Ear Idioms | List of Ear Idioms With Meaning and Examples

Ear Idioms: Well, ears are the part of our body through which we hear everything. It is one of the crucial most organs of our body for our day-to-day functioning. Ears are what helps us to understand what the other person has to say and overhear things that others might be talking about.

Various idioms and phrases with ears refer to a specific action or emotion in a particular situation. These ear idioms and phrases are essential, and we use them every day in our lives. We must understand what they mean to efficiently be used to talk to each other.

Enrich your Vocabulary by practicing the English Idioms that are commonly used in everyday conversations and understand their actual meaning.

This article provides a list of ear idioms that will help you increase your diction and also will be helpful while you are in a conversation with your peers or colleagues. We have also provided the ear idioms with their meanings and an example sentence to help you understand better how to use them.

Names of Ear Idioms

List of Ear Idioms


Meanings and Examples of commonly used Ear Idioms

A Box On the Ear

Meaning: A physical blow to the ear, usually as punishment or reprimand for some misbehavior.

Example: As soon as I stepped inside the house, mom gave me a box on the ear for late.

A Flea in Your Ear

Meaning: A harsh, strident, or unsettling reproof or rebuke.

Example: Dad gave me a flea in the ear over my spending habits.

All Eyes and Ears

Meaning: Giving one’s undivided attention to something.

Example: The children were all eyes and ears to the retired navy officer’s stories.

As Cute as A Bug’s Ear

Meaning: Used to describe something or someone adorable or cute.

Example: Jimmy’s dog is as cute as a bug’s ear.

Assault The Ear

Meaning: To be incredibly loud and unbearable to listen to.

Example: You are not audible with all that traffic noise assaulting my ear.

Cloth Ears

Meaning: A witty nickname for someone who hasn’t heard what has been stated.

Example: Hey, cloth year, let’s go. The principal wants to see us right now.

Coming Out of One’s Ears

Meaning: Occurring or being present in large quantities or abundance.

Example: Because the end of the semester is approaching, I’m having desperate students looking for extra credit coming out of my ears.

Dry Behind the Ears

Meaning: Mature; well-versed in a particular scenario or function.

Example: That is not an intelligent idea for these young lads; they are not yet dry behind the ears.

Ear Hustler

Meaning: Someone who is prone to eavesdropping or gossiping.

Example: Julie is an ear hustler. If you tell her something, everyone will know about it by the end of the day.

Ear Idioms 1

Give Someone an Earful

Meaning: To scold or lecture someone for an extended period.

Example: The professor gave us an earful for being late to the class.

I’m All Ears

Meaning: Paying full attention to what someone has to say.

Example: You know you can tell me what went wrong. I’m all ears.

Like Trying to Scratch One’s Ear with One’s Elbow

Meaning: something complicated, if not impossible, to accomplish.

Example: Getting the team together for practice is like trying to scratch my ear with my elbow.

Music to one’s ears

Meaning: Something nice to listen to.

Example: The news that his juniors team got selected for the nationals was music to John’s ears.

One’s Ears Are Burning

Meaning: Despite not witnessing it, one gets the impression that people were talking about them.

Example: Were your ears burning? Jim was humoring us with the tales of your adventures.

Play It by Ear

Meaning: Based on the conditions, decide how to act in or cope with a specific scenario in an adaptive, flexible, or improvised manner.

Example: Jim was not sure if he would be able to go to college tomorrow. So he decided to play it by ear and complete half the assignment tonight.

The Walls Have Ears

Meaning: Someone could be listening in.

Example: How about we talk about this back at my office. You know, the walls have ears.

To Be Easy On the Ear

Meaning: Something that has a pleasing and enjoyable sound.

Example: His guitar covers are very easy on the ear.

To Be in Earshot

Meaning: to get close enough to hear what someone is saying

Example: Jim was in earshot of the coach and captain’s conversation and heard them discussing which player to drop from the next match.

