It will prove to be highly beneficial for you who are landed in a dilemma. So, stay tuned in reading this blog.

What is Emdash?

All of us are aware of the plethora of punctuation marks and their significance. Emdash plays a major role in the sentence structure and indicates multiple things to a reader. The reader understands the consequences, which the reader narrates. It enhances the detailing used in it and is known to be used in numerous sentences. Em dash can indicate various things and is known to indicate different things in a sentence.

When do We Use Em Dash?

When we speak, the person understands more through expression our tone and pitch. However, when we write and somebody is reading, it is difficult for them to understand which tone and pitch we are trying to speak. Em dash is used at multiple levels, and more than that, it is used to indicate hesitation, abrupt feeling, and sometimes it is used to break the sentences. It is used before a clause and when you summarize the cause or meaning of the entire sentence.

How Is The Spacing Of The Emdash Done?

Spacing around an em dash varies, and there are various distinct ways by which we can add the space. Some of the top-selling newspapers and popular magazines add space before and after the dash; they follow the same format all over the article or news. But some books and journals do not add space before and after the dash and place the next word directly without a space.

How Can Emdash Be Placed In The Sentences?

It can indicate someone’s opposite thinking.

Example: The doctor wanted to treat the patient well and elevate the morale; however, the patient (em dash) felt otherwise.

It is known to indicate someone’s hesitation or confusion.

Example: Being under too much influence of bad habits, do you even need to do something about it (emdash) whispered cherry.

They are known to indicate phrases, clauses in a particular sentence.

Example: We all used to be awake for a longer time (emdash); that’s why we are in the habit of waking up late.

It is also known to indicate a summary statement:

Example: Life is never easy for someone, and it can be not easy too (emdash); thus, we need to enjoy each part of our journey.

Usage Of Em Dash Along With The Other Punctuation Marks

When it is felt that em dash can be used at a comma, then a comma is eliminated.

When the mother asked her children who broke the pot (emdash), no one said yes and made eye contact.

Are Hyphen And Em Dash The Same?

A lot of us have confusion about whether a hyphen and an em dash are the same? Or do they possess different functions? Yes, hyphen and em dash isn’t the same thing. A hyphen is used to differentiate two words, and an em dash is used to separate the sentence when there is a clause. So, they both don’t possess the same meaning, and they don’t have the same functions.

What Is An En Dash?

Dislike is the punctuation marks en dash is used to add space between two words, or it is used to indicate the range between the two numbers. The word en dash is derived from the alphabet letter n because this dash is of size n. En dash is longer than a hyphen and shorter than em dash. You can use it between scores, directions. It is more commonly used to indicate the range between the two numbers. Unlike my dash, it is used to distinguish between the two numbers.

Why Do We Use En Dash?

Being well versed in writing means making the reader feel the same about your thought and thinking. A person who can do this is highly talented in the field of writing. Many times, our thinking and the person who is reading varies, so we use punctuation marks that are clauses and such things to make the reader aware of the idea we are working on.

It depicts a sense of more clarity for the person reading, and they understand our idea and the tone in which they need to read sentences written by us. An en dash is used to depict the range, direction, scores, and it is widely used between the two numbers. Many people get confused about using en dash to distinguish the words, but it doesn’t hold. En dash is used between the two numbers.


Mayank scored very few marks in geometry, i.e., 12 (en dash) 15.

Arjita works hard for at least 5 (en dash) 6 hours.

Being in the head department, the workers are sedentary for at least 6 ( en dash ) hours.

What is the Difference Between Hyphen And En Dash?

En dash is a bit longer than the hyphen. They are not the same, and both of them possess different functions. A hyphen is used between the two words, and an en dash is more commonly used between the two numbers. They indicate range or directions.

Can We Add Spaces Between En Dash?

Yes, we don’t need to add the spaces between two numbers while using the end dash. En dash is more commonly used between two numbers. Many times it is used to indicate a direction, ranges between the two numbers, and sometimes scores. We do not need to put spaces between these two numbers while adding en dash.

From Where Are These Two Dashes Derived?

En dash is derived from the small alphabet letter and because it is of the size of n. Em dash is derived from the small alphabet letter M. En dash is smaller than the em dash.

Can Em Dash Be Used At The Places Of Em Dash?

Gases are used at various places; however, en and em dash both e their distinct functions. En dash and em dash cannot be used at each other’s places. You can use these both only in the appropriate places where you find it relevant and correct as per the grammatical rule, so the sentence’s meaning doesn’t go wrong. The reader understands the circumstances by using an appropriate dash, so don’t mix both of them.


In this article, you will come across relevant information about em dash and en dash. It is proven to be highly advantageous for you since it covers all the information and some examples related to these grammar topics. Make sure you go through them and understand them well.

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