To Be Out On Your Ear

Meaning: Removed from a location or circumstance, notably from one’s place of employment, sometimes in an abrupt manner.

Example: After ten years of faithful work to that company, I’m out on my ear simply because the new management dislikes me.

To Be Up to One’s Ear in Debt

Meaning: To owe a large sum of money

Example: After shifting to a new place and renting a new furnished flat, Jim is up to his ear in debt.

To Believe One’s Ears

Meaning: To believe or have faith in anything one has heard.

Example: Well, believe your ears because I did get accepted in Stanford.

To Come to One’s Ears or to Reach One’s Ears

Meaning: To eventually hear about something that other people have already learned about.

Example: When the news of Robert’s suspension from college came to his parent’s ears, they were furious.

To Fall On Deaf Ears

Meaning: to go unnoticed by those who should be listening

Example: Her pleadings for mercy fell on deaf ears, and the judge sentenced her to the maximum term.

To Get One’s Ears Lowered

Meaning: To get a haircut.

Example: This hot weather makes me want to get my ears lowered.

To Get One’s Ears Pinned Back

Meaning: To be severely scolded.

Example: Jimmy was summoned to the principal’s office and had his ears pinned back.

To Give an Ear to Someone

Meaning: to pay attention to someone, especially while they are explaining a problem

Example: Thank you for giving an eat; I feel a lot better now that I can share it with you.

To Give Someone a Thick Ear

Meaning: To strike someone, usually a child, to discipline them.

Example: John was given a thick ear by his mom when she found out that he was the one who broke the antique vase.

To Have a Word in One’s Ear

Meaning: To speak privately with someone, usually to make a suggestion or deliver a warning.

Example: I’m pretty sure it’ll be better if I can have a word in your ear later today at the office.

To Have an Ear for Something

Meaning: to excel at listening to and then repeating or comprehending music, poetry, or foreign languages

Example: Sara has an ear for jazz music, though she is not trained.

To Have Big Ears

Meaning: Listening in on a conversation in which one is not a participant

Example: I am not sure if I am comfortable speaking about it right now. Some people have big ears in the office.

Ear Idioms 2

To Have One’s Ear to The Ground

Meaning: Listening for any hint of what is or will occur.

Example: I know Kim is keeping an ear to the ground if word of the promotion spreads.

To Have Someone or Something by The Ears

Meaning: to have command over that person or thing

Example: Vik always has Harry by the ear when he is talking to the seniors.

To Have Steam Coming Out of One’s Ears

Meaning: to be genuinely distressed about something

Example: John was displeased. He dashed out of the house, steam coming out of his ears. I believe he needs some time to calm down.

To Have the Right Sow by The Ear

Meaning: To understand a situation correctly.

Example: We shouldn’t talk before we have the right sow by the ear.

To Lend an Ear to Someone

Meaning: to be attentive to someone, especially while they are talking about a problem

Example: He is going through a difficult time. We should lend him an ear.

To Listen with Half an Ear

Meaning: Listening to someone or something infrequently or with only partial attention.

Example: Unfortunately, I don’t recall what Mom said because I was only paying attention with half an ear when the game was on TV.

To Put a Bug in One’s Ears

Meaning: To converse with someone to convey specific information, a suggestion, a hint, or a warning.

Example: They weren’t paying attention, so I requested my manager to put a bug in their ears about the importance of making this deadline.

To Ring in One’s Ears

Meaning: To be vividly present in one’s thoughts or memory, as if one can hear it again.

Example: I’m not sure, but this music is ringing in my ears.

To Smile from Ear to Ear

Meaning: To have a big, happy smile on your face.

Example: Seeing his new car, he was smiling ear to ear.

To Whisper Sweet Nothings in One’s Ears

Meaning: To flirtatiously mutter words of affection to someone.

Example: Rob would always whisper sweet nothings in my ears to impress me.

Wet Behind the Ears

Meaning: Inexperienced, often due to youth.

Example: John is far too young for a job like this! He’s still wet behind the ears!

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